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Mikey Vs Taiju Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Mikey and Taiju Shiba are both characters from the manga and anime Tokyo Revengers, and they have different personalities and strengths. Mik...

Administrator 1 Mar, 2023

Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Hakkai Shiba, Deputy Captain of the Toman Second Division. Hakkai Shiba is a shy yet outgoing individual, who was first introduced to us aft...

Administrator 7 Feb, 2023

One Piece Live Action Cast

In this article, we will discuss a series of live-action versions of the One Piece cast. For those of you fans of the series from One Piece...

Administrator 24 Jan, 2023

Yuki Yamada's Transformation into Draken

And in this article, we will discuss Yuki Yamada's transformation when he played Draken . To resemble the intended character or role, no...

Administrator 24 Jan, 2023

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 3 Synopsis and Release Schedule

In Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 3, Takemichi will face Taiju Shiba . Taiju is the leader of the 10th Generation of Black Dragons. In the...

Administrator 20 Jan, 2023

Akkun Tokyo Revengers

Atsushi Sendo or better known as Akkun, this Tokyo Revengers character was once a fan concern. Atsushi Sendo Tokyo Revengers In a Tokyo Reve...

Administrator 13 Jan, 2023

Who's-Who One Piece

Who's-Who is one of the members of Tobi Roppo who is currently the six Shinuchi of the Beasts Pirates. He became an interesting convers...

Administrator 7 Nov, 2022

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273

We will explain again and also tell about the latest spoilers or leaks of the Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 273. this leak is sourced direct...

Administrator 9 Oct, 2022
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