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Attack on Titan End

Attack on titan, chapter 139, Finally the Attack on Titan comes to an end. Did it deliver? Did it disappoint Should you wait for the Synder cut 

Let them read it or find out later Anywaytime for the final chapter - and let me stress, these are my initial impressions, I'm still digesting this, like a lot of you, Kicking this off finally getting some sort of Eren's point of view: You got young Eren and Armin chatting Why'd you kick my ass, Eren, Kust, like the village bullies used to, do I like how young Armin brings up Mikasa and yeah, that's right. Where is Mikasa Getting into why Eren? Did all of this? Can I say it to you four years from now? Why did Eren and Armin close the titan parade to pancake the world over as expected?

Ending of Attack on Titan

Mr freedom really was pulling a la huge let me bring the world forces and paradise island together. They would be united after stopping this divine threat or, as Eren put it the world would be in a great deal to them at least putting it in this matter. It was like Eren just pulled amove similar to the Eldia king back in the great titan war, recall how Marley and the Tybur family teamed up to supposedly chase off the Eldian kingmarley then got into power, while the tiger family would be glorified for taking down the dreaded king. The parallel in present-day is paradise Erenand by extension, the audience Subjects of Ymirgaining a favorable world status. You'Ve heard me mention it a few times before the Code.

Attack on Titan Manga Ending

Geass route except do notice the Attack on Titan titan does have, something that makes it at least a little bit unique A major difference Recall Lelouchthreatening the world with super nukes Now, compare that to Eren freaking jaeger, he actually used his colossal titan nukes. You know I've been waiting for, some type of figure for the longest, so here it is whopping. Eighty percent of the population is gone got ta, love Armin's, surprise, Pikachu face! You can't just go past that, let's actually put that into perspective according to the super 100reliable Wikipedia assuming a similar world for this example, during the 1900s, the world had around1.6 billion people, Eren just wiped out.

Practically1.3 billion of them that'd be like China or Indiasuddenly being snapped away around 300 million people left, which is around the population of us 2.5. The population of Japan anyway, continuing with Eren's ted talk to Armin. Finally, getting to see that fiery lava he always wanted to see do hope.

Eren showed Mikasa some of this. I was really glad to see little Ymir being brought up. At this point, only Eren would be the one who truly understands her, but get this that nasty original king, even de-tongued the little girl so you're finally, getting a concrete answer to Ymir. Why did Ymir? Who gains the divine titan powers, obey this terrible nasty king?

I always simply thought it was. Stockholm syndrome, you know eventually taking a liking to your abuser right here. Eren claims that Ymir fell in love with Karl Fritz, which tome I'm like. Are you serious, so it really was? Stockholm syndrome, You may really was this little slave girl that couldn't escape mentally or physically, which, by the way, his name was Karl the same name as the 145th Eldian king, that caused the great titan war.

That Karl coincidence, by the way, does take a notice of his royal chair nice tree reference. Your majesty Anyway, back to Ymir, you have her being apparently super patient waiting around two thousand years. Exactly mean I can't even wait for a new figure to come out. You already know: Ymir wanted freedom. It always seemed, like the Attack titan, was the embodiment, ofYmir's desire to escape to be free one day, which is why this is odd.

It wasn't Eren, but Mikasa who supposedly freed Ymir from the pain of her love I'm gonna assume. This is referring to what Mikasajust did in the last chapter, which means Eren embodiedYmirs the pain of love. Mikasa then sliced that up and, hence freeing little Ymir. You did see littleYmir smiling at the end, which, by the way, the nice background here and that aurora-looking place going from a volcano over to this wintery definitely feels like the titan realm as to getting into a.

Why Mikasa, why was she chosen? Oh, I have no idea, you're, still wondering oh come on screw you Eren and stop playing around you see Isayama spill. Those beans so taking a stepback Mikasa did turn out to be very special or should. I say extremely special she's part Ackerman, in other words, a super-soldier part royalty from her mother's side and now single chosen by little Ymir. The titan goddess picked out for a certain end game which she could bet was Mikasa chopping up.

Ending of Attack on Titan

The founding titan, perhaps it was, really fitting for an Ackerman to kill the making. It is interesting to see Eren outright admit that. He was only following a certain path in other words being aware of himself being bound down by his fate, but at the same time, did everyone just admit. This was not entirely of his own choosing right. Here is really hammering down the 80 figure he wants you to know this wasn't just a random guesstimate getting into the Founding Titan man is the past and feature dancing inside Eren'scoconut.

Let me stress how I really dislike how the fan translation screwed this up badly, you don't see Eren, taking direct responsibility for Dina's actions. The scene actually leads up to Eren about to, say out loud who it was, who was responsible, so very likely Eren was having trouble admitting Ymir was the one who caused his mother's death and by extension, Eren's mother dying was needed to reach this endgame. I mean you're already seeing Ymirstitan magic. Come into play when Zeke was dying this should be pretty similar if you haven't done so already read the official translations soon as possible, although even that one had the completely wrong I had to do it. Line it was more like it couldn't be: helped not an all-Eren drawing implication to himself besides.

One of the main themes, this chapter here is - how Eren was not able to change anything, not the future and surely I doubt the past airing killing his own mother should not have been possible, not to mention all the potential time plot holes that you would be opening up which is Isayama seems To have avoided, for the most part, hopefully, this clears things up but I got a feeling. The fan translation already did the damage Examining only the titan Dina situation fora; second, that is titan overlooked. Its prey, this small Colossal Titan boy, keep in mind for a while it was thought that perhaps it was due to dina being a royal titan, her combined with a strong connection to Grisha. I've even done a video on it, but before that titan, Dina was seen as a normal titan could it be possible, but that all abnormal titans were influenced by the founder of Ymir along the way. Next up getting into Eren and Armin's girl talk, which feels so Evangelion-like especially with the latest movie.

So you enter for Mikasa, oh shucks, I don't know hell yeah Arminbeat his ass. How fitting, when the attack on titan season 4 anime just shown Armin's beat down so recently that wasn't enough Armin needs to pay that with interest. I do like Armin giving Erena a little jab here. Don't worry! Mikasa will find another guy Armin's face really has the smirk of the stallion here for something really surprising didn't expect to see Eren breaking down like this it almost felt like something out of this high school drama, anime Eren what happened to you although to be fair?

This seems more in line withEren with the attack on Titan anime. I do mean the recent way. He'S been betrayed in season 4. by the way, if only have a clear Isayama confirmation, Erendoes love Mikasa, as if the last chapter wasn't concrete enough evidence for some of you goodbye to the history of ship sailing, you got even admitting his love that he doesn't want to die which. Honestly, I know you're the main character but hard to sympathize with you when you smashed over a billion people you're way past the point.

Of no return throughout this, you have Eren, saying I don't know this. I don't know that why I flattened the earth, knows I'm thinking Eren was motivated by his collection of titans potentially Ymir, whispering into his ear Juxtaposed to Eren here are the two Grisha scenes him naming Erenalong with you are free to line right here, this is subtle, but it feels like when Eren realizedGrisha told Eren he was free, but that's been a damn lie. His entire life Eren has never been free he's been guided. This entire time to this endgame by the way is this: the supposed final attack on titan panel from like what two-three years ago, you should notice Eren's face and that titan markings coming out recall those from before so turns out it's, not a different timeline in the last chapter seems Eren already Had this other memory, a world with Mikasa, so those headaches must be due to Mikasa trying to recall this memory, memories that the founding titan couldn't completely block out or wipe out. You got Eren claiming that Armin will recall this later after is over, which means Mikasa kissing Eren at the end, must be Mikasa recalling everything, potentially even before that Mikasaknew Eren's location.

Ending of Attack on Titan manga

How tragic would it have been involving, Armin and Mikasa knew the truth. Eren would have gone down as this titan devil of the earth in the history books anyway for Armin here that line. Thank you for becoming a mass murderers. Don'T think that even covers it, you really need a completely new world to describe Erens actions you even have Eren going back to that line. Arminyou'Ll is the one to save humanity.

He did tear up a bit seeing the two bros hog to which I'm like I hope. Eren did a little bit more with Mikasanot, just a hug anyway, back to the real world that was it it was when Armin was on the boat next to Annie Eren must also have some bird power getting back to present day what a fight. Now that is some spicy KFC chicken, but honestly more like a blazing phoenix for Mikasa here with the head at least she didn't kiss it again, but god damn that claymore parallel looks like ultimately whatever and dead all the titan powers are gone but get a look at this. I actually really like this: it turns out Eren spoke to everyone at the release. It won't only be Mikasa and Armin who know about the legend and.

Yes, gabby's back honestly, post anime, stuff, I'm actually glad to see Gabi survive, not like there was any doubt anyway. By the way, I am wondering you saw, the cost of titan stop. This should mean the cause of titans were reverted back to being human too right, let's suck for any of those colossal titans that stopped like in the middle of the ocean getting into this Levi's scene. This freaking broke me really. It felt like I got punched in the stomach. I was completely in tears. It was such a touching scene, and I know this is going to be worse when it actually makes it into the anime let me know. Was anyone else, ugly,

crying here too and getting into Sasha? I was actually happy at this one the other scene already trained me of tears sorry potato girl, Sasha Isayama took you outway too early, then for Falco and Gabi get it Falcoyou freaking earned it. How many beatings did you get for that simply for Reiner and his mama yeah I guess good for Reiner?

I don't really care about the mama and look at Reiner crying at the end. Must be crying since he didn't die for Mikasa taking off? Are you going back to the island? I mean I guess he could walk over there and eventually take. The bird back would have been really nice if he helped out Armin, though so, let's get into you still have Marley trying to kill Eldians at this point like really, which gets into Armin's shining moment.

He got Armin busting out that move from Attack on Titan season 1 Eren died for this. Now Armin is going to bear that cross Armin is officially going to go down in history as the one who killed the mad titan. The only Armin knows he helped kill his best friend. The attack on the titan freedom requiem is complete. So, at the end of the day, the titan powers are gone, no more titan shifters, which should mean no more curse of Ymir and, with the titans gone by extension that should have killed off that giant, titan sausage, so best ending ever next up getting into the time skip which is way too short, you have that day is called the battle of heaven and earth recall that from the anime being translated as above and beyond, first off you have queen Historiafreaking finally confirmed she had the kid with the farmer.

This plotline got dragged way too long but hold up. Why does that baby? Look like the best girl Armin, which, by the way, turns out Ymir, did not get reincarnated. I guess that would have been a little too silly for this series, with giant titans for those of you guys that were hardcore team jaeger looks, like his dream, is still being carried on by his faction. Look at their hitch survived looking sleepy, as always.

Do I spot Rico on the right, for your favorite, characters and present-day look antique-looking more waifu? Is this a lady from the stallion's dream for the others? You have Cony the stallion and I almost thought Porco for a second but, the dude's dead Armin. What happened? Dude that is, an old man cut for Reiner god.

End of Attack on Titan

This is sad. He'Sstill simply over Historia come on dude that ship sailed years ago. Buddy for this other blonde honestly for a good minute I was questioning. Who this was but turns out. Oh, crap has Annie finally aged up a tad Hopefully she got taller getting to Levi in the wheelchair.

Oh, come on, this is, sad being pushed by Gabi and Falco. I mean who did Levi pissed off to get stuck in this fate o hand. I guess so. Young components are too but really I'm feeling bad for the dude Levi. With that jacked-up scarred face come on.

Where are the ladies for? This fallen warrior at the rallies you know a new scarred up figure is coming for Mikasa. I was feeling sad about this. Is she's now stuck there on the island being married to the spa to this tree to that tombstone and what is up with that bird is that Eren controlling that out of anything this chapter that seemed a little silly and of course? It didn't feel like a good replacement for everyone actually doing that wrapping the scarf so.

If you haven't done so already, let me know what, you thought, did you love it? Did you hate it are, you disappointed? Is it the perfect, ending, in the actual story? You got a

happy ending for some people, but bittersweet for others, with potentially the world left in the chaotic state going forward the Attack on Titan ending for me feels like a mixture of Evangelion, with those memories, Titan, Realm scenes plus, of course, code geass, with every sacrifice, along with that line from Astoria about Eren entrusting the future of the world to them Eren built the road. Now they actually have to use it for the titan sausage.

There are so many questions about that. Where did that thing? Go was it really as simple as killing the host for this titan parasite to turn to dust and for Falco no he did not eat Eren, which thanked the titan gods that, always sounded super silly and for Mikasa no alternate timelines. The Mikasa ova special still works, with around meeting up with the founding titan power. I actually much more prefer this actually looking at what happened with some of the characters.

Eren, I'm feeling mixed about this turns out. Eren did not have this super master plan set up, not in a way that Armin and Mikasa were involved. Initially, those two came kind of after the fact. Eren did have this long-term goal of this global humanity wipeout. I do very much feel that Iseman took a huge gamble waiting until the last chapter to show Eren's point of view.

I'm still gathering my thoughts on it right now. I do feel it goes back to one of my theories before Eren was truly, never free how tragic that the symbol and advocator for freedom were the most further away from that sweet nectar at the same time, it'd be a very fitting theme for the Attack on Titan titan story ultimately. With the end game, Eren said he would wipe out all titans and fast forward, almost 140chapters later, in the end, Eren did just that. While the titans are gone specifically: the titan powers including Eren himself, Eren got what he wanted he won, unfortunately, at the cost of, his own life, along with over a billion others unfortunately. With this ending, I do see a good chunk of Attack on Titan fans who perhaps didn't understand where the story was going.

They didna want Eren to die, but honestly, Eren being taken out at the end has been fortunate. For the longest mean recall. In the Attack on titan draft, the main character died by the end of it. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of angry disappointment, and people just outright sad over their best big boy dying Screw anything else, but don't you worry wait for the Attack on Titan resurrection. Of freedom that'll come like in a decade.

Getting to Mikasa a bittersweet ending for her. She got stuck with the freaking rock. I mean bittersweet More like tragic unless she switches over to team Armin Mikasa is not going to find another love, although even that option is gone now, Armin already has his blonde girlfriend at the very least. It does seem Eren prioritized Mikasa which somewhat feels like this end-game iron man moment in a way in the temporary world Eren got to live out the rest of his life with Mikasa. At the end, of the day, Mikasa did feel that Suzaku type of role or game of thrones ending if you hated this still wish we got more out of Mikasa.

Attack on Titan was End

There are a lot of things here and there implied, but, unlike for Armin or Eren for Mikasa, we didn't get to follow. That development or at least see a good chunk of it. Onscreen I mean I almost cringe at the thought. Of the Louis storyline that went completely nowhere, why was Mikasa chosen by an emir? Oh, I don't know the story for a different time which honestly at this point feels like it was only Mikasa who could takeout this specific founding titan Eren still it would be nice to get something more concrete for Armin.

If anything, this guy turned out to be the best of the trio. He still lost Eren, I guess looks, like Armin, is gonna go lead the world in some way again. I wish we had seen more of this on-screen, especially as being tagged as the one who would save humanity. At the release. Look at our man.

He got her girlfriend the female titan and. Overall, the story was bittersweet in other ways you got the Yeager faction, rising It does seem like Paradise. Island is the best state in the world. Right now I do say that assuming they were going to build more iceberg-powered stone, planes again. Another detail I wish got an explicit quick mention and overall, the state of the world is unknown.

You want a time Armin. Don'T worry you got it getting into the ur free picture for this one honestly. I didn't literally expect that to be the final panel. At the same time, it also feels very similar to the Attack on season 4 anime trailer compare, that to what you got in the anime from the actual chapter. There would have been a lot more panels that could have been a better tease this feels like some troll-level stuff for Isayamai hope he does confirm.

He was just messing with the fans later on. At the end of the day, you got questions, and questions a lot of mystery is still left unanswered. I'm still predictingIsayama going to go on raider silence for a while and, then confirm bits and pieces here and there in the years to come. For the other characters I'm glad about them more or less again, I wish we got more post-time skip stuff, The one that does stand out is Levi. After everything that happened doesn't mean the Ackerman powers are gone.

I mean god damn the guy took a beating all of his friends got killed and you're rewarded with being stuck with Gabi, pushing you around no Ackerman powers to, potentially help you recover thinking, about this more and more, I'm feeling worse and worse. For the dude, hopefully, Levi is able to open that teashop one day, and yeah the final chapter was a little longer. But like what 50 pages, I would have easily welcomed double that length. After everything that's happened. I am digesting thisstill.

I don't feel too strongly in the dislike or like category, combining everything, perhaps feeling content. One thing I can tell you this whole chapter really left me wanting more. I can't be the only one. I want to know more about Eren more about Mikasa. I think I'm good with Armin how about the titan 

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