Kimetsu No Yaiba: The Legendary Strongest Demon Hunter

Yoriichi Tsugikuni The Strongest Demon Slayer

Kimetsu No Yaiba: Yoriichi Tsugikuni Owner of Solar Breathing Techniques

Yoriichi tsugikuni is a character. The legendary strongest demon hunter in the anime series, Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the younger sibling of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who later became known as the devil. The first top moon is Kokusibo as the strongest demon hunter ever Yoriichi is a user of the solar breathing technique and is an ancestor of all breathing techniques born bearing the mark of a demon hunter and being able to see the transparent world makes Yoriichi able to Defeat a person, a master swordsman, even when he was a child After training as a yoriichi demon hunter alone, he managed to corner the devil. The strongest was Muzan's kibutsuji and almost got him killed.

Personal Information Yoriichi Tsugikuni Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

  • Name: Yoriichi Tsugikuni
  • Romaji Name : Tsugikuni Yoriichi
  • Japanese Name: 継国 縁壱
  • Alias: -
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: -
  • Age: 20-24 (Young), Over 80 (Old
  • Height : 190 cm
  • Weight : 95 kg
  • Hair Color: Black to Red (Young), White (Old)
  • Eye Color: Maroon
  • Affiliation: Demon Slayer Corps
  • Japanese VA: -
  • English VA: -

Yoriichi Tsugikuni The Strongest Demon Slayer

Yoriichi Tsugikuni Owner of Solar Breathing Techniques

Although finally, Muzan was able to escape the incident, made, Muzan experienced the trauma of fear so deep that she tried getting rid of all the descendants of the solar-breathing generation. Unfortunately, with all the strength he has Yoriichi actually lives a life story very tragic to have lost all the people he loved Before his death. At the age of 85 years, Yoriichi had to fight his own twin brother, Namely the kokushibo that had turned into a demon. Despite his very old age and the apparent blindness in him, Yoriichi quickly won the battle.  And he even succeeded slitting his brother's throat before finally dying standing up kokushibo admitted that Yoriichi launched a second attack before he died. We will discuss the life story of the user of the solar breathing technique and is the strongest character in the kimetsu no Yaiba anime series, namely yoriichi tsugikuni.

Yoriichi was born as twins from a noble clan surnamed Tsugikuni, and he has an older brother named Michikatsu at the time of his birth in the Sengoku era. In fact, twins are considered a very bad omen because later it will cause conflict in the inheritance of the throne of Yorichi as well had a strange mark on his head.

It made the father even more so intending to kill him. This decision made his mother so furious made his father discouraged, but on the condition that, when yorichi 10 years old, so he should be sent to the temple to become a monk despite being born, as yoriichi twins grew up with a very different treatment from the Michikatsu. He was given food and education much lower than his brother and stayed in a small room in another part of their house even considered yoriichi deaf because he never spoke a word and looked like A spoiled child. Who is constantly clinging to the left side of his mother? Who is sickly of things?

This makes the older brother think of Yoriichi as a pathetic person made her feel sorry for her situation. Without the knowledge of her father, MichiKatsu often sneaked into Yoriichi's room to see how he was 

And he even gave him a handmade flute as a gift to cheer up his younger brother. One day at the age of seven yorichi who was watching his brother practice, swordsmanship suddenly started speaking for the first time. Yoriichi says that he wants to be a Samurai like his older brother, and it surprised Michikatsu, because all this time thinking that yorici is a deaf person. Michikatsu also thought about how Yoriici would become a Samurai.

Because of that, when he is 10 years old, he will be sent to become a monk in a temple. The next few days after saw Michikatsu practicing the sword of one of his father's subordinates later giving Yoriichi the opportunity to practice swordsmanship with him after teaching the stance and preparing to attack the yorichi for the first time used a breathing technique and managed to land. A few punches thus defeating his father's subordinates. It made Michikatsu surprised because he himself had practiced many times and had never succeeded in striking or even touching his father's subordinate. But after that incident, Yoriichi was precisely didn't want to practice swordsmanship anymore, because he didn't want to hit and hurt the brothers.

Other people then began to approach him looking for answers, But he actually got a strange fact when Yoriichi explained that he was capable did all these things, thanks to the mark on his forehead, coming off the belief of the father who considers the mark on his forehead To be the curse of the sign, it actually gives yorichi an extraordinary physical strength And he is even able to see the bodies of living beings in a transparent manner. This made michikatsu realize that his sister's strength was far beyond himself and he would not be able to match the strength of the yoriichi That night after their meeting Michikatsu began to worry that Yoriichi would shift his position as heir to the throne, let alone, knowing that His subordinates, his father, had reported the strength of the yoiirichi, but before that thought, continued, suddenly yorichi came to michikatsu's room and intended to meet him. Yoriichi then reported that their mother had died, and he said goodbye to leave their house. Yoriichi also thanked Michikatsu for giving him the gift of a Flute and promising. He always will keep the gift after bowing before his brother, with Yoriichi.

Happy feelings then smiled and left their house Without bringing anything to him After the death of their mother. Michikatsu finds his mother's notebook and find out that Yoriichi purposely left from home because he did not want to change this position michikatsu as heir Throne. He also knew the facts about the illness of the mother, who had weakened the left side of his body. So he knows the reason why yoriichi always clinging to the left side of their mother's body to sustain these facts actually made Miechikatsu even more jealous of his own brother, And he even into a grudge so want to surpass the strength of the yoriichi. After leaving his home, Yoriichi didn't choose to go to the shrine instead run away in order to live freely, to make sure his brother becomes the successor to the throne of their family after running non-stop for one day one night, he then came to a rice field and Met a girl named Uta who looks the same age as him when asking what was the girl doing?

Uta replied that he had become a Kara because all of his family died as a result, the plague, and he just caught the tadpole. Then let it go back to see the good to Uta through his eyes, Yorichi immediately asked Uta to live together with him. After days they live. Both Uta's kindness succeeded in making Yoriichi feel meaningful and finding purpose Uta even always held Yoriichi's hand when they were out along with a short story after 10 years passed Yoriichi, who has grown up than married Uta and months after that, Uta was pregnant with their two Children In order to prepare for the birth of their child Yoriichi then said goodbye and went out of the house to find a midwife On his way back to Yoriichi's house, he met his parents, looking very tired from having passed three mountains to meet his son, who Was at war because he felt sorry for Yorichi then delivered the parent to the child and immediately returned home when it was evening, but after arriving at his house, how surprised Yoriichi had to experienced a very bitter reality when she saw Uta and her baby. Instead, he had died because he was killed by a demon.

This tragedy made Yorichi very much Beaten and sad. He then hugged the bodies of his wife and child who had been died and continued to mourn their passing for 10 days, even without moving a bit. It then stops when a demon hunter came to him and told Yoriichi to bury them That event in end made Yorichi take back his sword And then Train to become a demon hunter along with another demon. Hunters yoriichi Then teach them all about a breathing technique to be able to increase their attack power due to the sun's breathing technique. Yoriichi possessed too hard to imitate.

In the end, those who managed to train it create new elements which are branches of the sun's breathing technique, and then these swordsmen named as Hashira during his duties as a demon hunter. The Yoriichi had many killed, hundreds of them without taking the slightest injury and causing himself was feared by demons sometimes, while on his way, Yoriichi had saved his brother, who was cornered by several demons who attacked him when they reunited after 10 years of Michikatsu became shocked And could not believe that his sister was alive and even stronger than the last time they had met This made Michikatsu jealous of his sister. So he agreed to leave his son and wife in order to become a stronger demon hunter From Yoriichi until one day, Yoriichi passed by Kibutsuji Muzan alone. Who is the ancestor of demons in the world and at that time, Muzan was accompanied by a female demon named Tamayo. When he met him, yoriichi could feel a very strong aura of hatred within Muzan And that's when Yorichi realized that his destiny to be born in this world is to kill the demon.

Soon they jumped fiercely fighting and Muzan uses. The whip of his body to attacking yoriichi saw the attack from muzan yorichi immediately realized that the attack would be fatal and for the first time he felt afraid in a fight using Yoriichi's eyesight too. Knowing that Muzan's body has seven hearts and five brains, yorichi spread all over his body then attacked using all the techniques exhalation of the sun until it forms the 13th and then manages to cut across Mujan's body. The attack made Muzan die and incapacitated regenerating until finally, Muzan struggled while holding his head in order could not be separated when Yoriichi began to ask what life meant to him. Muzan, who was silent and didn't answer gritted his teeth in anger And then detonated his body into 1800 pieces, Although Yoriichi was able to cut 1500 body parts from Muzan, Muzan managed to survive and escaped after surviving with 300 other body parts.

Muzan'S defeat weakens his demonic power And amayo finally got out of control Shortly after failing to kill, Muzan Yoriichi then received news that his brother had betrayed them and chose to turn into a devil. This made Hashira blame Yoriichi and drove him from demon hunter squad, even though their leader forbade, but in the end, Yoriichi nevertheless got kicked out by all of Hashira in his exile, Yoriichi ever saves the life of Sumiyoshi, who is the ancestor of Tanjiro? This incident made the relationship between Yorichi and Sumiyoshi like siblings And make them close, like the yoriichi family also often come to the house Sumiyoshi. Until two years later he came back to Sumiyoshi to Tells all of her life experiences. Yoriichi tells How the story is about his family, with his older brother and mother were very nice to him, though.

The father often tortured him, but his mother still loved Yoriichi and even gave hanafuda earrings as a symbolic talisman. The warmth of the sun Yoriichi also told him how he should be losing everyone he loved and seeing his life as a failure. Hearing this even Sumiyoshi couldn't say anything Until the son of Sumiyoshi suddenly pulled Yoriici's shirt and asked carrying her while carrying Sumiyoshi yorichi's child, who saw the face happiness of the child unconsciously began to shed tears, could not hold back the sadness that was buried while hugging. The sumiyoshi child yorichi continued to cry nonstop until sumiyoshi's wife came and calm him down after that, yoriichi lowered his sun breathing technique to Sumiyoshi and also gave his Hanafuda earrings as a memory Yoriichi then continued his journey On his own to hunt down demons until 60 Years later, He reunited with his older brother, who had turned into a demon of the moon above, namely kokushibo. Somehow yorici was able to survive, lived past the age of 25, even though it had a mark on him and that actually made Kokushibo angry when he saw Yorichi when he met again.

Yoriichi is 85 years old, with a very old appearance and experiencing blindness in his eyes was devastated by what had happened to his brother, while crying Yorichi apologized and tried to free kokushibo of his current destiny. After quickly assembling the yoriichi stance slit his brother's throat, but did not manage to behead him despite kokushibo Terrified that a second attack from the yorichi would kill him. Unfortunately, yorichi was silent and did nothing in the end. Kokushibo realized that yorichi had died and even he died within standing like a jealous Kokushibo Knight. The death of his younger brother actually attacked Yoriichi's corpse and beheaded him two before he finally realized that Yoriichi still had the gift flute from him during the battle against Muzan Tanjiro, who was on the verge of death because Muzan's blood finally knows the story of Yoriichi Through memory, his ancestors, even though he had died hundreds of years ago but tanjiro - hope that the yoriichi spirit can find Peace.

So that's the life story of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest demon hunter, who has never been defeated even to the end of his life. 

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