Rengoku Kyojurou - Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie Mugen Train

Story of Rengoku Kyojurou

This time we will discuss one of the characters in the anime and the manga Kimetsu no Yaiba is the pillar of Fire Rengoku Kyoshiro. The discussion will focus on the life story and how strong Rengoku, so it can become a pillar of fire.

Anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, with characteristic sharp eyes and long hair. The reddish, yellow color usually impresses the real man dad from Rengoku named Shinju Rocky Oodgeroo turns out to be a former from the pillar of fire in his time, so the talent to be a pillar is, as already in Rengoku self. Unfortunately, the life of the Rengoku family is far from harmonious. The father of Rengoku never supported him to become a pillar. The pessimistic attitude of my father Reno arose because of the deep sadness of the moment his wife died.

Story of Rengoku Kyojurou - Kimetsu no Yaiba

Rengoku Kyojurou vs Akaza

He became a drunkard and has a perspective. A life that considers all the effort it does and its son is for restoring the dignity of his family is just a futile attempt at this, because Rengoku's father realized that the applied breathing technique would not work being the strongest among the other breathing techniques. Due to the technique, fire breathing is really just a fork of the main breathing technique, namely the solar breathing technique. So here we imagine that a father should be proud and give encouragement to his son, who has become a pillar otherwise Give negative comments to Rengoku By saying, even if you are a pillar, it will not change whatever you and I are still gonna be a loser.

Personal Information Kyojuro Rengoku Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

  • Name: Kyojuro Rengoku
  • Romaji Name : Rengoku Kyōjurō
  • Japanese Name: 煉獄 杏寿郎
  • Alias: -
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: May 10th
  • Age: 20
  • Height : 177 cm
  • Weight : 72 kg
  • Hair Color: Gold with Red Tips
  • Eye Color: Gold with Red Irises
  • Affiliation: Demon Slayer Corps
  • Japanese VA: Satoshi Hino, Mariya Ise (Child)
  • English VA: Mark Whitten, Ryan Bartley (Child)

In fact, he even convinced his younger brother that the spirit was on fire. The fire in his heart will never be extinguished. My hero also assured his younger sibling that he will become a brother who always supports him, no matter what the circumstances we can tell from here that Rengoku had a strong mentality, even though his fire breathing technique was not would be able to match the solar breathing Technique, but that didn't stop him to be able to be a strong pillar when, in free nicotine mission to defeat the first moon devil that is m lever, it is shown that Rengoku has a subconscious level of consciousness high. It is proven that the sleep needs to fall asleep affected by the power of the girl's nuroji, who was assigned to enter his dream to destroy the core in the shop.

Rengoku was shocked when he saw the flames that burned in the subconscious when the girl was Ngoku, find the core of Dewa Rengku, and intend to destroy it all of a sudden in a state of sleep, dingo kumazaki the tool, even though it doesn't arrive, killed him. So, even though he was exposed to the strength of Ibn's lecture completely lost consciousness, thanks to her instincts as a pillar of fire and Rengoku can wake up by itself After he realizes that he fell asleep because of the attack of science, short story after Tanjiro and Friends, aware of Tengoku's move attack then set a strategy and divide duty to protect all passengers on the train. The train has eight carriages, where Rengoku will protect the five carriages and the remaining three. The train cars were handed over to Tanjiro and his friends, of course, Rengoku carries out the heavier tasks alone.

Rengoku Kyojurou

Even after dividing the tasks, The Rengoku then moves very fast until Tanjirou was shocked when he saw his speed after fighting against Ibnu. Finally, with Zero forest and friends managed to kill you, as a result, fight against science Tanjiro is badly injured. Due to bleeding The blood vessel that broke off. My throat was the last help to use breathing techniques in order to stop the bleeding experienced Tanjiro after Tanjiro managed to overcome the wound, suddenly appeared, explosion and Out of nowhere appeared the third top demon moon Akaza from here. The situation completely changed with the instant, the Akaza immediately attacked Tanjiro and his Rengoku.

The title and logo succeeded Akaza's hand slashed through her eyes for Za to see how the power of the Rengoku and knew right away, that he was a result of Akaza. Pillar knows that the Rengoku has developed his strength near the highest point. But according to Akaza's power that I could never become perfect because she was just a human being because humans have physical limitations that will age and die. Then Akazam offers the time to join him to become a devil. Because, if I become a devil, then he will live long so that it can train hundreds of years and make its strength become perfect and getting stronger hearing the words of Akaza later Rengoku replied to those words with very cool words.

Rengoku Kyojurou

Rengoku said growing old and dying is a beauty owned by a living being called human because of aging and life becomes more precious. Humans become extraordinarily full of compassion, and that is what is meant by the power that really doesn't like the answer. Rengoku Akaza said that he would kill me and suddenly, of course, they both fight very fiercely both my name is the Akaza Fund launches a very fast attack while Tanjiro is watching The fight is trying to help affection after wounds. The fight against MU itself cannot do anything else either with Inosuke who was still able to fight but was aware of that speed. Inosuke has not been able to match the speed level of the battle between Akaza Rengoku.

The fight is unbalanced because here you can recover immediately after being hit by an attack from a different Rengoku from a Rengoku have to receive serious injuries due to fighting against Akaza. Here, Rengoku had to lose his left eye, a broken rib, and bleeding. As a result, Akaza's internal organs even said that the wound was Big. Whatever your efforts, you will never win against the devil, but with zest, but to the point that the logo puts a stance to do The last attack. Even the heavens were shocked to see the fighting spirit of Rengoku, then both of them do a very fast attack.

Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie Mugen Train

So dust the fight covered both of them after the dust cleared us, They watched that Akaza's arm had pierced Rengoku's body at that critical moment of memory. The childhood that I and his mother remembered back there, Mother from my Rengoku, advised him that Rengoku is a strong person and an obligation of people. The strong is to protect the weak from those memories suddenly making my Rengoku burn again. Suddenly his Rengoku hand grabbed it tightly his sword and slashing the neck of Akaza would be greatly shocked. With the attack that I immediately tried to deliver a punch that turned out to be held by Rengoku left hand, the situation is getting precarious because He immediately appeared and Akaza was still caught up in the fight here.

We can see the hope that the fight will be won by Rengoku saw this opportunity. Inuzuka immediately launched an attack to hold Akaza, but suddenly Akaza shouted loudly and jumps on 

It turns out that Akaza must decide on his own two hands only to be able to escape from the grip of the team. Then the Akaza fled, Seeing this Tanjiro got up and threw it. His sword hits Akaza Tanjiro screams. That Akaza is a man.

The coward who runs away from the fight could be the last badly injured squad. Ask Tanjiro to pass on the will to his brother and father later. Rengoku also advised Tanjiro and his friends to live to the fullest pride and suddenly the spirit of the team's mother appeared in front of him and told the residents who had done very well both heard the answer from his mother, the team smiled and then died. We can conclude that actually, the strength of my Rengoku is very strong. Strong, even the third WTS demon almost died in the hands of my Rengoku.

Rengoku Kyojurou Dead

Besides that, actually, the fight is not balanced, because before fighting Akaza, Rengoku has used his strength to save the 200 people. Who is there on the train and fighting MU? There was the last word of a Rengoku. What we can take as an encouragement to those words. Are you overpowered by your own weakness and fear, Light the Fire, Your heart, crack your teeth and keep going.

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