Boruto Episode 202 Full Review

Boruto Eps 202

Boruto episode 220 discussion and it's released tomorrow Sunday, This time, boruto episode 202. It'S an entitled religious organization, so we're going to talk about co-organization about boro with his sect and discuss Sasuke entering into Mari's otsuki dimension. Let'S see together, Sasuke who made it through the dimensional portal.

Boruto Episode 202 English Sub Full Review

Hers managed to set her foot on a place that is still filled with mystery. In that place, looks a big wall. Sasuke said in his mind. What this place really is, then Sasuke's attention was redirected to that wall earlier that had many symbols, Sasuke saw it and touched it, and it turned out to be a wall like a button and projecting shadow from otsusuki. Yes, we know this.

Kinshiki is the enemy that was fought during the moment of the Boruto chunin exam Sasuke said that person is otsuki kinshiki, But that's not his real body just a projection, But why did it have to be this person who appeared and then Sasuke curiously and looked the Top symbol again and pressing again, the result brings up a shadow projection of momoshiki Sasuke says this time momoshiki. What is this actually, then Sasuke moved and pressed the symbol? Next to it again then appeared the shadow projection of the Kaguya ootsuki. He once fought. Okay said what otsutsuki Kaguya, what happened?

They all came to our world. What does this mean? Then? Sasuke has a conclusion, So Each pattern is described in pairs, some even exist, which has been badly damaged. Then Sasuke said I don't want to take conclusion about this, but like momoshiki and kinishiki, how about?

If Kaguya also came here in pairs, then Sasuke goes to the next pattern and touch the symbol. Then it appears a shadow projection of another otsuki member that we will find out later known, as don't Sasuke say Who is this person and suddenly a voice appears, which was very noisy like the scream of a monster Sasuke looked at well and underneath there is a Symbol of the eye of the moon, Mugen tsukoyomi, then Sasuke headed to the place and realized there was a place below Sasuke said there was space downstairs and there was a life there. Then he saw and was astonished beyond belief that there was a tailed beast. Creature. 10 aka Jupiter's chubby body, says there are some Chakra irons that are visibly stuck in his body.

Sasuke said: what is this creature? How can he be in this place? Sasuke is still in shock. How the juubi is here is the real Jupe that has Rinnegan eyes. Sasuke says looks like a peg.

This peg is holding it back from moving. I can't count the number tail from here. Who is the person who did all this then suddenly from a distance? Sasuke saw a figure who used a space and time ninjutsu, and that figure is the leader of Kara leader jigent stomped his feet and walked like jigen, didn't notice, up the presence of Sasuke Sasuke. Hiding then thinks there is karma, don't have any, and based on the info.

I got it from the Anbu. This guy must be Jejen the elder of kara, then Jejen floated and moved towards Kyuubi and in gender said to chubby, Hey, Jupi, you're, not naughty, right, Sasuke, surprised and increasingly convinced that the monster he saw was a Juubi. Then we are shown a 10 tailed Jupi monster, moving to eat kitchen and jigen. By being able to avoid with you, The Kitchen Seraya said calmly, didn't I say that if it's too early to eat me, I should finish the container first Sorry, but I took it again while using Jigen's karma absorbs Juubi Sasuke's Chakra, which is getting far away mumbling. He absorbed Jubi's Chakra.

Then his karma pattern spread this guy. It seems to have similar powers like boruto and qawa'id, then jigen absorbs Chakra transforms into the appearance of an otsuki member. Having a horn Sasuke is getting shocked and says. What is this form? He looks like the otsuki.

I smell the problem. This situation can more dangerous than we previously thought. I should tell Naruto, on the other hand, don't be done with the process absorb the Juubi's Chakra and say now. What about who are you? They are both containers.

So what is meant by the words jigen is boruto and worried. Well, this time we are shown the next scene boruto, who, with mitsugi, seems to be heading to the place of the fifth Hokage Mizuki, says to boruto: Hey boruto, about your karma. What, if not, can disappear and will continue like that forever? How do you feel boruto responding to netsuke's words? Why are you suddenly asking like that?

You looks like a pessimist. Then Mizuki responds if you later succeed in defeating jigen, there is no guarantee that Karma mo will disappear. Boruto said I think it looks terrible, but now we don't make a fuss about it and boruto thinks how about this matter. We think, like high-level missions, look cool. Don'T we and we will be excited to live it.

Mitsuki responds Hah, fills up, boruto answers it, although it's a bit reckless. If we consider it a mission, we will definitely do our best. Therefore, I am a disciple of Uncle. Therefore, I am a student of Uncle Sasuke Uchiha and a son of the 7th Hokage, as well as a ninja or shinobi. Well, like that, the full story is Boruto Episode 202, which has been discussed in its meaning, is manga boruto chapter 35. Yes, we get a lot of information which is amazing and very important like no the previous. Well, there is an important point that we should know. The first is about the meaning of the pattern that was touched earlier by Sasuke that, in fact, the Otsutsuki clan came to earth automatically in pairs or partners, and, and secondly, we know that there are still Juubi Wow, even though back in the 4th ninja world war. This Jupe was the core problem faced by the Shinobi.

Just imagine if Juve succeeded and turns into a Shinju tree, then the history of the Shinobi world ends and points. Lastly, we knew jigen was going to attack Konoha, but exactly wanted to take it. Kawaki is back, but we know later Naruto will protect the qawa'id as well. Fighting against the genies in the Other Dimension seems like the jigent, have preparation, mature and not rash Because he has absorbed the Juubi Chakra to facing Naruto and later and Naruto was sucked into another dimension and Sasuke will appear and ready to help Naruto. So we look forward to it only boruto episode 202, which will air on 6-6-2016 around 5.

What'S really boro with Mugen tsukoyomi, now the deepest member Kara, one by one, has appeared in the anime boruto, where they also get thirteen additional background Khan in the manga. Indeed, they appear too, very very short, especially wasteful one of Gaara's inner members who died in the manga. Then, in fact, the workers and the sect shown in the boruto anime, where it is only explained that borrow, is sect leader whose sect activities are not shown well. This anime is very, very different because in more detail we are shown. How does the activity of the association led by this boro use poison to contaminate a village and then Poro himself will clearing the poison made.

Boruto Episode 202

The villagers see wasteful as The Savior and follow the sect teachings hastily Hi. It turns out that this fur gathering is related to Mugen tsukoyomi. He dreamed that the Kara members were still related to Jupe, then The Sinjo Chakra Tree and its related technique. Mugen tsukuyomi turns out to have a goal that is, to create Mugen tsukoyomi, which was once a problem in the 4th ninja world war 32 years ago later, every member of This new sect is promised sweet dreams which they won't suffer again, and that is the only path to happiness, It's possible that this new sect plan has nothing to do with chicken meaning. The organization founded by an independent has a lot of secrets from the leader, namely cc analysis Kyosuke, one of which is saving Amado's failed sector that was ordered by the chief chicken to destroyed.

Well, it could be a new sect. Agenda related to This KMI is also unknown by Chicken. Bye itself has a purpose in using the senju tree, but not as an intermediary for Mugen tsukoyomi, but eating the chakra fruit. Then, is it stupid to have a past that related to the Mugen tsukoyomi? There must be a reason why the association or This new organization has a dream agenda that is Mugen tsukoyomi, most likely and almost certainly, this agenda started from an extravagant plan himself.

Most likely boro has a past with Mugen tsukoyomi in the 4th ninja world war, which could be the story of the past in the boruto anime can So he is indeed one of the humans who feel that Mugen tsukoyomi is very, very stomping and profitable, then annoyed Because of Naruto and Sasuke managed to stop Mugen tsukoyomi. What do you think well in the latest, episode of the Naruto Next Generation, anime boruto, featuring a very, very interesting time after previously showing the battle Naruto against Tirta this time in the latest, the episode will focus more on Sarada, who wants to practice Chidori this time. Ade Sasuke is accompanying the requirements in practice to make up for a lot of time lost due to being outside Pondok Village, carrying out a secret mission. Therefore, Sar's training is here as well as special moments for sasuke and sarada. On the other hand, kawaki who currently has to get closer to the 7th Hokage wants to get to know more about knowing Naruto's past more fully, even though there is no actual fight terrible as before, but this latest episode is getting hold right In Sar's training process.

There is something that seems difficult when Sarada learns Chidori, he still uses two Tomo for the filter, while Sasuke. Currently, it has mastered three tomoe fulfills. It shows its sharing and fiber, which still amounts to two or much on the side. There is also the movement of sarada who has managed to grasp the colored, chidori blue, but still, normal size seems the effect of Chidori. Sarada is still not too strong.

Besides Sarada's termination Sasuke uses this moment to become closer to his daughter, Sasuke realized that, from the start, Sarada's presence or birth, She barely has time, by the way, tea and Sakura. So this moment is used by Sasuke to study the character of his own child, so that there is no awkward feeling that often occurs experienced when alone in uniform Sasuke also realizes that there are many more what she doesn't know about. The conditions for Sarada's journey to study, Chidori still seem unfinished, but look at her persistence. Sarada doesn't seem to be giving up easily on mastering Jidori other than Sarada was also blessed with intelligence and dexterity like Sasuke, so that he's just as smart as ya, but he's also stubborn, sometimes like Sakura In doing something. She thinks is right when she hasn't.

Of course, it's completely true, I love Kishimoto. The creator of the most popular manga series. Naruto, never hesitates to tell stories about death, important characters in the series, even when lifting others hesitate to kill Kishimoto's character Precisely too lightly. Do this Hal, because the Naruto series actually has a darker story compared to other manga stories where death is indeed a part of the story, More and more characters died. Most of them were para heroes, aka the Shinobi who died for the reasons of their humanity.

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All there are those who died, protecting the village or who sacrificed for the sake of others, and there are also other Hero reasons that made them end up having to give up their lives. Here are some lists of heroes, who can be forgotten. The first cliff or Namikaze Minato, the father from this Naruto, the yellow lightning from Konoha, is a Shinobi who strong and also dangerous He was even feared by the Shinobi of the village others. According to Jiraiya, he is a Shinobi who only appears once in one generation. Minato himself is the father of Uzumaki Naruto Minato has a brilliant career apart from being a great shinobi is also a Hokage figure at a young age, but unfortunately, Minato's fate as The fourth Hokage had to end, tragically by not long-serving as Hokage, because he had To sacrifice his life to protect Konoha Village from Kurama's rampage, we have another choice: Minato then seals Kurama in Naruto's body, then next Dino Cia, which Inochi Yamanaka, is wrong.

One of the experienced shinobi from the village Hi and also Ino Yamanaka's father inoichi Yamanaka, is a shinobi who works at the headquarters of the Shinobi Alliance. He is in charge of carrying on orders to various Shinobi units or Shinobi divisions. Indirectly, Inochi is also one of the very important characters in the events. 4Th ninja war, without Inochi's presence there will be more casualties fall from the side of the Inochi Shinobi Alliance is also one of the reasons. Why did the alliance win the battle between Obito and Madara, who Realizing the importance of existing communication, finally decided to destroy the base alliance with the 10 tailed beasts, Bijuu bomb attack, and finally succeeded: end kill inochi.

Then there is Shikaku Nara, one of the smartest shinobi in Naruto world. My attitude, my attitude, is the brain of the Shinobi Alliance and the One who responsible for all strategies implemented in Shikaku and Inoichi's battle is the first to face Madara when he stormed the alliance headquarters. But unfortunately, my attitude too must die along with his partner. He must die in Kyuubi's attack on the alliance headquarters that made the entire building destroyed. Well, his genius was recognized by many Shinobi powers and even the Kage from another Ninja Village.

If I really risked his life until the end of his life, Then there is Hiruzen Sarutobi and the death of the third Hokage Konoha. This became one of the most shocking and most heroic in the Naruto series. This is because no one expected when the ongoing chunin exams suddenly had to become a tense atmosphere and become a major disaster that threatens existence. Konoha is all because of Orochimaru who infiltrated the exam and trying to destroy Konoha from within. We want Konoha more destroyed again.

Sarutobi then locked Orochimaru in a giant cage in his fight against Orochimaru. There is no other choice to sacrificed everything: Orochimaru managed to kill Sarutobi, But before he died he awakened the forbidden Jutsu. Where Orochimaru was almost. I just died too, but only the chakra of the arm was successful, cut which made Orochimaru Welahan Hello. The next hero, Hayate tea, gekko, Hayate gekko, is a supervising teacher as well as a protector of the para student who took the chunin exams at konoha.

Unfortunately, he had to experience bad luck after overhearing, the conversation between Bagi and Kabuto Gecko finds out about their plan to betray Konoha and using the chunin exams as an avenue for their attack. Even for is a difficult enemy to conquer. He then, while his wind sword is to kill all the information he knows, nor can it be conveyed to Konoha and Konoha itself later Looking for a biological replacement, the attack on Konoha in the end still goes on as they planned. The next hero, only Sarutobi, is wrong. One jounin e from Konoha Village has Asuma Sarutobi.

He must meet his defeat in the fight against Hidan and Kakuzu in the Naruto story, Shippuden After a long time. Finally, team 10 is back on the move. Nothing happens though that if Asuma had to lose all Naruto fans were shocked by Asuma's death when hidden managed to kill him. Nah Asuma's death has a negative impact on the development of their students, especially Shikamaru, who is known to be close to Asuma, but good Shikamaru, chouji, and Ino managed to get through all of that phase and at the end of their Revenge story against and avenged. At the end of the stream, Then there was grandma chiyo when Sakura and grandma chiyo managed to find Gaara's location kidnapped.

He was shown dead with Shukaku successfully removed from his body, but seeing that it's bad try to restore Gaara with the medical abilities he had. He realized that Gaara will have an important role in the future of Suna Village by using granny chiyo's remaining energy and chakra then used a technique which actually falls into the forbidden category, namely this kisho Tensei technique can resurrect people who have died by moving The chakra In their body to the body of the next target in this process, grandma chiyo had to die because of using all the Chakra. There is Halo. The next hero moving in the shadows is Itachi Uchiha. Maybe some of the fans who are fans of Itachi are many want the figure of Itachi Uchiha to become Hokage, not without reason because Itachi is the one responsible for the disappearance of the Clan Uchiha due to Itachi who massacred the entire clan except Sasuke, Itachi hope Sasuke grows to hate him becomes stronger and then killing him.

Actually, Itachi's death became one of the debates that the most talked about among the fans, because in part, argue that Itachi's death was caused by Sasuke, who succeeded, beat him and kill him and some consider death. This was caused by Itachi, who was already weak and running out of Chakra. Even so, death still surprises. The Kristen became one of the unforgettable deaths in the Naruto series, then next and Neji Hyuga. Well, maybe this is the most tragic death shown during the fourth great Shinobi.

War of the media is wrong, one of the main characters in the Naruto series and also one of the genius shinobi From the Hyuga clan. He is the first shinobi of his generation to become a jonin. A Neji's life focuses on his efforts to be able to, regardless of the fate that exists, and in the end, he can get it In this war. Neji had sacrificed himself to protect the figure Hinata and also Naruto. Neji are good friends and best friends, Naruto and his death really made Naruto so Beaten and pretentious.

Besides Naruto Angie's death was also very shocking for fans. Then there's that Jiraiya Well then Jiraiya's death, which is the most shocking in Naruto's story. The signs that would come were shown when he went to amegakure to undertake a dangerous mission. That thing, Of course, it's normal for a Jiraiya, but no one expected if Kishimoto had the heart to beat Jiraiya Jiraiya had to meet his end in the hand of his former student Uzumaki Nagato. His death really left a very deep wound for Naruto, but Naruto tried to get up and learned from it.

Naruto also acted as if it was what Jiraiya wanted. 

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