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Greetings, anime, community, and the world at large. I've got some bad news for you. It turns out that you've all been asleep for two decades now, and nobody told you, but don't worry, I'm here today with the help of a sponsor to give you a g-fueled wake-up call. 15-Ish minutes from now your pace is gonna be racing like you just imbibed their delicious new Tetris blast flavor, and you will feel a powerful urge to both watches Medabots and use the promo code basement to get 30 percent off a g fuel order of any Size first, though, it's time for a bit of tragic backstory pokemon hit the same year, I entered elementary school and by the time I graduated pokemania was in full swing, with dozens upon dozens of collection and battle in RPGs card games and top building kits competing. For my attention and my parents, cash each with their own accompanying anime, of course, and their own tribe of kids, who would defend them to the death.

Medabots Anime

There were pokemon kids, YuGiOh, kids, Beyblade kids, who mostly grew up to be mechanics, an oppressed underclass of Digimon kids. Later battle networks and Bakugan kids joined the fun, but never in my young life did I meet another Medabots kid. A lot of that has to do with how the series was marketed and distributed over here, how little and late a presence it had in toy and gay miles around its release, despite being based on some solid boy RPGs from Natsume. It also probably didn't help that the show poked fun at pokemon and its contemporaries, a parody that I personally appreciated. This is an extremely funny anime, but in retrospect, spoofing, more popular things only created similar optics to the dual master's dub, which gave off the lowest of low rent clone vibes.

But if kids back then had actually given it a chance, I know that now Medabots would be one of the most fondly remembered and talked about anime of its era, chilling with cowboy bebop and Evangelion in the anime goat pantheon, because while pokemon's action looked like this and Digimon looked like this Medabots go get your friends till you drop sorry, I uh tend to get carried away when I hear that it's just so awesome, as is that animation, even in the first episode pepper cats moving Around like a Pikachu on g-fuel and Medabots doesn't limit that kinetic energy to its action scenes. Dialogue is frequently punctuated by wildly expressive: fluidly, animated body, language, and extremely eye-catching, shot compositions that use exaggerated perspective to give even static scenes, a feeling of dynamic depth. The same easy-to-draw character designs that made the show feel a bit cheap and cartoony and promo art also allowed it to come alive with animation that holds up better today than any of its more poster-friendly contemporaries. It would take pokemon's animators a decade and a half to catch up to it, not just in terms of style, but also the clever story, structure of mixing fights with a slice of life. Comedy though, if sun and moon are Hamtaro, then Medabots is more like crayon, Shinhan, or south park for kids if you're normal and even more than sun and moon do.

At times these blobby angular malleable designs, coupled with flat bright colors, thick black shading, snappy, animation timing and a penchant for weird camera angles, make Medabots feel almost like a trigger anime out of time, which isn't just a coincidence. Records of anime production back then are a bit incomplete, especially in English, but episode 14 of Medabots appears to be the first thing, kill la kill and Gurren lagan's Hiroyuki imaishi ever directed on his own, and while that episode is even triggered than the rest of the Series, my man even gave brast the battle toaster an ass. It wouldn't shock me to learn that he did uncredited key animation work on other episodes, either way, he's far from the only gynax talent on the show, Masahiko Otsuka, the assistant director of the ava movies, plus a lot of ava episodes directed the episode, six Tadashi Hiramatsu shoji Sayaki Kazuhiro Takamura and Masayuki, one of Hideaki Anno's closest collaborators, all contributed storyboards to the show. A lot of Gainax animators worked on imaishi's

specific episode too, plus the entire series was produced by Kenji Horikawa, former production manager on Evangelion and co-founder of metabox's studio b-train, which was envisioned as a training ground for young animators and would go on to develop riders and Dot hack, among other things, you might also know him presently as the founder and president of pa works, which is one of the few kyoani class studios out there today. That still makes mostly cool original shows and movies.

Also, glass lip nobody's perfect. Now we don't usually credit that much to producers, but Horikawa is a man who knows people and a lot of the people. He knows to end up working on his shows like tensai Okamura, who came on to direct Medabots after storyboarding for Evangelion and bebop and would springboard from this directorial debut into helming, among other things, wolf's reign and the first seasons of blue exorcist and seven deadly sins. Not to mention he created world conquest, Zvezda plot, and this other little anime, you might have heard of called darker than black we're still just at the tip of this iceberg. By the way, there are few anime in existence period, let alone kids anime from this period.

In which you'll find a denser concentration of truly legendary animation, talent, past and present than Medabots counted among its key animators, storyboarders and episode directors are Eden of the east creator and standalone complex director, Kenji, kamiyama, princess principal, and Tokyo magnitude 8.0, director Masaki, Tachibana promised neverland And sound of the sky director Mamoru kanbai Toshiyuki Inoue assistant director on every satoshi cone project, sort of the stranger and oh maidens in your savage season, director, Masahiro Ando, eccentric, family director, Masayuki, Yoshihara, little witch academia, director, yo, Yoshinori and Masaki yuwasa, who I hope needs no introduction by this point and that's still just a shortlist of the most historically visible animators on this series. Sakuga scholars will doubtless recognize countless other talented animators from its staff list, including Yutaka half the best scenes in Hiraoka Nakamura, and the inventor of anime missile barrages himself Ichiro itano, there's also tomonori kogawa. An 80s veteran who's worked on everything from Negima to legend of the galactic heroes, and on that note, I almost forgot Shinsuke tata, director of the galactic heroes, reboot, and kuroko no basket also Hirofumi Suzuki character. The designer for Naruto and Boruto did mechanical designs for this series, and I need to stop myself there because almost everyone who took a lead role on Medabots most of the key animators, and even a lot of the inbetweeners are whole anime history.

Rabbit holes unto themselves seriously. Just go to a normal click, any name on the staff list, and prepare to have your jaw fall off. It is wall-to-wall legends. I need a g-fuel iv drip just to read through their collective credits. Unfortunately, most of that talent moved on before the second series, damashi or Medabots, spirits which itself moved on to production ig, so that continuation, which starts with episode 53 in English, is weaker by a wide margin and that's not just limited to production values. 

Sadly, as it also lost the screenwriting talents of Ryota Yamaguchi, who also worked on cowboy bebop, Escaflowne great teacher Onizuka, several ronma movies and og hunter, Reiko, Yoshida writer of k-on violet evergarden, and that one Digimon movie that mamaroo Hosoda keeps making also penned a few episodes of the original series and there I go again down those rabbit holes, I'm sorry, but I promise I'm not just doing it for the sake of listing cool people and shows this concentration of talent all translates to one of the best anime viewing experiences. I've ever had, and that's not just nostalgia talking - I've been re-watching Medabots with a couple of anime buds, neither of whom grew up on the series and they're having even more of a blast than I am as you'd expect. If you

know your poka clones, the show's core premise is pretty simple: appealing and easy to merchandise. In a world that looks an awful lot like 90s japan, everyone and their dog has fighting, slash. The general-purpose assistant robot called a Medabots so named because their minds are contained within gold, hexagonal computer chips called metals

The tin pet frame, those metals fit into can be customized with a wide array of parts. Legs can be swapped out for wheels or flotation devices. Arms for rockets or swords and any part can be put on the line at any time for keeps in a submission row battle. These betting matches are the main mode of action for most of the series, excluding a few tournament arcs and more dramatic encounters and they're. Always overseen by Mr referee, an eldritch being who is always watching always waiting for the moment, a child challenges another child to a fight, no matter where they are no matter how impossible it seems he will appear and make it official and, like all good, inscrutable cosmic Entities, Mr referee, never gets old now it should be noted that everyone in dogs does not initially include our hero.

Icky tenrio, whose economic circumstances mean he can only be an armchair meta fighter, pissing off most of his classmates by saying he'd totally row battle better than any of them. Given the chance, the school's top meta-fighter and bully Samantha is particularly fond of picking on icky, assisted by spike and Sloan. The two stooges who make up her gang all that changes after icky lucks his way into finding a medal on a random riverbank where it was dropped the night prior by a mysterious and clumsy phantom thief who stole it. You see because it's a rare medal that possesses incredible hidden powers. We get our first glimpse of those powers when desperate to save him.

Only friend intrepid junior high reporter erica amakaze from a washed-up rock band who've taken to mugging children in a local park. He plugs that metal into the cheapest tin pet. He can find it at his local convenience store and it awakens as Medabots. I rock what you just heard. There is the iconic performance of joe motiki, just one great part of what's low-key, one of the best English dubs of its era, and I really can't emphasize enough how much that great voice acting enhances an already fantastically balanced cast of characters.

The clashing egos of icky and Medabots are a great source of organic conflict and comedy the screws who flip between unjustified arrogance and deferential cowardice. As soon as someone stronger and meaner shows up to make fantastic, minor antagonists and erica's kid, reporter schtick makes a perfect excuse for them to quickly stick their noses into whatever weird episodic storyline is going on at the time an early one of those takes them to a Posh private school that just gets more and more obscenely ostentatious the further in they go in a search for a legendary meta fighter that ends with iki. Finding both a new love interest in the kindly Karen and a proper rival in koji, who strikes a great balance between being Gary oak hateable and pushing iki to be less of an egotistical, dick and they're. Just a couple of the show's fantastic recurring characters. The very first character we meet phantom renegade is a pretty obvious riff on sailor moon's tuxedo mask, but whereas that adult cosplay weirdo, who gets way too friendly with middle school children, is framed as an enigmatic badass.

The phantom is more of an incompetent doofus who daylights as a 7-eleven clerk and gets so little recognition for his phantom thievery that he has to gas his own alter ego up to the apathetic children visiting his store to buy toys, who, I'm pretty sure, are his. Only friends opposite the phantom in a more unambiguous villain role. We also have the rubber robos a gang of gimp-suited bozos, whose schemes make team rocket look like

proper baddies. They really want to be evil and take over the world and stuff. But it is abundantly clear that they don't have the faintest idea of how to do it or what evil even means.

Really. The kids first run into them when they've fumbled their way onto a pile of metals by creating a scooby-doo urban legend about a metal. Stealing, ghost entirely by accident, it should be noted and it's pretty much just downhill from there. As far as their plans go at one point, they try to trick all the townspeople into accepting free absurdist home renovations, so they can turn the whole city into evil. Amusement park, which will help them take over the world by uh part of their appeal, is that they don't overstay their welcome instead of using them in every episode, like some kind of crotch, pokemon Medabots frequently brings in other antagonists like incredibly mean toddlers and an evil.

Pta to keep our heroes on their toes, the rubber robots do become more prevalent, as the plot goes on and stakes escalate, but that works surprisingly well because, through a hilarious plot mechanism that I won't spoil for, you, they're actually capable of becoming serious threats. When the story needs them to be without undermining the silly group dynamic that makes them so entertaining when it doesn't, while Medabots starts goofy and stays goofy throughout its 52-episode run, its characters grow and bond with each other through all that, especially iki and Medabots. And as a viewer, you're gonna get attached along with them and by the same token, I promise that you will appreciate it when the storyline eventually pays off all their intertwining arcs in a satisfying action-packed climax. That'S all still a ways off, though, at the start, you're just gonna be soaking in all the excellent jokes and incredible anime action and marveling at how high, above its weight class, this weekly children's video game commercial punches. If I have your interest - and I know I do you - can find the first season of Medabots streaming free on retro crush tv and both seasons are available on standard definition, blu-ray from disco tech, media now go get your friends and go watch it also.

Medabots Anime Wallpaper HD

Medabots Anime Wallpaper HD

Medabots Anime Wallpaper HD

Medabots Anime Wallpaper HD

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