Ragnarok Season 2 is AWFUL - Netflix Anime Banned Already?

Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok the latest NetFlix anime, anime, is already banned in India. The manga has some one punch man like art. So what could go wrong? Is it worth the hype stay tuned? I may save you 4 hours, so go ahead and smash that, like just like NetFlix smashed this enemy, but really hit that like to make the youtube guns happy, and thank you to today's awesome sponsor keeps over 65 of guys will experience some form of mayo pattern.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Anime 

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You got a bunch of gods and divine beings talking smack about humans, but are they wrong they're saying we're wasteful there's too much plastic? So we must go extinct, but instead of hitting us again with another asteroid, how about testing humanity? So here's a proposition and make Ragnarok happen, and I know what you're picturing but throw that out the window for this anime. It'S actually going to be a battle between the gods and humans. Did someone say a tournament arc 13 gods versus 13 humans?

Those meat bags only need to win. Seven times sounds extremely fair. Technically these humans do get above the valkyries. Thank you, which I still think we could have used. The stronger enhancement gives us one of those starters, leveling Sakai abilities, and I know what you're thinking the whole premise of this anime actually sounds very familiar to recent anime god of high school sure.

This one has a little bit different flavor with the human versus guns getting to choose fighters throughout history. You might actually be getting a slight drifter's vibe from the guns. You have a mixed bag. You have people like Odin, Thor, Loki, Zeus, aries Hermes, aphrodite, and even shiva, but anyway, let's just jump straight into the crap fest, where this anime completely fails. Oh, yes, I'm talking about what they're calling fight battles right, I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it.

These do have a slideshow feel to them. It'S made worse by the fact that they're, not even subtle about it, these so-called fights action scenes are pretty slowed down. It actually may remind you what you started seeing in later food wars, seasons, on the other hand, that style worked for this non-fighting anime. I mean just look at this. The whole selling point is the tournament, the fights that's, what NetFlix was heavily promoting, but get this the majority of your action scenes are actually still images

camera shaking spamming, the speed up lines everywhere I mean this thing is really just hot garbage, just awful and horrendous, And don't get me wrong.

I could forgive some of this stuff here and there, but it's not like they're saving animation for these bigger complex moves, or this climax. It consistently stills and gets this I'm not even joking. I fell asleep not once but twice during this. The one interesting part of the conversation I've seen is people comparing this to one punch man season. Two.

Is this as bad as that and don't get me wrong One punch man season 2 was a set down from the first season, but at least that actually had actual animation which further got improved on the blu-ray, the limited animation here, that's mostly done through stills. It really reminds me of anime that airs early here in japan, aimed at little kids, I'm really just less scratching my head, because, honestly, the manga had better animation. I do feel that the suit actually got overambitious for the two fighters thor and the other dude. The designs are far too complex. Character models were much too detailed for them.

They couldn't actually animate them with whatever resources they didn't have. On the flip side, pay attention to the second and third fight for the human and god characters. They are far less complex, which really just means much easier to actually draw and hence make them move. And yes, I know I'm reaching for scraps to give this some type of positive feedback, but seriously. Let me know from the trailer.

Did you actually expect to get this? I mean talk about false advertising getting to the next major issue. The pacing in case you haven't seen this yet just know this is only 12 episodes out of the 13 fights I mentioned, they're only gonna get to three of them in the anime so far from the three they actually highlight. They are terribly slow. Just to get an idea, they are averaging four episodes per fight, the majority of that time in the actual episodes isn't even them actually fighting it.

You get more from the characters being introduced, reactions from the crowd, the fighters talking or even better good chunks spent on the backstory through flashbacks. When you're watching this. You really just wish they get back to the actual damn fight, and then you realize you made a horrible mistake wishing that so either you get the majority of time spent in this non-fight stuff or in the actual, watered-down action scene. After wasting my time, binging. Anime I actually did read the manga just to see which was the problem: was it the enemy or the manga?

Could it be that the actual studio was handicapped by the source material? You heard about this only covering three fights they actually get to the introduction to the fourth fight. Let me just tell you: the next fight is actually the longest fight, yet you got Hercules versus jack the ripper. This is like twice as long as anything that came before it yeah they take their sweet time. Let me actually ask you this in terms of animation, have we really just gotten spoiled recently?

Obviously, the ghost standard for anything right now would be euphoria, something like a demon. Slayer or the fate anime, but recently you also have jiu-jitsu kaizen and Maher academia hell. I don't even think you need to look at top anime check out Vivi from this season with studio goat. Unfortunately, in terms of action animation, this didn't even meet the bare minimum. The study behind this is grafenika and we should have known their track record is not good.

Over the past few years, they really just helped another studio with their enemy productions, which really just means they haven't done much solo anime their last huge enemy project is actually hello world. Some of you may recall this making it into my worst anime list of that year. Go figure. This really just means the studio that doesn't do that. Much standalone anime projects a huge red flag right there, some other best work anime, is actually them involved in helping ultimately.

Unfortunately, that was like a decade ago. The funny part about this is that actually have more positive things to say than negative. First off, while they really choked on the matches, practically all of the voice actors brought their a game. By far one of my favorites includes the main valkyrie girl. You definitely know her as sheenan from Sao, but seriously.

This is an all-star cast for thor. You got lancers voice, actor shiva's banned from seven deadly sins, Poseidon is Griffith or Suzaku. Loki is Mr. Kirito himself. Hermes is archer greed and Berkeley. Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, is chi from Chobits from the human side you have lubu Gilgamesh kojiro is hit, slash, bang, slash Kenny, actually look deeper into who's behind this.

The director the guys, worked on Fortnite alchemist brotherhood and recently granbilm, and I really just bring him up to highlight that this video is not a smack on his ass. Unfortunately, it's very likely this whole production was restricted heavily by the studio lacking resources. I'm not gonna say the opening is the best thing ever, but actually liked it. Who knows there might have been more animation here than in the animation of the actual fights aside. Actually, I like the quick background given for the fighters, although I do wish they were a little bit quicker with those we're familiar with.

You know like people like thor, on the flip side, you had characters like lu, bu and don't lie. You had no idea who this guy was before this another standout for the enemy is the soundtrack was really on point. You may even say absolutely divine, notably, the composer for this has worked on fairytales. Naruto locks horizon some other fate spin-offs. I get this season's zombieland saga.

Surprise, surprise forget about the fights I actually do have to give props to the introduction to the fighters. It really got your blood pumping so much hype, so much buildup. Unfortunately, by far the highlight of the entire match, there's a positive two bringing up the manga at least content-wise page by page there was very little the anime actually chopped out for more major things. Besides the manga looking much richer in detail, it is gorier. There is more blood, more carnage, there is more sexy time stuff, yet other stuff, like eve, almost getting hugged too hard toned down for the enemy.

So let me ask you: what do you think they could have done to make this anime better? I think the always starting place is really just to get a better studio which studio could have done a better job. Naturally, demon, slayer, and fate fans have been spoiled by goat ufotable and really nowadays, there is almost always a cliche go-to studio, but seriously they're unrealistic. So how about Mappa watching this anime, really just with the whole premise? I was dreaming of gg suit level, finds bone studio or mad house also comes to mind.

A smaller but notable studio also includes Silverlink, although it seems like they're really just becoming the asset guy anime studio. Another easy fix might have just really been the pacing. This anime really just shows that more episodes do not equal better. They

could have tried to fit another four episodes worth of content into the current 12 episodes, meaning four fights, total, or stretch out three fights into 12 episodes, which is what they went with sucks for them. It really just seems like they were in this lose-lose situation.

With that in mind, they could have condensed this to 11 or 10 episodes if you do watch this on, NetFlix uses abuse at the speed up button. So let me actually just speak some facts. It'S starting to seem that this anime production might have been doomed from the start. Unfortunately, this battle anime got given to this bottom-tier studio, which didn't have the resources to actually pull off the fights oh and out of those 13 fights you're. Only gonna see three of them: hey you're, like 25 percent done for the story, speaking of which, in the manga, they're only two fights ahead.

They'Re gonna need another two or three seasons. To even finish, don't be surprised that those seasons never come. Naturally, living in Japan, I've been wondering what is japan's reception of this look at what my Japanese buddy said about this anime. He couldn't believe this was actually a Japanese-produced enemy. That'Ll tell you something, unlike the other recent NetFlix original Yusuke, which they were really pushing.

I haven't seen any notable promo campaigns here in japan. The only little bit of something is this collab shop that opened up nearby. I might actually check that out tomorrow, but anyway, getting into my overall rating and definitely let me know what you thought overall, pretty meh really more ways a potential with another NetFlix anime. I almost consider this a waste of time. Watch is going to be forgettable by the end of this year by the end of this season, it'll be on some anime people's worst of anime list.

Without a doubt, another smudge for NetFlix anime hell, I think Yusuke - might have been better. My recommendation, for you, is either just skip wasting 4 hours on this, don't worry, I did it for you or, if you're still curious, check out the first episode, maybe speed it up and if you do like it switch over to the manga instead of this, I Would actually recommend watching other under-watched underrated anime like Vivi, going on right now, damn you FUNimation jail on a brighter note. I actually do have to give thanks to the enemy for introducing me to the story. I actually like the manga enough to continue with it. Hopefully, I'll forget about it, so I have a few chapters to read later on.

The art style actually reminds me of the one punch man manga, whether it's actually on the same level. I'll leave that up to you to decide. If it tells you anything reading, the manga actually got chills, seeing what I already had seen poorly done in the anime. I was almost tearing up in the second match, even in the third match, which I felt was kind of mad. I was on the edge of my seat, reading it and by the off chance, someone on NetFlix is listening.

If you do want to dive into anime so badly, why not fun popular past anime that haven't gotten another sequel, something like konosuba, no game, no life, spice and wolf? How about claymore, although that one needs a reboot, hey mapa? I know you'll take anything because right now the reputation for NetFlix anime could be better doing something like this would instantly win over most enemy people, but anyway, comment below. Did you have some same issues with this enemy or perhaps you think I'm crazy and you actually loved it? Are you just checking out the manga instead, don't forget to like and subscribe, and the anime videos every Friday check out much better anime coming out for summer.

Anime Ragnarok Season 2 and I'll see you guys later, 

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