Tokyo Revengers Episode 10 English Sub (SPOILER)

Tokyo Revengers Episode 10

Hi in a flashback of the previous 9 episodes, we were shown How not to emit who finally dared to face kiyomasa alone and thought that this is revenge. Then How does the story continue so di? In this video? We will discuss the spoiler storyline of the Tokyo Ravens anime 10th episode.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 10 English Sub

Then challenge kiyomasa to continue Their fight at the school that was previously stopped due to the arrival, drakken, and mige for takamichi. That fight is still undecided. The winner and tak mitti said that he hasn't lost the fight. The Drakken, who saw the courage to take my child immediately said that he was Dare to bet 100000000 for a win using Mice, seeing that Hinata and Emma, who were also there, ended up also betting for Mice, Kyo past fights said to his men that take di And his friends have lost their minds, but drakken answered no because this time chemicy will definitely win realizing. The trust of taking.

friends are even more motivated to get defeated, kiyomasa and went straight to attack, but when takamichi throw a punch, it turns out that Kiyomasa has pulled out his sword and stabbed The palm of the take mice and act of the kiyomasa. Fruit also looks very happy when Tio masa said that she didn't intend to duel with no chemicy and instead he was going to kill him immediately, but suddenly by shouting, no chemicy pulled out the sword in his palm and immediately tried again hit kiyomasa for a moment. Akimichi becomes reminded of flashback his life, who wanted to be the head of a thug in his country, But all those dreams were shattered when kiyomasa beat the take noodle c gang and made them have to become a slave to kiyomasa and his men. The scene again shows take me who fell after kiyomasa, succeeded dodged his punch and attacked toddler Kenichi, but not chemicy still did not give up.

He then ran and again attacked kiyomasa with pushing his body. Kiyomasa'S friends, who saw it just laughed mocking and again belittling the actions of the take match earlier then, the next thing unexpectedly done by Kenichi. He suddenly bit kiyomasa's waist to make kiyomasa scream in pain and use Michi quickly, locking kiyomasa's neck until kiyomasa screams, while trying to release the lockdown from Takemichi cq4a also burst into tears. When I saw the struggle of no emissions, who don't give up and keep fighting kiyomasa, who is getting cornered and almost out of breath, finally can only scream and ask no chemicy to release it, but drakken instead told Takemichi to continue locked his neck until finally, Kiyomasa fell unconscious and make no chemicy win.

The battle worries about khawatir Michi Hinata's. Take situation also intended to approach him, but that it was forbidden by tak. Kenichi tago m ichipon then looked happy because Finally, he managed to defeat kiyomasa with his own hands and thought. If only Naoto saw him beat kiyomasa, but no. We also want to apologize to nato because he hasn't made it yet to complete the mission, because it still looks like the subordinates of kiyomasa, who was already preparing to kill him.

Takemichi then ordered Hinata and Emma to leave that place because she realized she had been targeted, Kiyomasa's men, and won't be able to run away resigned to his situation. Takemichi looks ready if he has to die And he also asked drakken What does he think about? Heaven hearing those words drakken instead got up and started standing next to take noodle c and smiling. Drakken said that Takemichi because he won't go to heaven but go to hell with a drakken condition that gets a stab wound together with the battered Takemichi.

They look still not give up and prepare to fight the rest of kiyomasa's men, Even though they know will lose but be patient and not chemic keep going and ready. If you have to die when one of Kiyomasa's men started to attack, Takemichi and raken. Suddenly, the account came and immediately beat him seeing things This made Akimichi very surprised and touched by his presence from the account that saved him. Suddenly the account then smiled and Saying, while mocking no mics, he is a crybaby hero from the account makes Takemichi remember flashbacks from the account in the future that once said the same thing to him: it didn't stop there. It turned out that it came together with all of the gang's friends using Mice that had already been ready to fight, even though it was cool at first by showing off the mainstay juru them.

But it turns out that Takemichi's friends are easily defeated by children. Fruit kiyomasa sees his friends who have struggled to help him take. My child then told Dragon that he was sorry for not can save anyone and protect him when he goes back in time then, But because of the weak emission condition and the soft drakken voice become unable to hear clearly his words on the other side of the Account and his friends are still trying to survive and try to fight Kiyomasa's men, even though everything was already battered. They all didn't want to give up, because remembering the determination of wearing Michi, who won't give up, even when confronted with a much stronger opponent, even looking at the spirit of the account and Kiyomasa's friends, became confused and panicked when the sound of the ambulance and police Coming closer to where they are Kiyomasa's, men start running and run away from that place and the visible biomass is still in a stupor. After the ambulance came to their place.

Kenichi'S friends immediately brought the drakken who the situation is very bad, to get into the ambulance to get help. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the fight between the Toman and Mobius gangs, It has been seen that many members of the two gangs are already weak and not able to continue the fight that looks left only and master Takemichi and the Oman Squad Captains who are still able to Stand now are only it's just a fight between Mayky and Pest that looks both the same already battered the pest who had almost exhausted his strength, could only laugh when looking at the ride, who doesn't even look the least bit tired. However, suddenly someone came riding a motorbike that approached them and asks hanma to get out of there immediately before hanma will leave him then shouted and said to Mickey that they were going to form a gang, a motorcycle that was made throughout the city named valhalla, and He will be the first vice chairman, so the game Tom and won't feel peace again after saying that, hanmac then leave the fightback where Takemichi is seen Takemichi, who was in the ambulance and was accompanying drakken who received treatment. He became very worried when broken received. The first treatment for his wound, which turned out to be quite serious when Takemichi, was praying for the drakken.

He became shocked when the drakken suddenly came to his senses and reach out to hold hands from not mic4 face the time critically. Drakken thanks, Takemichi, saying that he is owed him a favor, then drakken also asked not chemicy to look after Michael after saying that Drakken's heartbeat suddenly disappeared and made Akimichi even more panicked. When the doctor said that Drakken I'm having heart failure, Hi and episode 10 is finally over.

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