Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 English Sub - Toman VS Mobius

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9

Hi to our flashback to the 8th episode of our previous Tokyo Ravens anime series shown no emission who prepared to fight kiyomasa because he didn't want to be a coward for the second time, while on a trip. Suddenly someone called take Michi and that person was mitsuya. Who is the captain of mitsuya's? Second, squad then asks about the existence of the drakken and then not even Kenichi started to tell about Drakken plans to be attacked, but it turns out that Mitsuya already knows about it. It and said that the representative of pacin, namely p, who turned out to have teamed up with the Mobius gang to kill the drakken mitsuya, starts to tell the story.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 Toman Vs Mobius

The root cause of the feud of the Toman gang is that previously Mayky planning to use the money to free the patient from prison. That thing turns out to be stopped by drakken, so that makes Taeyeon hurt and think that Pacin has been thrown away and left by. Toman is known. That p always meets Mobius members remaining and invites them to work together to kill the Drakken. Mitsuya also explained that this rebellion cannot be stopped, so he hopes to wear Mice, because, thanks to him, drakken and Nike can make it back.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 9 Toman VS Mobius

Both of them then find out the whereabouts of peyang in that place, when I saw a peyang motorbike parked there temporarily, it's at the place where n & m is walking together. Suddenly the waiter comes and shout Calling drakken's name when broken, ask the maid who was wearing Tom and Friend's official uniform, actually showed angry expression and prepare to fight. Then What's the story it goes on. So in this article, we will discuss the spoiler storyline of anime TokyoRavens episode, 9 Welcome to dacan channel Hey, kill before you start. Please support Mimin's channel to continue to grow by clicking the like share and subscribe button g-dragon, which has realized Pein's intentions through his expression.

Then ask Ema to leave the place when the drakken is ready to duel against Pean. One of the members of Mobius suddenly appeared from behind and started to attack him. It turns out that peyang didn't come alone to the place, but he also brought some Mobius members who were ready to attack drakken, not long after emicida mitsuya arrived at drakken's place. They saw some of the unconscious Mobius members, apparently The drakken, who already had a wound on his head, managed to fight them all. Even the remaining members of Mobius finally became frightened when seeing the drakken, because he can still fight, even though he's injured.

The part of his head. Pean, who saw Mitsuya's arrival, then ordered him to be quiet and not interfere. If you don't want to be killed by Mitsuya, then responded to the threat of peyang casually and said that he didn't know against the threat from Pean. After defeating 24 immobilized, one Drakken himself finally started to tire and left the rest to mitsuya with a smile mitsuya. Then agreed to the request from drakken and then prepare to fight, But before the fight starts dear, looked surprised when he heard the sound of the motorcycle exhaust that was heading towards their place, but good on the agenda.

Mitsuya actually looks smiling, and it turns out that the motorbike belongs to Mickey who has come to Pei an and the other Mobius members were shocked by the arrival of the make is the leader of Toman's gang, even though he said that he already knew about the Situation because he had been framed after someone called him to another place, so Dragon can be attacked by Nike, then ask about Who the mastermind behind all this and it made Taeyeon lower her head. But suddenly someone appeared in the middle of the Mobius members and made maybe about Who he is, that person said that he was a pest that is the interim leader of the Mobius gang to replace osanai. Mei then asked if all of this was a dirty plan from the pest before pest will answer the question quickly. Michael kicks right away his body, but it turns out that Nike's attack can be resisted by and Mas, so shocked everyone who saw it. They were all shocked because for the first time a kick from Nike has been blocked by someone.

Hai is pregnant, then says that he intends to destroy the Toman ganggeng and will kill Nike with his own hands and he also brought 100 members. Mobius was with him not even chemicy, immediately realized when he saw this situation and knowing that hanma was the mastermind behind the Toman riots. Hanma then started ordering all his men to attack mayky as well Drakken and the other Toman gang members take Michi also get confused about what is going on. Considering the future. Naruto never gave information about this.

That made him wonder if he had changed the course of its history, when the situation became increasingly precarious. All of a sudden, a group of Toman gang members came to their place. The troops came with Yushiro Fifth Squad, Captain Wirea, Fourth Squad, Captain and Baji. Captain of the 1st Squad of the Toman gang and aims to provide assistance while impatient they all then joined and immediately wanted to start. The battle is high when looking at all Captain Toman, who has come to help.

It makes Taeyeon scared, Nike and the people started to smile when they saw their friends coming and got them excited again and couldn't wait to fight and a big fight between the Mobius gang against the Toman gang. Finally, Miki and co and the captains seem to really enjoy the fight. Meanwhile, take.mie looks anxious in the middle of the fight and finds out the whereabouts of the tracen. Because of that, big battle happened on the 3rd of August means that there is a high chance that Dragon can be killed and make it fail to save hina and future accounts.

Take my child then decided to look for kiyomasa in battle and trying to stop him from killing the drakken Hi. On the other hand, Mike who saw Taeyeon then called him while kept beating up Mobius Nike members, then yelling at Pean. Why him want to kill drakken and do dirty acts by asking for help from the Mobius Pean gang then replied that he did not accept it because Pacin was banished from Toman, so he chose to betray him Then start beat mayky face. While saying that pacin is everything to himself and if the tomato throws pacin, then he will become an enemy to Toman but has not hit back from Pean and suddenly he sticks his head to paint then said if he was laughing and thought the arrested. Pacin was a joke, Michael said to the choice: to hit him to his heart's content, because he won't fight back his own friend and afterwards asked the maids to rejoin Toman.

Meanwhile, Take Michi is still looking for Kiyomasa's whereabouts in the middle of the war, with that in the middle of his attention, suddenly take Michi saw kiyomasa, who was walking not far from his Side and was carrying a sword to kill the drakken, but the attention was Then diverted, when not chemicy saw that the sword in Kiyomasa's hand was covered in blood. Someone realized something bad had happened. Take Michi immediately noticed the surroundings and was surprised to see the drakken already lying on the ground with blood on his body. Not even kimichi immediately shouted as he approached Drakken, then climbed up and looked at Tak Kimichi, who was with Drakken while crying take Mickey then shout that the drakken has been stabbed And it made Mei surprised when she heard that Nike realized the situation. Raken then, immediately ran up to him while throwing a tantrum and beat up the Mobius members who got in his way.

But were pests suddenly appeared in front of him and tried to stop Nike take Michi become a feeling when you see the poisonous state that seriously injured, but have then yell at him that drakken isn't going to die that easily and telling take Michi to keep Drunken Awake at the words of Mickey take Michi immediately raised the drakken body and carried him to take him to the hospital on the way to saved the drakken. Ema and hina then went to her and said that they have called an ambulance to help drakken. Take my child then said to Emma and contemptuously about the condition of the drakken still alive when they were all waiting for the ambulance. Suddenly, kiyomasa and his men came to them the arrival of kiyomasa and children. The fruit made the trauma from wearing Michi reappear and made him fear aware of fear from not chemicy, suddenly drakken wakes up and ask no chemicy to take hina and Emma away from their place.

He saw the persistence of the drakken who still tried to protect them, though, in a closed state made. Akimichi scream in anger at himself himself, who was still afraid of kiyomasa, take Michi, began to convince his determination and his courage, because this will determine the fate of despicable as well as account dan, also drakken in the future. By telling Ina to back off and not Approaching, take Michi also prepares to face Kiyomasa alone. Kiyomasa looks angry when akimichi starts to block him, but doesn't chemicy still standing in front of him smiling and saying. This is a revenge.

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