Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 73

Dragon ball super manga chapter 73

Dragon ball super manga chapter number73 scheduled to be released in just about a few hours here today we have even more additional news information, spoilers, and images, not only in regards to the upcoming battle featuring Goku and granola but also getting a little bit of Ofa sneak peek as to see how this fight ends but, on top of this, also getting the inclusion of Vegeta having to step forward and calling out granola in their upcoming bout because based on the previous manga chapter spoilers, it does appear as, though Goku did lose and in typical fashion it was. Due to Goku's naivety, but granola does in fact have a few things up its sleeve and we're going to find out here today as to what they are so again we are going to be covering the entirety of this manga chapter when it's released on the 20th in English.

Ultra Instict Goku Vs Granolah

So courtesy of the dragon ball news website and DBS hype over on Twitter, the following dragon ball super manga chapter number, 73 spoilers goes as follows. Now, as of course, you guys can see here on your screen, there is going to be a specific point in this battle in which Goku is then forced in using the silver-haired UI form in which. You have to give toyotaro credit for the waymuy. Goku looks here because super Saiyan blue Goku does end up losing the fight against granola but Goku ends up bouncing back by using muy and as of course. You guys can see here as soon as Goku turns it up by using mastered ultra instinct.

Dragon ball super manga chapter 73

The entire tide of the battle is, then shifted into Goku's favor, so there were a lot of people concerned, about the overall fact that granola was able to best UI - and that's not the case, because as soon as granola then ends up turning it up and he tries to attack Goku. There is nothing that granola can do against what mastered ultra instant Goku is now by comparison because granola does try to attack Goku, but Goku ends up moving out of the way with such finesse that he grabs on to granola's, hand he's, spinning him around and there's nothing that granola can do against What Goku is now so Goku's power now puts him at such a level. To where granola cannot possibly compete with him so. Granola is attempting to punch him granola is attempting to kick him and granola has no idea as to what the heck is going on, because once again Goku is moving with such style and such precision that granola, despite having to be very strong can't, seem to touch him. So, as of course, you guys can see here as soon as granola tries to punch Goku, he ends up crashing down on the ground so instead.

He tries to kick him so without Goku even having to look he's dodging all of his attacks. So if you guys are concerned or, if you guys are worried, that muy loses no, it's actually quite the opposite, because it's Goku that ends up taking granola to school, because at this point granola can't even touch him. So, what's the point of even becoming, the strongest in the so-called universe if, you can't even touch the opposition so there is. Quite the difference between super Saiyan blue while adopting the principles of ultra instinct versus, the actual master variation of what ultra instinct is, and we can see that very evident in. This battle, because, towards the end, Goku does get the victory over granola, but there is a twist, and granola ends up revealing that person.

Dragon ball super manga chapter 73

That Goku was fighting the entire time. The variation of granola that ended, up shooting, Goku, and shooting Vegeta was actually an illusion and the real granola the whole time was in his ship. He created this illusion that was only using a small portion of his original and true power. So in case you guys were wondering Goku, in fact, was fighting a seemingly enough holograms representation of what granola actually was some Goku was shocked and as of course, you guys can see. Here we had Goku drop his guard literally as.

The real granola came out of nowhere and one-shotted Goku in the heart, so just in case you guys are wondering it's not the fact. Thatmastered ultra instant Goku loses but Goku ends up, stepping out of mastered ultra instinct back down to his base form in trying to figure. Out where granola was - and this was the opportunity in which the original granola had saw in which led him to leave his ship and one-shot, Goku in the heart and which, as of course, you guys can see here the shot, is so powerful that it created this ripple effect. There was this massive impact: that just shattered the entire forest and granola is standing there, because he now knows that he had put down Goku, seemingly enough for good this time. I love the effect of the entire landscape just being shaken by this because granola did connect a thunderous shot to Goku, which, of course, you guys can see, Goku is almost dead.

And granola is walking down this path which he had created ever so slowly towards Goku and the fact that he wants to now make sure that Goku, is dead and Goku doesn't have any pupils. There is a hole where his heart is so he's, seemingly enough dead and defeated. So yes, Goku now officially loses twice to granola back to back in this fight. And this time it comes due to the original and not the illusion, but even then with granola showed walking down. This path and he's smiling reassuringly Goku that.

Dragon ball super manga chapter 73

He is going to be the first Saiyan since the invasion of his planet in 40 to 50 years. Ago that granola is going to put down. This is it this is what he was looking for. The entire time until Vegeta steps up now. Why is this important well Vegeta had gone on to observe the fight between granola and Goku?

He went on to investigate the landscape and now he's smiling telling granola that he's up next and granola interestingly enough tells Vegeta to step out of the way, but as of course you guys can see he's actually kind of asking Vegeta as to why he's protecting the Saiyan and. I love how Vegeta then went on to spit on the ground. He spits on the ground and he's telling granola that he is about to face. The consequences in, which Vegeta had now found out exactly what's going on so Vegeta, seems a little overly confident in this situation, because, towards the end, there's no cause for concern, granola is asking about the difference between Vegeta and Goku, and Vegeta in which towards the end is shown to smile and his earring is interestingly enough.

Shining. So it's now confirmed that we're not going to see Vegeta versus granola in this chapter, but instead, we are going to see Vegeta versus granola in July for the upcoming chapter, as, of course, Goku is down and out and. The next fight coming up ahead is in fact going to be the last cerelian versus the prince of all Saiyans. Here the cloaked figure that was shown fighting Broly's one-shotting metal cooler one shot in golden Frieza, so many people has been wondering as to who this individual is well. 

We finally know who this is and it's going to shock you because, based on the recent spoilers from, the v jump magazine, the newest addition of cards for super dragon ball heroes do in fact feature, shroom returning, but also the cloaked figure that we've seen throw down against various characters in super dragon. Ball heroes turn out to, be none other than Goku himself. Yes, this is a different incarnation, a different version, of son Goku, possibly from a different timeline from a different dimension, and it's weird because he has these scars on his hand. He has these scars on his face, so many people assumed it would be Bardock many people assume that it would be Goten but according to the v jump leaks. It looks as though this person is in fact going to be Goku.

Now, on top of this on June 20th, we are going to have the newest episode of super dragon ball Hero, be released, and this episode is scheduled to showcase super. Saiyan rose, Goku vs ultra instinct sign Goku as well as featuring Vegeta, along with possibly even, perfect cells, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled out for that one, but in the end do want to go in ahead and get your thoughts and feedback. In the comment section below in regards to dragon ball super manga chapter number 73because. We are going to be covering the entirety of this chapter in English on the 20th as well so make sure you guys tune back in for that. But do want to know what you guys think.

Aboutgoku having to lose again and this upcoming fight featuring Vegeta and to see granola actually lied to Goku the entire time in having the Saiyan battle against an illusion, this entire time, and the real granola just so happened to have been inside of his ship. Just relaxing and chilling the entire time and the illusion version of the real granola was using a small fraction of his power. Sofyi mastered ultra instant Goku, never lost when we saw Goku use this to defeat the illusion he won but. What gave Goku the loss against granola was the fact that he dropped out of mastered ultra instinct to simply talk to granola. He let his guard down again and in typical fashion.

Just like we've seen go down with various different characters throughout the history of Dragons Ball Goku's naivety was taken advantage of, and the opposition just so happened to have put Goku down so. It'S piss-poor writing because we've seen this before - and you can only put this into question as to asking why Goku never learned from this experience but then again we're gonna have to wait and see, especially now with Vegeta having to step forward, it's going to be very interesting to see what. He has planned unless the writers just want to, write it off to where both Goku and Vegeta end up getting destroyed by the end. 

ULTRA INSTINCT GOKU WINS! The Real Granolah Tricks Goku! Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 73 Spoilers.Dragon ball super manga chapter 73 release date. So again thank you all so much for reading this spoiler.

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