Fruits Basket: The Final

Fruits Basket the Final

I was all nervous to jump on here and say goodbye to some of you because it's the end of fruits basket. I know some people are pretty much just here for fruits basket, but guess what you better stay subbed, because apparently, we're getting another project, which means you ain't. Seen the last of me. I ain't saying goodbye, yet I ain't going nowhere. 

Fruits Basket the Final

Welcome to the final fruits basket, discussion, video fruit basket to the final discussion video I should say, because there's gonna be another one down the line, but welcome to the final fruits basket. The final discussion today we're here to talk all about the big finale episode 13, see you again soon because fruits basket is ending, that does not mean that there's not gonna be stuff that I'm gonna be talking about that. You guys might be interested in it.

We got a big slate of new seasonal stuff coming, pretty soon next week, in fact - and obviously, I'm gonna be talking about the freaking movie when that comes out because that's exciting and something tells me we might eventually get fruits basket another. Even though it kind of got spoiled but yeah anyway, let's jump into the video, so there's definitely a lot to talk about in regards to this. This big finale and I think the biggest thing for me is being sad but also sort of nostalgic and excited Tohru says at one point that she feels like she's, thinking about all these times, she's had with everyone and how she's Sad that they're over and Kyo lets her know. Like everybody loves you, you know like it's like nothing's over. You can still see it's not like you're, never gonna see them again.

You can go see them, they can come to see you. This isn't the end right. Just because we're going off in different directions doesn't mean that it's goodbye forever you'll still see them again. You know, like everybody's, still connected it's a new banquet. You know like we're all still connected.

Fruits Basket the Final

It'S just we're gonna be a little further apart right and that happens to everybody right that happens in our lives like you go separate ways, but you never really disconnect you know you're always together, even though physically you might be far apart, and, oh, my god, Flora just killed me sorry, I'm recording this and the lovely flora red just hit me with a tweet that I didn't want to see right now. Just saying fruits basket stays with you forever, and I think that's true because a big thing with this, it's funny she sent that because that actually segues really well into my next point, which is that, despite the fact that the show is ending right, these stories Stay with you in the same way that, despite the fact that toro and Kyo are leaving Tohru's influence, is always gonna, be there for the somas right. We have yuki letting her know like we'll. Always think of you, as we'll always be wondering like. Is she happy right now?

Is she smiling, I hope, you're happy right like I hope, she's doing well? I can't wait to see all these things that they're always going to think about her and that they'll always be connected and that every little lesson that she imparted on them stays no matter how far apart they are. Those lessons stay and  I mean you - can tell I'm really fighting it and I think that that's the same for fruits basket, no matter how much time passes this.

It'S I'm gonna think back on this a lot you know I have some favorite shows of all time. Right, like I love free, it's like my all-time favorite show I love it to pieces. It'S always going to be my favorite haiku has a very, very special place in my heart. I love haikyuu, so much Jojo's bizarre adventure is absolutely insane and I love it. So much and fruits basket is high

up there with those shows, and I think the way that I'll think back on fruits basket is different than those, because, while I love those shows for different reasons and why I love them all for different reasons, right like I Might love one show more than the other at any given time for a different reason with fruits basket?

It'S forever going to be. My favorite shows it's forever going to be in my top 10, because I'm gonna look back on this and I'm going to think about the different lessons that the show taught me and I'm not some teenager, watching this for the first time. I think anybody watching this at any point in their life can walk away and learn something from fruits basket. I genuinely feel like a better person having seen it and I'm really sad. I'm really really sad that it's over but much like Tohru, even though it's over it doesn't mean that you're never gonna go back and see it again.

Fruits Basket the Final

You know it doesn't mean you can't go home again right like I can always re-watch fruits basket. I can go watch the og fruits basket, which I've been told, I'm probably gonna hate because sugar is one of my favorite characters and he's not the same guy in the og and apparently neither is Tohru . But I can go watch that I can read the manga which might have blown some people's minds that I just said I'll read the manga but maybe. Maybe the group that I do the podcast with might want to read the mog with me. Maybe a weekly series - I don't know - maybe but yeah I can read the manga.

I can eagerly await the inevitable fruits basket movie with like with Kyoko and Kazuya. I can't wait. , I'm not gonna lie. Knowing we're getting a Kyoko movie definitely made me a little more prepared for the finale. Thank god I saw that before I went in that.

Definitely eased the pain a bit. Knowing that you know it's not like the last fruits basket, a project we're gonna get. That taki has still got some surprises for us. Takia and tms still got something up their sleeve, but it's, there are many things that you can do with fruits basket. You know it's not the end, you know you can go read another.

You can go, read the three musketeers thing like you can do all those things but. It'S still sad. You know like it's still sad, that, like the show itself like this part, this chapter of fruits basket is done right. We'Re gonna get a prequel. We might get maybe one day another adapted as like a movie or an ova or something which I would love.

Because again, I still don't know what happens in another. I just know it's about their kids, even though we kind of see them at the end of this episode, but regardless.  I would love that, and even if none of that was happening even if this was the end, it's not like they're gone forever right, like all of that, still connects, even if I never watched it again, it would still stay with me, and I bet It'S gonna stay with a lot of you as well and. Of course, that's not the only thing that happens.  in this week's episode,  there's a lot of goodbyes.

We check in with a lot of characters - and I don't know what I'm gonna show on here - to depict all the characters. So I'm probably just gonna show yuki, because I feel like his goodbye, hit the hardest. But we see everybody kind of getting ready to say goodbye right,, Kyo and Tohru, and uo and Hana all go to like a petting zoo and that's when and Hana say like you're gonna take her away. Aren'T you like? They just knew like okay. This is it and then they all graduate and everything's great, but once they start getting ready for college and everything they have to go their own ways. I do wonder

Fruits Basket the final

If Tohru went to college because I know that she just kind of leaves with Kyo, so I would love to know that that's kind of interesting but Yuki does go to college and unfortunately, his college is far away from machi. My girl, machi mouse,  and thief aka kakuru , even makes a joke of like. Is she gonna be cool with that and they have like a really cute moment where he's like if you don't like here's, the key to my apartment, just so, you know I'm not cheating on you, while I'm in college - and I was like Yuki, you don't say that she's like I trust you and he's like cool I'll just throw away the key, then she's like no. No, no give me the key which is sweet right, because I love machia and Yuki, and I, I hope they make it.

You know, like I really like machi and Yuki. I assume they do but they're very, very sweet. I really enjoyed the machining dynamic and it was nice to see all the like. All the characters get a good boy, a goodbye, including my boy, Ritsu. With short hair, giving away the kimonos, which kind of broke my heart a little bit, I was like no man, you could still cross-dress like you, don't gotta like you, don't gotta give that up.

Maybe he still does maybe he's just giving away some kimonos. Just because incarcerate his hair got longer too, I was like, oh damn, everybody looks a little different,  cocker's hair got longer, Ritsu's got shorter and like he's gonna get married to Shigure's, editor,  or assistant,  and Shigeru gives up writing, which Was crazy to me everybody, everybody has like some kind of I loved that everybody gets a goodbye. You know like everybody. So far, this season has had a big moment like even Ritsu. Right, like everybody, gets like one final big moment, and then everybody also gets a goodbye in this final episode, like everybody gets a goodbye even that one dude who trains with shishio like he got a goodbye which is crazy and Hannah got to hang out with it's. 

Not a thing I was like is: is Hana gonna get together with Kazuma I'm I don't know how I feel about that. I'm kind of down, but like it's a little I don't know, I don't know, I don't know how I feel about that. , give it some time, and then maybe I'll feel better about it. But, like don't know  I'm sure it's I'm sure. It's not that, but like that's, that's what I felt because the guy even says like what like the little trainee guy

A lot of characters, get a goodbye. I loved. What they did with, like kisa and hiro, get a good goodbye, Hattori and mayu get a great goodbye. Aya gets a hilarious goodbye everybody gets like the more. The show goes on the more I'm like I really relate to.

I am the older I get like the fabulous right like just like the. We must be exquisite and blah blah blah, but deep down, big softy right, like that's, I'm starting to kind of relate more and more to aya. But everybody gets a goodbye, but I think one of the more poignant ones to me was shigure that Shigure and Akito that Akito doesn't go to the big send-off right like everybody else goes right like including Mayu. Like everybody, myu Ritsu, everybody goes right, everybody goes but  Akito chooses not to go, and you know what fair right. I understand why Akito felt like she, she shouldn't be there right, especially after we get the big thing with rin which, like I was like you know what rin you don't have to feel bad.

I understand that point that position. I understand why she's like why i, why is everybody forgiving her I'm not there yet, and I was like you know what fair like ridden, has no obligation to feel anything towards Akito other than hate. After everything, that's

happened, you know. I understand right like I am willing to not so much forget or forgive, but I am willing to move on. I am willing to let Akito atone right and see who Akito will become, but if rin doesn't want to give her that chance.

I understand right like that's totally fair, so I think Akito not showing up made a lot of sense and was actually really mature, , but Shigeru. Giving up writing was was a big surprise to me like. I was so shocked by that because I was like wow. He really did give up this thing that he was good ahead,  just to be with Akito and they actually have sort of a sweet moment when they say goodbye and Akito even says like I'm not gonna go. But I get to see her whenever I want right.

I was like that's cool like I like that. Akito is like I get to see her whenever I want like Tohru even got to god. You know like Tohru is, is, is so important to all the somas, not just the zodiac, all of them, including Akito. I really enjoyed that also just because I feel like I have to mention it because he's a boy  Momiji gets a good send-off as well Momiji and Haru, where Momiji's like freaking Kyo, wants to just keep her to herself I'm a pinch him so hard. All right and Howard was like you could do that at the send-off he's like.

I can't do that Torah was there I'm like. Oh, that's cute, and he says like I'm gonna, get an amazing, significant other and we're gonna go and we're gonna rub it in their face and Tohru better, be happy by the time I get there and I just loved it, like all the Somas, I don't think I'm forgetting it. I am forgetting somebody care no, coreno, carreto, and to get a great send-off where, like coreno's, not gonna, be there either right coreno's, not at the send-off he's still. He still has the cane, which makes me real. Sad, like Renault, so coreno has the cane, which means he's still in a lot of pain, but you know is what it is, but you know he's okay, he's at like this cottage area.

I guess and says, like you, better make some food for me when I get there and he's like all right like and has something special planned for her, and I love that that it's not just like Tohru and Kyo going off on this Adventure Yuki's going off on this big adventure. Who is going off on this big adventure? Hana is apparently banging shishio. You know i mean like just like everybody's going off to do something right, and even kisa and hiro talk about it. What'S going to happen to sugary's house my head cannon, kisa, and hiro move into sugar ray's house like that's.

My thinking is that kisa and hiro will move in there and because I love that they say like because it's a good question. They bring up what's going to happen to that old house and when I heard them say, tear it down. I was like no right like that, that kind of broke my heart I was like no, but because, there are memories there, but I like that the idea that they're just gonna let it sit there for a bit until somebody moves in and my headcanon. It ends up being hiro and kisa like as far as I'm concerned, , who, who am I forgetting, am I forgetting anybody? I don't think so.

It just feels like everybody's going on this big adventure and Yuki's, in particular, Yuki saying to Tohru the thing that he's wanted to say forever. You were like a mother to me to all of us. Thank you, Tohru when he said. Thank you Tohru. I started bawling. 

I couldn't stop until the end of the episode like when he said: Tohru, not hondasan Tohru and his last words to kyo like everything, about Yuki and Kyo and Yuki and toro in the final episode. I was a mess like this final episode was just so good, just such a good send-off in so many ways, and I oh man, it was good, it was. It was super good, but, and this is probably where I'm gonna slide. The screenshot so that it's this thing, that's not the end of the episode. The episode doesn't end with everybody.

You know just going off and happily ever after and all that I mean they do it. It does end with a happily ever, after which I am very happy for I'm very thankful for, but it's not what I thought right, because what I thought was gonna happen. Is that we'd see them all like, say goodbye to Tohru and Kyo and then touring, and then it cuts to like everybody? You know, like maybe like a brief glimpse at what they're doing you know like Hattori and Mayu, like on their vacation and Shigure and Akito at the estate and Kyo and Tohru doing what they're doing like machi going to visit yuki all that stuff. No.

Instead, it's a flash-forward to this little girl holding a cat and mouse toy asking where's, Kyo and Tohru, and then this other chick shows up and she goes and because the kid runs in goes mom where's, kyogen, Tohru, and this girl goes call them. Grandma and grandpa, and then a young man who looks an awful lot like Kyo walks in and says they're off on their own and they say give them their alone time and you hear Kyoko say: live a good life and grow old like that. Like live a good happy life, be happy, have lots of fun, have great memories and get grow old like that and there's old, Tohru and Kyo, and I was so. Oh my god, I was that's all I wanted that that was it. That'S all I wanted right.

I was just like, I just want them to be happy and they were, and like you can rest easy knowing like there might have been some. You know there might have been some trials and tribulations some stuff that I would have loved to have seen right. Like maybe one day we'll get that maybe an ova, maybe a spin-off manga like the misadventures of Kyo and Tohru or something I'm sure there were trials and tribulations, I'm sure it wasn't easy, but because no relationship is you know, every relationship has its rocky points. Every relationship has some argument now and again, but you can rest easy. Knowing Kyo and Tohru grew old together and had kids killed, Tohru banked.

That'S weird! Maybe that's my ace side coming out, but I was like they had kids. They were happy. You know I don't personally want kids, but I know a lot of people do so it's like they. They had kids, they were happy and they got old together.

I wonder like do they still see the others, I'm sure they do. You know like I'm positive, they do and that just like that meant the world to me that that that taki put that in there than that, in the end, they were happy that that meant so much and I'm those characters must be from another. Like those characters. Must be from another, and I just don't recognize them, but that was just such a beautiful send-off. That was such an amazing exit for two characters who I've spent a long time with now.

You know, and it's funny because I feel like I've spent a lifetime with them, and it's only been a few years for me. I can't imagine folks, like Ali and flora who grew up with this manga. You know like who read this manga and have been with fruits basket for so long as i. I can't imagine what that feeling must have been like to know this whole time that, like they're good like they're happy all of them, like all of them, are happy. Like not many stories end up with every single character being happy in the end, you know like some sometimes there's sad that happens and I'm sure there's sad stuff like Kyo and toro are pretty old, which tells me like, by the end of this, like they are Elderly, which tells me maybe not everybody's around anymore, but like I'm sure that there's sad stuff that happened, but they were all happy you know like they all got to stay together.

That'S all I needed. I just wanted them to be happy and - and I got that and that's it and I am stalling because it's over - and this is the last time I'm gonna - be talking about fruits basket as a series right. Don'T think this is the end of me. You better stay subbed, my friends, because I'm definitely gonna be talking about that movie in 2022. What is that even gonna be like a prequel movie, hell yeah finally get to meet Tohru's dad?

Yes, please yeah, I'm! I can't. I wonder what this movie's gonna, like, I wonder what showing somebody's fruits basket for the first time like is gonna, feel like if you sho show them the movie first, like images, showing somebody the movie first and then the rest of fruits basket. 

If you feel like it and for now. This is it last thing, better think of something good to say: drink, drink lots of tea be good to each other. Watch more fruits basket, just re-watch it just because okay, bye 

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