Nakime The Mysterious Biwa Demon Slayer

Nakime Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Nakime is the fourth-ranked top moon demon that replaces Han tango's position and is a demonic figure who will later play a major role in the final battle water in Infinity Castle. He has the form of a pale woman with grayish skin, with blue-stained sharp nails and lips. It'S a red color that contrasts perfectly with the color of her skin Kimi wearing a black kimono with white lining tied with a striped hobby pale brown and is always seen holding a 4-string wooden Biwa with a Basil is a big character who is always seen Carrying a god's musical instrument and very quiet makes Naki a mysterious and different devil figure from other moon demons. Nakime Kimetsu no Yaiba is also known to have an extraordinary, unique power that he was able to use his ability to changing space and teleporting his opponent just like when he fought two people. The results are at the same time, namely Nai and Mitsuri drugs.

Life Story Nakime Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Besides, I want Nakime too, including a demon who seems to rarely speak unless necessary and when he does so, his words will be very dirty and painful, like he did to Doma, but even so. Well, chemistry actually has a gloomy story when it comes to living its life As human being chemistry is one of them, a very interesting demon to discuss. So for those of you who are curious about the video this time we will discuss the fourth rank top moon demon or also called a demon biwa, namely Nakime.

Nakime Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Let'S start the discussion. Nakime'S story began when he has still become a human, where He is an amateur Biwa musician, who, every day struggling to be able to earn a living. Having a poor family makes, Nakime must appear from various simple shows by playing violin, and it could be said that in the past, Nakime was a woman who hard worker. Now it is also known that he is married and has a husband, but unfortunately, the marriage did not go well because her husband, it turns out that he doesn't want to work and instead likes to spend money playing gambled one night when he was scheduled to appear At an event certain well, the chemist who was about to prepare was actually surprised after knowing that her show, dress, turned out to have been stolen and sold by her husband to Gambling is fed up with the behavior of her husband who likes to play every day. Gambling and don't want to work well.

Personal Information Nakime Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

  • Name: Nakime
  • Romaji Name: Nakime
  • Japanese Name: 鳴女
  • Alias: Biwa Demon, Nakime Otokawa
  • Race: Demon
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: -
  • Age: -
  • Height : - cm
  • Weight : - kg
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Pink
  • Affiliation: Twelve Kizuki
  • Japanese VA: -
  • English VA: -

The very angry chemistry then hits her husband many times and killed him with a hammer. She realized her husband had died and the showtime was drawing near now. Chemistry was forced to put on her worn-out, dress and immediately went to the stage hastily. Many people doubted May's battery because of her appearance who was shabby when he went on stage and at that time, Nakime Demon Slayer also felt nervous when she realized that she had killed her own husband, but something that shocking actually happened because of the traumatic feeling and shaking Hands when he plays the violin Now he plays with a very emotional and so beautiful that all the audience cheered on her performance, Nakime talent, The great-grandpa finally made the stage owner happy with him, thus making him earn a very large income. However, Since then, Nah now has a habit of killing people every time she would appear in her usual show and strangely when she playing the violin after killing.

Nakime Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Nakime'S appearance will receive a great response, Hi from the audience and stage manager where he worked one day when the Nakime Kimetsu no Yaiba was about to commit murder before did a show, He was tailing. A victim who turned out to be is the Holy Muzan keyboard disguised as a human? No, knowing that the potential victim is a demon king, Nakime, directly attack you zandan has trouble trying to kill him, but when Seeing this kid's attempt to kill him actually impressed Muzan and then Muzan caught him, Nakime then offered him to be a devil. Nakime, who has to choose between life and death, then accepts an offer from Muzan. So Since then, he turned into a demon and became the maid for Muzan in the Infinity Naki castle, debuted upon summoning the underworld demon in Infinity castle after Rui's death, and there he sees how Muzan slaughters the next lower moon demon member boy.

This is also Ki playing the violin to summon the upper moon demon after q-taro's death and climb. Where is he seen speaking for the first time and refusing requests from domat after the death of Darihan, Renggo, and nearing? The final battle of Muzan then gave the Nakime more of his blood and raised Naki to The fourth rank. The upper moon demon is using its increasing power. Increased Well now managed to tell Muzan about hiding from Kagaya Ubuyashiki when the demon hunter squad arrived at the Kagaya Ubuyashiki house to stop Muzan uses her demon blood arts to bring up the castle Infinity and trapped Hasira and the demon hunter there shortly after the Battle begins, Rabbani and mitsuri.

Try to stop the Nakime, however. Unfortunately, the Nakime is too difficult to reach and instead makes Obanai Iguro matsuri trouble. Nah chemistry continues to use its power to prevent demon hunters, finds the rain cocoons until finally, Muzan kill overcame the medicinal effect of Tamayo in another place. The defeat of the moon demon above first, which is Mom's focus, in the end, makes Naki become the only upper moon demon left, but that later changed after Yushiro managed to master Naki Medan's control of Infinity castle, thus making it difficult for Muzan to attack the Hasira. Knowing has that the Nakime child can no longer be controlled by his blood because Yushiro, who controlled Infinity castle to make things difficult for him.

Finally, Muzan decided to blow this kid's head so that makes Naki kill, Hey power Hi, As the new holder of the demon title moon top-ranked. Fourth Nakime has extraordinary strength thing. It'S proven how he can withstand two pillars at once, is Obanai Aidan mitsuri, and even make it hard for both of them to reach him after receiving more blood from Muzan. Nahi has a new ability to make and remove some eyeballs from his body. This thing allowing him to spy on his enemies remotely and with this new ability, Nakime managed to find the hiding place of Kibutsuji family.

Nakime Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Besides Nike has the ability to manipulate and make infinite castles just by playing his violin. He can create and shape various rooms like open spaces filled with giant pillars where Goku's fight is busy, then A small garden, the battle area of the dot, and the corridor leading to several rooms where This battle from space can also create portals in the form of Door and he can use the portal to attack or defend like when he made a portal to prevent attacks from the afternoon unit. One of Nakime's main tasks in the final battle is to act as transportation for the moon demon over the others, so they can move undetected by the demon hunter squad by pasting, Her hair, The closest wall inside the castle. She can control the castle's position at will by shifting and changing the positions of various rooms as if it's his own limbs. But the weakness of the Nakime technique is that, while he was doing this demon blood art, then this kid couldn't move freely and must stay in place so that the gap of weakness.

This is what made Yoshiro manage to control it. So that's the discussion regarding the fourth rank upper moon demon or can be called a devil One-eyed. Biwa is Nakime. 

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