Sasuke the Best Free Characters? Anime Dimensions Roblox

Sasuke Uchiha Anime Dimensions Roblox

Today we are testing Sasuke new character in anime dimensions. Now, this character just dropped about a couple of hours ago in the update - and I did not pay for this. I actually got this from doing a dungeon, I'm saying this is brand new to kaizen dungeon man, this cursed dimension, bro, so about to go ahead and test this character out man, so for the cooldowns.

Sasuke Uchiha Anime Dimensions Roblox Review

We have a seven-second cooldown on Chidori, a 10-second cooldown on fireball, 15, Amaterasu, and 40 on akira. I like how they kept the canon names for the nostalgia attacks, just not for the characters. No sense, I won't be confused. I know what's going on, but we're not gonna be doing hardcore just yet, because hardcore is just it's impossible. I'm not going to ask you hardcore is definitely impossible on this brand new curse dimension, like look at our levels, we're level 40, and we still can barely do this one without getting killed like yeah man, I'm not doing hardcore just yet bro, but about to go ahead and see where we're working with this brand new Sasuke character all right man, so hopefully you know what I'm saying I can go crazy, I'm not going to hold you like.

Sasuke Uchiha Anime Dimensions Roblox

I didn't even put it on most of my attack units, not near cars. I'm using mostly I'm using like a 15 XP boost and I'm saying from like three different cars combined, I'm saying so I mean the m1 is not that bad, but the Chidori does like no damage bro, which is expected from like a first move. You know I'm saying, but I'm gonna try and I'm saying see which moves do the most damage because say she said. Don'T you talk he's so bad, hey man, I'm just testing them. You know understand but I'm about to see what this fireball working with.

I so the damage not terrible. Let'S see how much Amaterasu, oh I mean it's, not terrible, but it's kind of low damage notice. I should have put on some damaging cards because I had a rumor ruined, I'm saying rumor, just spoiled me doing a ton of them, you know, but Sasuke. Is he not like that? I'm not glad Sasuke anime dimensions are not like that unless the Korean is open.

Oh, I mean that's, that's decent damage, it's not terrible! Let'S go to this next little stage. You know whoa whoa caught me all the way off guard. I'm not gonna hold you that definitely caught me off guard, but I'm gonna run this back one more time for y'all boys with actual and I'm staying, critical and attacking.

No, I'm saying cars like that. So that way, y'all boys can get you to know. Actual grasp on the true power of this brand new Sasuke, I'm saying because I don't want to get a false message, misrepresentation of just in saying the characters try it's not only them. I look like the same level as room and go to and I'm not going back to y'all, but this is a decent character. If you guys know sam wants a budget starter, not really a starter, because it's still like forfeit, that's still kind of expensive for a new player, but I mean overall so far it's not terrible.

Now, I gotta say that the m1 is probably the best part for me because yeah, these other moves are not really damaging that much. I'm not going a lot to you like. Oh, it's, not all right, so he doesn't really have like that. High damaging of a move, but I mean fireball - does some decent damage. I'm saying fireball does some good damage and now we're still trying to see the cooldown occurring.

I think if the cooldowns were like 45, I think it was. I think we could. I was 45 so we're about to go ahead and go crazy. You know what I'm saying alright Korean all right bob there we go, look like you're doing some pretty good damage, I'm not even gonna hold you I just did. I did just died on this.

I did just die, so i mean it's whatever with that one, but boom, okay, okay, Chidori, dory fireball, I'm Amaterasu. I wish they would have made like him like it may be like i: don't they don't have my hanukkah not or 900 characters? I'm not. I don't think they do, but they would have made like a 900 kid. They should have been Sasuke and I'm saying he's like a little bit of a buff, but I get it.

They don't make anyone. They don't want to make every character. Like super opinion saying it keeps the game no saying because it's not fun. Every character is, like you know, saying: super like the game is kind of pay to win. I'm not gonna lie to you, but it's still fun because I haven't spent a single Roblox on this game yet and I'm still having fun so I mean I can't really say it's pay to win, but if you guys like want to level up fast, I mean you, I guess you could say it's pay to win it.

It really just depends on. We get a lot of clothes anyway, so I don't see the need to even buy to buy and I'm sending a boost. That'S on y'all, that's y'all Roblox and I'm on. So you know what I'm saying: let's go ahead, use this carrying once again because up there we go going crazy, I'm not going to hold you! I didn't do way more damage whoa!

I did almost 200k. I was underrating this character, I'm not gonna hold you. I was definitely underrating Sasuke anime dimensions like I thought this character was just I thought like the least damage, but I was doing the most bro hold on now. Let me get right, real, quick. Let me tee up all right fireball there we go all right, but after this y'all like this is without like high damage cards like y'all, seeing crick this double like this is what like I was focusing on XP before I even got the character, I'm saying so.

We are about to go ahead and run that back for about to see the true power man, I'm not going to say too much more about that, but just yo y'all see a lot of critical damage and a lot of them. I'm saying you know what I'm saying: y'all get the point: y'all boys get the point, man, let's go ahead and wrap up this boss right here, though, you know, let's wrap up this boss right here and lets you know say just keep on doing our damage, like I'm trying not to die right here, because, like just imagine doing this in hardcore, like that's impossible with four people, bro like the highest I made it is to the boss bro the highest. I think there's like I'm not even sure how much hp left, but you know saying the boss was like, I think it's below half hp and we just got clapped so yeah, that's a tough one, but that's it.

That'S definitely a toughy but come here. I'm thinking like this is Rimuru because Rimuru has some very, very high damaging attacks. I've been like up to 400k damage in here with remember, like Rimuru, just spoiled me so hard bro, like once, you sell first 1600 gym card or character. It'S there's! No!

Coming back brothers, there's no coming back! I'm gonna keep a buck with y'all, but bop. Let'S get this not eat the door. That'S Sukuna yeah, let's get Sukuna, I'm saying well, technically, it's Itadori, but yeah. It'S technically both kinda because he's a vegetable I know most of y'all, not mostly, but I know some of y'all haven't watched to do surprising yet so I can't really say too much on that, but it's almost dead and saying 40k left to go and I'm just getting worked, I'm not going home, I'm getting worked right now, like that, 's a tough one.

That is tough I'm, not even gonna hold you and let me know what character y'all boys use in the comments all right, because I know that, like there's a lot of different characters in the game - mostly, I probably don't say, Gojo or Rimuru, or even The Natsu, maybe some other character like it's like, oh my god, bro, maybe some other characters. If y'all like new to the game, and now, let's see what we get all right, let's see what we finna get right here. Hopefully, there are some good cards nope trash, I'm gonna, say a lobby and I'm about to put on these cards for y'all boys already all right child here is the car. Well, not the car, oh yeah, the cars too, but here's the no saying the stats. I was working with no saying that's not the best for damage.

As I see, I got a 15 percent hp boost and I'm about to change my cars around real, quick and I'm about to know saying so. Y'All boys no saying what I got after all. Right, y'all boys. Now, this one rock we're not - and I'm saying, got a little bit of attacking stuff that I'm saying, while keeping me up a little bit of x, exp in there and I'm saying, got massive damage. Booster, you know so almost 50 percent and then we got a high crit chance with a no saying a decent amount of hp boost as well.

So we're about to go ahead and go crazy. Man alrighty, I'm about to go ahead and slide to the dimension of the curve, real quick and we are about to run it up. Now, I'm gonna try, I'm gonna try hardcore for you. I was alright. I'm gonna go ahead and try hardcore for y'all boys and I'm about to see how I do man while soloing man, I'm about to see how far i can go in hardcore with social as well.

So I should be fine at least to like the first mini-boss. You know I'm saying and oh my god that m1 is that that and one is dangerous bro, I'm not even gonna hold you like that m1 is I'm serious. All right. Can I hit the characters but, but I'm trying to dodge all these attacks, I'm just playing badly. I'm not even gonna hold you but here we go bop. 

Bop m1 is just helping me out so much right here like I don't like to use my abilities on the first couple of stages. Well, not the first couple but like I'm saying what I like to use the aoe when there are more opponents to hit. It'S like, for instance, like right now, in my opinion, is the perfect time to use it and boom just going stupid bro over on it like honestly, but I might get clapped right here. I'm not gonna hold you like this new curve dimension.

This is hard, I'm not gonna hold. You like this is hard like, like imagine trying to solo hardcore like I am right now but like this is impossible for me, but like they, they all have range basically, like most of these characters have ranged bro come on. Let me get through there come on. All right, bop bop, let's get it to see, dory. Oh, I might be dead.

I thought I thought that that was it all right. We gotta be good. I want to heal up. I don't want to understand, bore y'all, so I'm just going to go ahead and rush into it. I shouldn't have done, but I mean at the end of the day it's not really affecting it.

If I just attack from a distance, I'm saying now, let me get in here use the curing boom. I don't even didn't even hit it, bro, that's tough! They didn't even hit. That'S a tough one, bro, it's a toughie all right bob. There we go just gonna ease my way into this, and I'm saying I don't.

I don't expect myself to beat this, but I want to at least make it to the numbers in the first mini-boss, the one that has no sound like the little thorns pointing at the ground. But oh my god. No, if I get hit by one of these, I might be done. I'm not gonna hold you like these things. Like they do so much damage all right.

Bob come here: all right, we're chilling I'm about to ross! So, let's get that in there and I'm saying it doesn't take damage alrighty!  I almost got clapped. I'm not gonna hold you already. Let'S get a carrying in here, man all righty, all right, wow!

Yes seriously! That'S over 100k damage right there, all righty fireball, let's get the! I wouldn't even hit bro, that's tough, I'm with the raw super like this has to create - or it's like like like this and like this look at my m1s too, but like my m1, is doing 700 crits and I'm saying all righty boom chi dory come here. Bob all right, this is where I want to make it to right here guys. So, let's, let's see if I can beat this box, real, quick and like this, like the attack pattern like it just throws me off bro like the look it attacks.

So fast, how do you dodge that?  anyways y'all boys, know saying I got a taste of what Sasuke anime dimensions roblox is like in this game. I no saying now, I wouldn't recommend buying now more like recommend waiting to try to get it for free. What is it right here? Yeah, the curse I mentioned is how to get from the current dimension, guys, that's probably the best way.

I can tell you that I'm saying just save up your gems because it's 450, which isn't a lot, but I mean it's still, that's a decent amount of gems. Just like tundra. You can get something from just playing for seven days. So no sense to just be patient. With these characters and if you're gonna buy a character, I recommend Rimuru, Zenitsu, or Gojo.

These are probably the best I haven't tried Bakugo, yet, unless this is the same day that the update drops, but I think Sasuke Uchiha Showcase is a pretty cool character in this game. I'm not gonna lie. I wish they would have made it sooner so like you can get like the titan dimension or something like that, because I mean it's only a 450, but it's still technically it's still the easy mode, and I'm saying we got to get more characters as the Game progresses, so if you guys want to get a seven percent, I mean that's on y'all, but I mean out of 10. I would rate this more like a probably a 6.5. Maybe it may be a slight seven, I'm saying. I don't think it's a terrible card, but there are definitely better characters in the game.

Especially during the day, that's all, if only For example, if I miss something, you can comment on it if your friends I asked the price, Sasuke, this is the best Free character in my opinion if compared to Asta I don't know He's still good Sasuke is better like that there's no skill, you don't need to be silent, friends, use the firewall right away amateurs use direct delivery, only for a short time, for example, can go for a walk So, this is more about mobility if it's Sasuke, in my opinion, it should still be The color is 1112, in my opinion, they are both strong.

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