The 11 Strongest Characters in Fire Force Anime

The 11 Strongest Characters in Fire Force Anime

Fire Force Anime or Enen no Shouboutai are actually divided into four generations. There is the first generation of so-called Who Morabito the victims who died due to the second generation human fire phenomenon, The humans who can adapt to the phenomenon Earlier. He gave them the power to manipulate the fire Around it. There is always the third generation. The case is similar to the second generation.

The 11 Strongest Characters in Enen no Shouboutai Anime

The difference is that the third generation can produce their own fire from their bodies. Don'T a fourth-generation agenda of awakening special fire users, a power named Ouch labels school you can you help me through want to remember this list is purely from my assessment, It's just personal. 

Nataku Son

Nataku Son Fire Force

His firepower can rise after being injected by my scythe firebug. Have a third-generation power like this. A kid has the ability to make produces a ring-shaped fire that can be used to fire Noah Nataku Son Enen no Shouboutai lasers, I'm one of the users of Dola bars, which makes the fire even stronger. The boy came out with a concept similar to nuclear and can emit radiation. Unfortunately, since he was a kid, his potential strength hasn't come out yet.

Arthur Boyle

Arthur Boyle Fire Force
I feel that his potential strength is a delusional guy quite high because of the strong production of fire from inside his body, search for it releasing plasma which is often used as a blade. But that's how it is. His strength is really hard to develop. Due to his own chunibyo disorder.


Joker Fire Force
Joker Fire Force declared himself an anti-hero when he was young. Joker was trained to be a killer, so that makes the Joker have a hand-to-hand combat technique. The strong third-generation power that He has makes the Joker able to manipulate his own fire, which is often used by intermediary playing cards from below the Joker, even managed to escape the slowdown technique.

Kurono Yuichirou

Kurono Yuichiro Fire Force
Kurono Yuichirou firebending power. If compared to others, it's not much, but how do you use it? That'S what makes him overpowered. Shaving ono that's been mentioned as a fire controller with the highest technique. This can produce smoke Black, whose temperature can reach 130 Celsius, which Kurono can identify with at will. Even the smoke can be doubled and then it can be turned into a weapon. Here'S someone who destroyed a giant homurabito once Attack.


haumea fire force

Haumea is the power that does not fire anymore, but electricity. Apart from having labels, you can use electricity to do anything from controlling the human mind. Homurabito's control destroys the surrounding electrical system until it washes other people's brains and the most powerful technique is the ritual to summon the doppelganger demon. But this ritual requires high concentration and process. It hurts so bad in the afternoon. 


Charon fire force

Charon the smoke white hood sect member who has the power of the second generation that makes He really strong, you're clear. The defensive factor at that time was that Charon could even manage a nuclear fire attack. I took out the circumcised one which, even though it can flatten an area with a radius of tens of kilometers, so this person has the ability to absorb damage from any fire attack, which is then transformed into its own attack.

Sho Kusakabe

Sho Kusakabe fire force

The younger brother of the main character. Do'S little brother has been kidnapped by the same. The white hood sect continues to be brainwashed to serve them, so Fourth generation firebender. After getting his Adolabors abilities named safety Universe, which allows He to manipulate the heat in the surroundings which are caused by the inplay of the universe's barrage. So it slows down the point is strength. Something can be used to slow downtime. Well, according to the environment around it so slow down, the rest itself can move normally to attack the enemy.

Leonard Burns

Leonard Burns fire force

His strength is still the Joker just can't match the bars at that time. The doppelganger doesn't attack himself Sibad is most likely, for example, The two of them were solo. Unfortunately, the bars even joined the white hood sect. The former captain of this one device has an ability called Voltage Nova, which is consists of five levels. The first tier has enough power to use, counteract plus still Arthur uses, second-order bare hands to increase strength, physicality that makes Leonard Burns able to destroy a concrete wall in one hit level. The third one started to fire from his mouth and Aura. He also became very strong fourth level and lots of fire coming out of his body, which looks like a lion's mane and the last one is the fifth level He be a giant fireman. 

Benimaru Shinmon

Benimaru Shinmon fire force

So people are made of all firefighters, especially for him to be a hybrid, hybrid human figure between 2 and 3 generations. Besides being able to control the fire around him, boys can also make their own fire dubbed as the king of destruction, which is a reflection of his strength. How murabbi Tosca Sony can't be defeated alone and he's really good at hand-to-hand combat. This is the beginning of the martial arts, master of Aikido or the art of sword dance from Japan. Well, the sword that Benimaru made from his own fire is 


Dragon Fire Force

Benimaru is really a firefighter. It'S just made to say that he can't match Dragon's Fire Force power accordingly, whose name is this strongest fire bender? Has the power like a dragon you can Healing fire from his mouth? Has dragon scales that are self-shaped from the fuel? Even Dragon can turn into a dragon-like creature himself. Arthur Joe once said that this adult Arthur used delusional powers, the maximum that makes Dragon have a really big Excalibur is definitely the basin towards Dragon. Instead Excalibur, Arthur, who keeps his body crushed, also suffered a very serious injury. 

Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra Kusakabe fire force

Surely you know the reason why I put this person in the zero position of logic like this. If the protagonist aka the main character of the shonen manga anime, can't beat all of them, The enemy is the story. Later It's no longer meaningful. So it's definitely the end. The story later Shinra, who will be the strongest firebender ever, For example, just look at Naruto Natsu to Ichigo. That'S why I feel It wouldn't be fair for another pole. 

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