The Best Characters In Anime Dimensions

Best Characters In Anime Dimensions

Coming in at Luffy tier, we have Luffy. This is the worst character in the game. Completely: rework him. He is supposed to be the king of the pirates, not whatever the hell. This garbage is now in anime dimensions.

Anime Dimensions Tier List - The Best Characters

This is not gomugomuno Gatling. That is a disgrace. This is complete garbage reworking now vlog one people of today. It'S me shiver away, and it's been a long time since we've had a good old tier list on this website.

So it's going to be anime dimensions  today. Now, before I get into the tier list, this is your opinion warning. If you cannot handle someone else's opinion in an anime dimensions tier list, dungeon crawler game then be sure to fall to the floor and cry about it and tell me in the comments how much your day is ruined, because I didn't put your main at s. T, okay, so coming in at d tier, we have itadori, Luffy and sakura now I'll start with sakura because she has really mediocre moves. But her main thing is she's supposed to be a healer she's, actually, the only healer in the game, but the healing that she does to other people in your squad that you're playing with is literally next to nothing.

Best Characters In Anime Dimensions

It'S completely useless it'd just be more beneficial to have literally any other damage dealer in your squad instead of sakura. Now that brings me to Luffy. You already know how I feel about him: rework him to make Luffy great again and we have itadori. Now, this guy is just when you think of a basic boring, just low damage, not a good character. It'S definitely itadori.

Now that is detailed, there's really not much to say here. I don't think many people would argue with it. Let'S just go on to see it here. So for seats here we have Deku and we have naruto Natsu and Kilauea. Now Kilauea is actually a very good character.

I actually really liked him. I used him for a bit, but my only problem with him is that he kind of is outclassed by literally everything else. As you go up the tears like there are so many characters that literally can't do what killable can do, but better, but he's still overall, not that bad. Now naruto is not horrible, but again he has a few moves that are just not so good and it's the same case with Deku now Natsu. His ultimate is pretty lackluster as well, but overall, not too bad of a character.

So c tier is mainly just the characters that you can just find better. Now we are into beat here, and these are the actually viable characters. Now. Let me just start with Ichigo, because Ichigo is actually a starter character and the starter that I picked and, for some reason, every game like this. I guess just because of the nature of his abilities.

Ichigo is always a very good, a very solid character like his getsu potential ultimate is very nice. Overall, all the zen get two abilities are just really nice on Ichigo, but he's not too good, as he is a starter, so i can't put him any higher. Now we have megumin, who is pretty decent overall ultimate was kind of a disappointment. I'm not gonna lie, but a lot of solid moves and it's the same thing with tondro ultimate could be better now saber is actually the opposite. The ultimate is very good, but all the other moves are a bit underpowered.

I say in my opinion, but overall the entirety of b tier is definitely very good, and now that brings me to a tier now, tier thieves are the ones that you know they might as well be asked here. Everything from here on out is just overpowered, so I'll start with todoroki has one of the best ultimates in the entire game, and it just has so much area denial. You can do so much damage with him, he's, definitely a solid character and a great pick now akaza. This is only I think, 300 gems, but he's literally one of the best characters in the entire game. He has crazy range and he's overall, just a super fun character to use has probably the most unique ultimate in the entire game.

Akaza. If you don't have them, you need to go ahead and get him, and just like it's like playing another game when you're using awkward, definitely very fun, and then we have the new one which is actually Sasuke. Now Sasuke is pretty good as well as Amaterasu has some nice damage and area denial. Now I will be honest. His kieran is it's okay in damage, but I really like the aoe of it and overall his moves are pretty decent, so he definitely deserves to be up here.

Definitely a great addition and I'm glad that we got him in this update and then we have asta and come on. You know any black clover character in any game like this. Obviously, they're just gonna have huge aoes, because you know the best characters in anime Dimensions is literally just spamming, huge aoe, so that asta is no different. You know he has his black divider. You know he has all the moves.

That you'd expect it's huge aoes. It'S good damage. You even have a bit of iframe, so it's definitely better. It'S definitely a very good character, and i will take this opportunity to say the reason why a lot of these characters are not higher than you expect them to be is that they don't have iframes. I think that makes a huge difference, and now we are at s tier, and these are the best characters in the entire game.

So yeah, I have a lot to say about these I'll start with zenitsu. Now zunitsu is actually known in this game. As the speedrunning character, if you want to do a speed, run, and defeat that just wipes entire levels, the fastest you're gonna use, the need to uh records have been broken with them set with them. Yeah, he's the character. You'Re Definitely gonna want low, cooldowns, big aoe, very good. 

Now bakugou is a new character as well, so I haven't seen too much of him, but I did play with him a bit, and yeah he's definitely very good as well. He is completely overpowered. He has a good aoe and he is one of the most expensive characters in the entire game. So I guess it's as expected, but yeah he's definitely asked here just from what I can see already now we have rimuru tempest and yes, yeah.

A lot of people say that he is the best character in the game and I can see why - probably I don't know it might just be the best ultimate in the entire game. Low cooldowns on huge aoe move, but that's not the thing. It'S the amount of damage that he does and with iframes, he's definitely very nice, and then that brings me to the last character in s tier, which is my main in the game being gojo. Now gojo is my favorite character because he has range and hollow purple. Is it one of the best moves, if not the best in the entire anime dimensions tier list game?

You, if you line it up correctly, you can wipe just entire legions of enemies so easily, just one tap them now. His curtain is also a very good ability and then your main damage dealers being the collapsing blue and the red reversal, are just always good as well, because you know they're, just they're all low cooldown and do aoe. You know you got that push-pull action. So he's definitely a very good character, so that is going to be it for this tier list. So guys, let me know what you think of all these characters.

Do you agree to tell me in the comments below now? That said, a lot of these characters can actually really be used in an s tier way. There are some that are, you know completely just garbage like Luffy, but there's a lot that I can see. You can make an argument for them being asked here like Ichigo.

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