The Latest Anime Dimensions Codes

The Latest Anime Dimensions Codes

Are you looking for the latest codes for anime dimensions? You are in the right place, here will be shared all codes for anime dimensions latest for you.

Codes For Anime Dimensions

The latest anime dimensions codes is a code to get rewarded certain items in anime dimensions game. You can get some items for free, interesting enough isn't it? These items are very useful for the players.

Anime dimensions code can be obtained for free here, after getting the code immediately exchange it for a gift before the validity period expires. Because codes for anime dimensions are inactive in a few days or weeks.

Let's face it here are some codes for anime dimensions:

  • YAY150K
  • 50KDROPS
  • TYFOR30K
  • INSANE125K
  • NOWAY100K

After knowing it tries to claim the anime dimension Roblox code above, you will apply 30 minutes drop extra and others. I tried the code and it's still active. 

How to claim Anime Dimensions codes

For those who do not know how to redeem codes for anime dimensions Check out the steps below:

How to Redeem Anime Dimensions Code

1. Open Anime Dimensions game.
2. Then select the character you want to play.
3. Then click the top left corner (Twitter image).
4. After that input anime dimensions code separately in the available fields.
5. You can enter the code freely (without uppercase and lowercase rules).

That's some way of claiming anime dimensions code, it's pretty easy, isn't it? 

Because as the admin explained above. Anime Dimensions Roblox code will expire after a few days. Therefore you must immediately exchange it.

Those are some codes for Anime Dimensions and how to claim the Anime Dimensions codes. To find out other latest codes please visit this website, because it will be updated continuously with the game code. latest Anime Dimensions Roblox.

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