Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216

Hi guys in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216, it's ok to check it to join a gang of thugs which the latter had actually entered a gang of thugs with the aim of saving Mikey Hi. Jo. An interesting fact here is that Dragon still hasn't given up on save his best friend from the pit of darkness and join Brahman is Dragon's way to save Mikey. How much is formed brogan to become the number one ruler in Tokyo, but Senju forms thugs with a view to eradicating evil people or groups who will be causing chaos Hi at first Senju was amazed by Mikey's mission of forming friends for creating a new era for delinquents, But after my new friend thinking, looks lost and turns to the bad. It creates katha manji ken With no clear purpose, and this worries Senju because Mikey is a bad person who must be stopped immediately.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216, The mystery of Senju Kawaragi

Knowing the Senju who, having the same vision as tragan's friend, finally decided to join with Brahman to save Mikey, but the decision Dragon to join Brahman made, pin-up worried. He said if Brahman is different from Taiwan because this group is led by people adults then he feels that this is not an ordinary motorcycle gang group still similar to Yakuza joining, but characterizing Brahman might be unexpected surprises by the fans. But the surprises don't stop. That'S all Hey, what's even more interesting is Tokyo Revengers chapter 215. A new character appears similar to Senju, but with clothes, and the woman's body is tight with I like to be surprised, a lot of them immediately appear wild thoughts in my brain about games.

Who is that girl? Looking for that emoji, if we look in more detail, Senju's attitude and have a bit similar as it looks heavy chapter 215, then Senju said that he was interested with Takemichi and want to make it as a helper. It's time to think about Takemichi ants for the first time. Mikey is also interested in him and made Takemichi his maid. Let'S try surgery, Who is this woman?

There are a lot of rumors circulating about this woman. Is the younger brother of Senju see there are some characters that are made similar, where it's like this, a punishment that looks very similar to the second one? Maybe it's Senju himself, Maybe he's actually a person. Our lady can see if the clothes from her grip are like black robes In the PPI event. Saint was also the first time he met the technique as if it seemed like a man and the third drink enough to see to guys, but for the facts.

Let'S just wait for manga Tokyo Revengers chapter 216, which will come on July 28.

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