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Touya Todoroki is Dabi

Touya Todoroki is Dabi? That indicates that Dabi is the son of Endeavour. Despite having previously done theories about Dabi's childhood and his future, it occurred to me that I've never once done a video on why I'm so sure he's a Todoroki in the first place today we're going through all the evidence that supports this idea. All the way up to the latest chapters in the manga, so spoiler warning for those of you who don't want to know anything beyond season Four.

Touya Todoroki is Dabi? My Hero Academia

The first question we should start with is who exactly is Toya Todoroki, as we all know from the sports festival. Endeavour sought to create a child with the potential to surpass all might and TouyaTodoroki was the first of his lab rats. Despite being the eldest child, we can see here that his growth was clearly stunted when compared to his other siblings, and endeavour referred to Touya as having a weak constitution. Throughout the series, we've had several instances of Dabi having a weak constitution with one of the more subtle examples being back in the overhaul arc. During their ambush of the police, Dabi mentions to spinner how he gets carsick and tells the lizard to stop swerving on the road.

Touya Todoroki My Hero Academia

None of the other villains had a problem with spinner's driving, so it was interesting that Horukoshi went out of his way to give Dabi this panel just to complain about his car sickness. When we flash forward to the myvillan academia arc, we see again how frail Dabi's body is, as his face randomly starts to bleed, despite not taking any damage at that point like he didn't, take any hits or anything like that, and the overuse of his quirk began To make his skin look like, it was gonna fall off. That battle was our first example of just how much Dabi's body can't really handle his firepower. As we see consistent panels of smoke emanating from his mouth and from his arms, this wasn't the end of it, though, as, during the war arc, we see again that Dabi continues to burn his own body with the smoke being more prominent than ever before. Looking back at endeavour's words about Touya Todoroki, the full sentence was that the boy possessed even greater firepower than endeavour himself but inherited his mother's weak constitution.

We now know that Dabi fulfils the criteria for having this weak body, but what about his firepower, as I'm sure you've? All noticed Dabi has had blue flames ever since his introduction to the series, and thanks to a quick google search, it is correct to say that blue flames are indeed hotter than the orange flames that we typically see from Endeavour. Whilst the big guy was able to use blue flames once in the anime, his level of firepower has never been enough to do it consistently, which is why he must have considered Touya to be even more impressive than himself as a result. Before we move on, we've confirmed that based on this statement from Endeavour derby fulfils the criteria to be Touya because he has greater firepower and a weak constitution next up, let's take a look at some interesting things. Dabi has said about the Todoroki family.

Toya Todoroki

The pro hero arc was the first time that Dabi and Endeavour came face to face, and what's important, to remember about this interaction. Is that Endeavour had just finished an exhausting fight with the hyen Nomu and had severely damaged his eye? Therefore, when he was looking at Dabi, his vision was totally blurry, as it says here, which obviously gives him a perfect excuse to not recognize his own son. At this moment. The first giveaway that Dabi already knew Endeavour is when he looks at the hero and asks, should I say nice to meet you, and we can see that the nice to meet.

Your part is in bold, which implies that it wasn't a serious question. He then goes on to say that he and Endeavour should have a chat. Whilst they have this chance, which makes it seem like number one there's something he wants to talk to Endeavour about, and number two that he's been waiting for the right opportunity to do it. As Dabi began to escape, he specifically refers to endeavour as ng Todoroki, which is his full legal name. This is suspicious because there are only three occasions in the manga when Dabi has ever referred to someone by his full name, the first being when he encountered Shoto Todoroki, the second being when he met engie, Todoroki and the final being during his fight with hawks.

Each of those situations was unique, but there's one thing that makes his meeting with Shoto and endeavour, particularly special. These were the first times that Dabi had encountered those characters. You know it was the first time he had met Shoto and he called him by his full name, and it was the first time he had met endeavour and he also called him by his full name. What reason is there for this weird formality with the Todoroki family as a quick comparison, you know, Bakugo was the kid that he was kidnapping and he didn't refer to Bakugo by his full name. In my opinion, this is a subtle hint towards his connection to the Todoroki family.

Touya Todoroki Boku no Hero Academia

The other suspicious moment that happened during the pro hero arc was how Dabi excitedly looked forward to getting another chance to talk with Endeavour in the future, and he says that he hopes endeavour can stay alive until they next get the chance to meet. If we flash forward to chapter 231, Dabi again shows that he prioritizes endeavour's life as he orders hawks to kill any hero except the number one. I need you guys to appreciate how ridiculous that is because Dabi says here that hawks must kill someone to show his loyalty to the anti-establishment cause and there would be nothing more anti-establishment than killing the number one hero yet for some reason, Dabi doesn't want that to Happen clearly, whatever message that Dabi wants to tell endeavour, it's so important that it almost overrides what his main goal, what you would assume his main goal would be, therefore, to recap everything so far: Dabi fits endeavour's description of Toya Todoroki and he has a specific message that He wants to tell Endeavour and refuses to let anything happen to endeavour until he can do that. He also refers to members of the Todoroki family by their full names, despite only meeting them for the first time, supposedly, it's only Todoroki family members that get this treatment. Now, moving on all members of the Todoroki family believe that Touya is dead and we see that Endeavour has built a memorial dedicated to his oldest son Touya's age in this photo basically confirms that his death happened around 10 years ago.

But let me explain why Touya Todoroki was the oldest child which by default, makes him between three to four years. Older than Natsuo Natsuo was 19 when we first met him, meaning that if Dabi is Touya he's at least 22 when we first see him in the anime. But he's also possibly 23 years old or 24 

Therefore, 10 years ago, Dabi would have been middle school age, which is when this final photo was taken before Touya's death. This is important because, during the sports festival, all might be revealed that he hadn't seen Endeavour since a press conference 10 years ago. What was this press conference that occurred around the time of Touya's death and why later in the manga did endeavour reveal that he may as well have killed Touya himself?

Is it not possible that the press conference that omai is referring to was somehow related to the incident that killed Touya and perhaps by endeavour failing to stop this incident? Maybe that's why he bears some responsibility for what happened. I certainly think it's plausible that this is related, but let me know your thoughts on it down below moving on it's a fact that Natsuo was very close with his older brother and stated that Touya Todoroki always told him everything it's for that reason, that 10 years later, Natsuo can still not forgive Endeavour and cries at the memories of what happened back in the day. Natsuo'S relationship with Touya is very relevant when we look at this incident of Dabi crying in chapter 191, and I'm going to explain why it's likely that he shed tears about Natsuo at this moment for the full context of this scene. Dabi had previously killed the pro hero called snatch and just before he dealt the finishing blow, the hero asked Dabi.

If he ever thought about the families who have to live with the loss because of darby's actions, we know that the Todoroki family suffered the loss of their eldest son 10 years ago. And I think this statement by snatch is what caused daby to for once. Think about those who are living with the loss of Touya's death, it's clear: he doesn't care about endeavour or Shoto, but one person who could cause him to shed bloody tears like this would be his little brother Natsuo. Remember that in the chapter immediately after we see Dabi, crying Natsuo, angrily shouts an Endeavour and refers to some unknown incident involving his big bro Touya. Furthermore, when the younger brother visited their mother in the hospital, he mentioned again how he couldn't forgive Endeavour for what he did to her, what he did to Shoto, and what he did to a mystery person, who is obviously Touya on both occasions when Natsu mentioned his Older brother, he was unable to finish this sentence and he never quite elaborated on what exactly happened to Touya Todoroki which indicates the events must have been quite traumatizing with all that said, an interesting piece of trivia before we move on to the next part is that endeavours Memorial tutoria is presumably located in Touya Todoroki's old room as we see this football in the corner, which we know he's played within the past.

Touya Todoroki My Hero Academia

Other things that support the idea that Dabi is Touya includes his physical features, specifically his eyes, his smile and his skin grafts. To start with the eyes, we've seen a wide variety of eyes in the series, ranging from the myriad eyes to the Deku eyes to the Izawa eyes, basically, there's a wide variety of different eye designs. This makes it interesting when we compare Shoto, Dabi, and Endeavour because they have near-identical eyes when it comes to both the colour and the shape and the design of them, and when we then compare them to Touya himself. You'Ll see that the similarity remains. Another eye comparison that was quite interesting was how Dabi's angry eyes that we saw during modern academia were almost like a mirror image of ray Todoroki's eyes when she had a mental breakdown regardless, though Dabi's most defining physical feature is the skin grass that he has stapled.

All over his body, skin grafts are patches of skin that are placed on top of areas that have been previously burnt and the fact that Dabi has these skin grafts indicates that he's been through some kind of trauma that burned off parts of his skin. When we remember that Touya Todoroki had a weak constitution that couldn't handle his own flames, it all starts to come together. If Touya survived the accident that supposedly killed him, then it's probable he'd need skin grafts, similar to what Dabi has now. When we take a look at his smile, you'll notice that in recent chapters he's been smiling a lot - and I thought that this panel of him here was very reminiscent of this panel of fuyumi, who is presumably his younger sister. I thought their smiles look relatively similar here, like the design, you could believe that they were siblings just based on how similar these smiles look.

The final piece of relevant information that links Dabi to Touya Todoroki is the fact that Dabi's real name has been consistently kept. A secret from the very beginning, during their first encounter Shigaraki, asks Dabi for his real name and the villain refused to say it telling Shigaraki that he'll know when he needs to know it. Then, when we flush forward to Kamino Grand Torino and the police were able to uncover the names of all the league of villain members except darby and shigaraki after this, a similar thing happened during the war arc when hawks looked into the villain's backstories, and he said That he could find information on everyone except darby and shigaraki again I did a theory, a video explaining why I believe diabetes identity is so hard to uncover. But it's important to note that this is by Dabi's own design. Literally, none of the villains knows what his real name is, despite him spending 99 of his time with them, and it was, therefore, a big surprise when Dabi straight up told Hawkes what his name was in chapter 267, we as an audience weren't able to see what It was but Hawke's reaction tells us that it's a name he recognizes if he is a Todoroki from hawks' perspective.

It's a big deal because we all know Hawkes is a massive fan of Endeavour um and he's worked closely with endeavour. So to hear that this is a Todoroki or endeavour's son.

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