Facts About Emma Sano Tokyo Revengers

Emma Sano Tokyo Revengers

I'm going to talk about Emma Sano Tokyo Revengers, a pretty and kawaii character, in my opinion. Are some interesting facts about Emma Tokyo revengers?

Emma Sano Tokyo Revengers

Emma Sano has a short body and has the figure Feminine. She also has a pretty good body and is growing at his age. Yes, we can call it sexy. She is much different from despicable, Even though she is the same age. She has a height of 150 cm.

Personal Information Emma Sano Tokyo Revengers

  • Name: Emma Sano
  • Romaji Name : Sano Emma
  • Japanese Name : 佐野 エマ
  • Gender : Female
  • Birthday : November 25 , 1991
  • Age : 13-14
  • Blood Type : B
  • Height : 150 cm
  • Weight: - kg
  • Hair Color : Sandy Blonde
  • Eye Color : Honey
  • Status: Deceased
  • Relatives: Shinichiro Sano, Izana Kurokawa, Manjiro Sano, Ken Ryuguji

She has blood type B, has blonde hair that goes past. His shoulders. Emma also has honey golden eyes. She looks often  School uniform, button-down shirt, and jacket she wears on his waist.

Sano Emma has a childish nature when she's around Draken. Emma also has a bad habit. She often teases other people to make the broken jealous of him. You can see for yourself that he and not Takemichi were at the karaoke place and Emma tried to flirt with Takemichi, fortunately using Takemichi. He was not tempted and he ran away.

Emma Sano Tokyo Revengers

She likes to seek attention from Draken. now in Tachibana's assessment, Hinata herself sees Emma's figure as a person, The lowly romantic judge that Emma is a very kind person and is always worried about other people. This is proven when Emma Sano visits Takemici in the hospital. 

At that time, Emma's mother is Karen Kurokawa. She has two brothers, namely Shinichiro Sano and Sano Manjiro (Mikey) also Izana Kurokawa. To be honest, I myself haven't tried to find out more about their family. Emma's figure was really tough.

That's why she tried to get up Emma Sano, It's an important character that has a lot of influence on his mentality Mikey. She is one of the factors that make Mikey become evil and its contents are active because he is too burdensome for himself. The story of Emma Sano's death is in chapter 147, it's quite heartbreaking and sad too.

Emma Sano death

Emma Sano Death
Kisaki and Hanma ride a motorcycle. Kisaki Tetta carries a baseball bat, and Kisaki quickly heads to Emma and Takemichi's place. Kisaki hits Emma's head, Takemichi is quite surprised. "What just happened?" said Takemichi. Kisaki targets Emma Sano and Takemichi don't expect that. 

"It's over Hanagaki," said Kisaki Tetta. Emma was just lying unconscious. Takemichi keeps calling Emma's name. Mikey approaches Takemichi surprised by this. Seeing Emma lying limp, Mikey asks Takemichi "What's going on?". Takemichi said he was attacked by a motorcyclist, Mikey was shocked by it. "Kisaki is the culprit," Takemichi said.

Then Mikey took Emma to the hospital, on the way Emma realized. Emma tells Mikey that she was attacked by a motorcyclist. Then Mikey said to Emma, "When you were 5 years old I beat you up, you fell in the game and I broke your leg. I can't hold you..." 

Emma Sano Death

Then Emma tells Mikey if anything happens to him tell Draken that she loves him. Emma also tells Takemichi to take care of Mikey. And after Emma was unconscious, her body felt cold. 

Emma's death is very influential on Mikey, as the people she loves slowly leave her. And those people are the ones around him.

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