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Senju Kawaragi

Senju Kawaragi? Then, after a lot of research? I finally found various interesting facts, and, coincidentally or not, these facts lead to a theory that Senju is most likely Mikey's and Izana's half-sister, so don't use it any longer.

Senju Kawaragi Tokyo Revengers

The first fact is that Senju Kawaragi hides his identity. As seen from the previous few chapters he is not a typical gang leader who wants to be in the spotlight of many net people. The proof is when Brahman is almost in class with a skirt If he prefers to be on the streets late and mingle, with his troops, which means You're smiling. It'S actually very rare to show yourself Unless he's really needed, and this also proves in chapter 208, then, when you're smiling.

This is always working in the shadows because of the fact that Akashi Takeomi is the brain of the gang, as well as being the hand Senju's right hand and the person who stood in the front when Brahman was facing all kinds of problems. The reason why he always kept his identity hidden was finally revealed in chapter 215, which surprisingly turned out to be a woman. Yes, although there are still confusing issues circulating so far, there is also a mention that the woman shown at the end of chapter 215 is her sister I'll see you later, but I'm still sure that this Shiseido is a Madjuz woman like before. I used to think that I was actually a woman, but it wasn't then now my wish has come true with your presence. Kawaragi is like this because, with the presence of a woman in the midst of mighty men, I'm sure the plot of the story will be even more interesting. For example, the story between Takemichi and the news. 

Senju Kawaragi

It could be a man and, as we know, actually the table itself doesn't already have a partner which is despicable, and maybe interesting things will happen in the future. Then, if it's true, that Senju is indeed a woman, I'm sure the name, Kawaragi Senju itself is a pseudonym that she uses, or maybe he just uses part of his real name to hide his identity as a woman. The second interesting fact is that you also have a fairly identical resemblance to Mikey. It can't be denied from his facial posture to the way he smiles.

Senju looks similar to Mickey and not only from his fiction, smiles and even though they have the same fighting technique, namely by using kicks well. Interestingly, both of them are equally interested in Takemichi. At the beginning of their meeting, even after Takemichi agreed to join Brahman, kawaragi Senju suddenly gave his umbrella to Taklim Ice and said that now no Kenichi is the errand boy. This incident can be said to be very similar to what was done when he first met take seeds. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not because of this incident.

Many fans, including me, speculate that Senju has a family relationship with Mikey's interesting facts. The three Shinichiro Sano and the news of Lagi Senju have known each other before. As we know, the Brahman executives themselves were members of the first Black Dragon group led by Mikey's older brother Shinichiro Sano, whose age is also quite old-fashioned. 

Senju Kawaragi

Around 27 years, while even though he is cute like what we saw in chapter 215 if he is still a school hedgehog if he is not in middle school, then he is a high school student with an age that is quite far apart. Logically, Kawaragi Senyu is impossible to recruit, Thank you, Takeomi Akashi, Waka, and also Benkei, who, at that time they should be married men, So they have nothing to do with the delinquent world anymore, while in fact, they are currently joining Brahman, and not only that they are also very loyal to the Senju, so what is behind their relationship with brahman huh, One of the reasons why they are willing to be led by schoolchildren it's most likely because Senju has a family relationship with remembrance, Shinichiro Sano and the members of the first generation.

Black Dragon already knew Senju before Brahman was founded. The question is: Are they related by blood? Because again, this smile is not only similar to Mikey, but he also has a resemblance to It's. The palace, where Izana herself is not blood-related to Shinichiro and also indeed, I'm sure many will wonder if Kawaragi Senju has a family relationship with Shinichi Rosano, So who are his father and mother. Okay.

For this explanation, I've made a complete genealogy Sono family, so we can discuss it now. As we know, Mikey and Shinichiro Sano are siblings of his mother's father. Clearly Mister and Ms. Sano. Here I don't know what happened to him. Maybe this Simichiro Sano died cement, so Mr. Sano ended up having a relationship with another woman. We, Let's just call that woman Karen and finally, because of that relationship.

Senju Kawaragi

So all this time, it's true that Simi Cimed's half-brother is only different from her mother, while Kurokawa Izana herself is considered a sister by Shinichi. Rosano Izana is the child of a Filipino woman's relationship with her ex-husband Sekar. Strangely enough, Zana doesn't know her real parents, which means that since she was little or before was born, she was cared for by Mister Sano and also Karen, where her real father Izana was actually killed by being stabbed by some thugs and her mother.

This Filipino woman doesn't know where she's going because, as the rubber guy said, Hello Iza is an illegitimate child. So if it's true that Kawaragi Senju is related to the Sano family, then there are three possibilities that can happen. First, you are Senju is the younger sister of Izana and she was born from the womb of a Filipino woman and also her ex-husband Sikaren. So, even though she has ties to the Sano family, unfortunately, there is not blood-related to Mikey, and the second possibility is that this second possibility is quite interesting. Most likely Filipino woman is also secretly secretive.

Shut up m have a relationship with mister Sano, which means that this kawaragi zinc is indeed related by blood with Izana and Mikey. It'S just that they most likely have a relationship without a marriage bond. So it's a secret. So I made that happen. 

Not without reason, because, as we know, the face of this kawaragi indeed, the combination of Mikey and his facial zone is similar to sustenance and has the exact same eyes as Izana, because, coincidentally or not in the Tokyo Revengers series here, the eye shape is one Of the characteristics that show a family relationship.

They both have eyes the same and from the next Sano family. Shinichiro Sano ever went to the Philippines and found his motorcycle engine in the rubble which he finally used to restore his CB 250 Twin motorbike. The question is: what is the interest, so Shimichiro Sano is willing to go all the way from Japan to the Philippines or not. I'm sure that need It's very important and it's impossible for him to go all the way to the Philippines. Just to look for an old motorcycle engine In the ruins.

Senju Kawaragi

So that it's even more solid I'll give you one more fact. In chapter 177, It was told when Izana accidentally met her mother Karen, and there was a short conversation that was lacking more like this Mother. Why did you leave me? What to do this said the palace, while looking at his mother who was playing pachinko, then you answered anyway Said you were annoying. You are not my son, You are the illegitimate child of my ex-husband and the Filipino the way he said well.

Here is quite interesting. The man said the path mentioned in care shows that he really hates Izana's biological mother, which should be the opposite Mad. The Filipino woman should hate Karen Kurokawa, because her logic is like this I'm sure that it was God's permission that she actually got Tikung and Sikaren and after Izana's biological father died. Then she married her father Mikey because of her age. Gold Alone is younger than Izana and m is the result of Karen's relationship with Mikey's father.

So here's the mystery of why Karen's relationship with her biological father ended? Yes, my prediction is that before Mikey's father died because it seemed that he had been hit by Tikung with this Filipino woman. That'S why Karen was very upset with his biological mother Izana. A to the point of calling it away: Okay, the third possibility is that Senju is the son of Karen and her ex-husband 

For this third theory - let's forget theory, 1 and 2 because they are different men long than Mister Sano died which rumors were due to an accident. Then, when Mister Sano died because he finally had a relationship with Izana's father and they got married so when they started their family, they both had children from their previous partner because they brought Ema and their new husband brought Izana.

Senju Kawaragi

But bad luck again befell the family because her new husband was eventually stabbed to death by several thugs. So when her new husband died, you sent Izana to an educational institution and she entrusted Enma to her grandfather's, dojo and finally, Enma lived with Mikey. Well, my prediction at that time: that's because she was pregnant with a subordinate who was related to her new husband who died and the child was Kawaragi Senju. So this third theory is that Senju is not related by blood to Mikey, but he has blood relations with Izana and is frugal, but I remember again, this is all just my personal theory b. Isa is right and it can be wrong for the rest, we'll see what the truth looks like because I'm sure the acceptor's mother in the future, the truth about eventual inheritance, will be fully revealed.

So if it's true that Kawaragi Senju has a family relationship with Mikey, then it can be concluded that he is the newest Senju is the biggest cause. Why Mikey turns into a very bad person in the future? He is the same as in the previous chapters. It is likely that Sindu's life will be threatened and the reason why love has changed is finally answered. 

Another fact about Kawaragi Senju in the future, just calm down. I'll definitely talk about it and once again I'll remind you that all the opinions I've conveyed before are just personal theories, So it's possible that it could be right or it could be wrong.

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