Facts About Shinichiro Sano

Facts About Shinichiro Sano

Tokyo Revengers anime has so many unique characters. Each of them has its own characteristics. Now, one of the characters that attract a lot of attention from fans is Shinichiro Sano.

Facts About Shinichiro Sano Tokyo Revengers

Even though this character never comes out in the storyline because he died, but the name Shinichiro Sano is still legendary and is remembered how where, as a special person, it is clearly seen When Mikey and his friends really idolize Shinichiro besides. Mikey and Izana Kurokawa is also some of the people who admire him, the most even the thugs in the city, Tokyo, all idolize Shinichiro. Even though Shinichiro is a person who can't fight crazy girls and for sure his farts smell, So why do people like him What's wrong with Hi in this video we will find out and answer the question which is about.

Personal Information Shinichiro Sano Tokyo Revengers

  • Name: Shinichiro Sano
  • Rōmaji Name : Sano Shin'ichirō
  • Japanese Name: 佐野真一郎
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: August 1, 1980
  • Age: 23
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height : 182 cm
  • Weight : 69 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Position: Black Dragon Founding Member and Former Leader

All About Shinichiro Sano

Facts About Shinichiro Sano
Why is Shinichiro admired by everyone? Hi people, the first one we will find out. The answer is through Mikey and according to Mikey, Mikey is the first person who seems to really admire Shinichiro and, coincidentally, that Shinichiro is Mikey's brother, who is 10 years older live with Mikey and Shinichiro because the three of them are brothers only they are different Mother, Then, why are Mikey and Emma Sano able to admire Shinichiro? Well, we will soon know the answer. After seeing the story about their past, told by Shinichiro, Mikey live with their grandfather, it's because of people.

His parents have not been with them since childhood, so Shinichiro's role here is as a substitute for his parents. Hai and Shinichiro is a brother who really loves them both seen when Emma Sano just joined, then they were told to gather and his grandfather shouted there. Shinichiro mumbled! No need! U shout like that.

It means that Shinichiro doesn't want his two siblings to be afraid, because the screams from his grandfather are trivial, but it means a lot after that. He also offered himself to his sister Emma if he was willing to take care of her. This kind of thing might also look easy. 

This became very meaningful considering that the theme had just joined, so it took him a long time to adapt to making an offer like that. So indirectly, Shinichiro had given attention to good, and then it was also seen when Shinichiro was chatting with his grandfather.

Facts About Shinichiro Sano

Discussing the problem, We've was being depressed because of him. The face left with his mother here Jero admits that he has tried his best so that he can create a smile theme approached Emma and said that from now on, her name is Mikey. I think that sadness is because she feels alienated having a Caucasian name, so she changed her own name to Mikey so that Ema won't be isolated anymore. Even though Maigi's assumption is wrong, but it is a form of affection for Ema. Well, that's what he learned from Shinichiro to give more love and attention to his brother.

In addition to giving affection here, Jero has also taught his two younger siblings about all things. That'S why Mikey and admits that they always follow Shinichiro wherever he goes to Hi. Well, love and care. Is here Jero This isn't just given to his brother, because when Keisuke saw Shinichiro, he looked very happy and immediately shouted 

Only Shinichiro but Shinichiro wanted to take care of him and give him love and attention like his own brother, he taught Isyana a lot of things from how to dress fight smile. How to be a bad boy was taught by Shinichiro to the point that Shinichiro wanted to give up the third generation of the Black Dragon king 8 to Kurokawa Izana, even though he is nothing even when Isyana is angry because he knows the truth that it's not His brother Shinichiro Shinichiro said that all of that didn't matter because, even though they weren't brothers, it wouldn't change, they could still be together that much care eh Shinichiro to Izana.

So from here, we can conclude that Shinichiro is the most valuable person who cares the most, and what is certain here is that Jero is a person who loves his brother and non- brothers. Very much. So maybe all the attention and affection given by Shinichiro is here 

This is the reason why Mikey, Emma Keisuke, and Izana admire him so much, then the reason why all the thugs idolize Shinichiro. Why now we will find the answer After seeing Shinichiro's life story When he led a motorcycle gang called Black Dragons, which, at that time Blade Dragon was a motorcycle gang that his name is very famous and has dominated the city of Tokyo because Shinichiro is so cool.

That all the thugs in the city of Tokyo are around him and there are even tablets standing and looking at Shinichiro while he is taking care of his favorite motorbike, but before Shinichiro became what he is now, of course, he has gone through a lot. One thing that has happened now in the Shinichiro era: there were so many motorcycle gangs that they went around the city speeding every day, and we must realize that in this life there must be problems ranging from small problems to big problems. Everyone must have had problems, Ah experienced, Mikey once said that fights between gangs always started from trivial problems such as when Toman clashed with Mobius to the beginning because of trivial problems.

Facts About Shinichiro Sano

Just because of anything that wanted to avenge his friend after being a victim of a crime. From a member of the Mobius gang, So when Shinichiro, yes, the fight between motorcycle gangs can happen because of a problem, whether it's a trivial problem or a serious problem. Even though Shinichiro is the leader to solve these problems. So later we will see for ourselves when Shinichiro prioritizes gathering with his gang members outside instead of practicing martial arts at his grandfather's place. As a result, Shinichiro can't even fight there are lots of scars and changes that are plastered on Shinichiro's face.

But this is precisely what makes all the thugs idolize Shinichiro because even though n he can't fight, but he always challenges people who are stronger than him. That is, he has the determination to never give up like take me Chik. That'S why everyone admits that when they are with Shinichiro, they feel that they will never lose 

Why can Shinichiro be admired by everyone? From Shinichiro we can learn a lot of things Here, for example, if we want to be respected and admired by others at least, we have to be able to give something, valuable and care for others, especially to people who are still in quotes, lack of attention, because we can see for ourselves the fact that most of the important characters in Tokyo revengers are children who they have no family, for example, Draken since childhood, his life in a massage parlor and his parents abandoned him when he was only two years old. There is a Mitsuya who, since childhood, he was told to take care of his two younger siblings because his mother always came home late.

That'S why Mitsuya wanted to run away from home at that time and there were many more characters whose lives could be considered neglected. Now, with Shinichiro's role here we should know more and more how important it is to care for each other.

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