Facts About Kanji Mochizuki Tokyo Revengers

Kanji Mochizuki Tokyo Revengers

I will discuss Kanji Mochizuki from Tenjiku, those of you who don't know about this person. He first appeared during chapter 126 in the manga series Tokyo Revengers. Rather than being a little bit longer, I'll just talk about interesting facts about Kanji Mochizuki Tokyo revengers

Kanji Mochizuki Tokyo Revengers

One becomes four heavenly Kings huh t the strongest op 4 in the Tenjiku gang. Besides Izana Kurokawa he is also the s62 generation. The generation with the highest juvenile delinquency rate in Japan, yes, he was born in 1980.

Kanji Mochizuki's goal is to be a rude person. He always likes fights. Mochizuki has a pretty big body. upholding honor is shown in the fighting style that pushes the opponent and he kills his opponent mercilessly mochi is always excited when he meets a strong opponent. About Mochizuki, he has a strong body and has a burly body than others, especially in the Tenjiku gang.

Kanji Mochizuki Tokyo Revengers

He wears a black shirt inside his red Tenjiku uniform. Black hair styled into a mohawk with a braid extending to the neck below his eyebrows. Also standing up it's as if this list intimidates the opponent he's facing Mochizuki previously had his own gang his name is also Twin Devils this period of time, Kanji Mochizuki has fought the Twin Devil's gang several times.

For those of you who don't know about the Twin Devil's gang. The gang is a gang belonging to Shouya Kawata and Nahoya Kawata. He even beats them both, then Mochizuki is sent to a juvenile detention center, it's because of him.

Next beat up police officers, well when he was in the juvenile detention center, Kanji Mochizuki met with Kurokawa Mucho and the others from the S62 generation. After King Tenjiku, he went to the Rokuhara Tandai Gang. Mark under the leadership of Terano South. Well, in the future, Mochi is in the Bonten Gang. This one is always in the gang strengthen like that He probably has a goal.

Continue for the fighting ability of Kanji Mochizuki. He can't be underestimated guys he is one of the four heavenly Kings of Tenjiku. That makes him one of the strongest members of the Tenjiku gang. He is able to make Let's Chifuyu threw just with one hit. He was blown away again he was able to fight on par with Chifuyu Matsuno.

Kanji Mochizuki Tokyo Revengers

Even Chifuyu had a little difficulty fighting Mochizuki. Chifuyu gave Mochizuki the nickname, yes Gorilla. That nickname really fits in my opinion because of his big body and extraordinary strength in the first manga series. The next time he appeared he immediately ribbed and knocked down Chifuyu Matsuno easily. 

Did he say Are these five weak members of Tomans? He said he is also a member of Bonten. In the future, this character is still growing up to now. 

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