Rokuhara Tandai Tokyo Revengers

Rokuhara Tandai

Rokuhara Tandai was formed after the Kanto incident involving Tokyo Manji Gang and Tenjiku Gang. After the fight between the two gangs, then the Tokyo Manji gang disbanded. Subsequently, the Rokuhara Tandai gang was formed.

All About Rokuhara Tandai Tokyo Revengers

The strongest member in the Rokuhara Tandai gang is 6 people. Rokuhara means six, which means that the gang has 6 strong members. Tandai has the meaning of the first generation, this means the Rokuhara Tandai is the first generation.

Rokuhara Tandai Members

With this can we'll see if there are six strong people in Rokuhara Tandai. That means the first generation indicates that this is the initial generation of Rokuhara Tandai gangs. Who are the six people?

1. Shion Madarame

Shion Madarame Rokuhara Tandai
The first from the fifth commander Shion Madara, former chairman of the ninth generation Black Dragon, then former one of the four executives of the Tenjiku gang. Shion Madarame is A character that rarely appears. But once appears Shion will introduce himself in front of people and be knocked down by his enemy instantly. In Tokyo Revengers chapter 154 when hit by Pehyan and in chapter 213 when being hit by this Benkei. In the future, when the Bonten gang is formed, Shion Madarame is the only one of the four Tenjiku executives. Who doesn't exists and does not join? There is a possibility due to his weakness in fighting that quits the world of delinquents or Shion experiences death, which one will happen.

2. Kanji Mochizuki

Kanji Mochizuki Rokuhara Tandai
Then a second member of Rokuhara Tandai, the fourth commander, Kanji Mochizuki. The former gang leader Jugemu gang and a former member of the gang Tenjiku and is one of the four executives of Tenjiku. Mochi is a big and strong character. Two years ago, emotions had a balanced fight with Mitsuya, but the fight was interrupted by the Twins Haitani. 

3 & 4  Ran Haitani and Rindo Haitani

Ran Haitani and Rindo Haitani
There are members of the Tenjiku gangs. Their only got an ordinary executive position, while Trans got the 4th strongest executive position for their position in Rokuhara Tandai. Rindo Haitani got the third commander position, while Ran Haitani was the second commander from the start. Both of them are always shown. Even when fighting they also fight together and their techniques in fighting Twins Haitani always break the bones of their opponents. Like when fighting against Hakai Shiba. On the character of Tokyo Revenger, There is a possibility that these two twins were made to be opposite each other at the end of the fight later. Is there anyone who wants the twins to fight the twins in the comics later then?

5. Kakucho Hitto

Kakucho Hito Rokuhara Tandai
The fifth member and the first commander on the road If they were Kakucho the former 4 strongest executives of Tenjiku. At the same time, number two in Tenjiku. Kakucho Hitto is also a Childhood friend. The position of Kakucho at the Rokuhara Tandai is written as shusseki or the first seat or the first commander. But Kakucho is not mentioned with the number two person in Rokuhara Tandai. Even though, as the name implies it is six waves. The current strongest regular member is Rokuhara Tandai and There are no more strong members.

6. Terano South

Terano South Rokuhara Tandai
The last one, as well as the boss of Rokuhara Tandaine, Terano South. Its height reached 2 Meters. Judging from its strength when it first appeared, Terano could hit the movement so that it bounced far away and the speed of the blow was also quite fast. Despite having a large body, even though at that time, Draken did not intend to fight. When hitting his opponent, Terano South said fortissimo as the name of the technique. 

That's some information about the gang Rokuhara Tandai, and some members of the gang. For more interesting information about Tokyo Revengers anime please read more on this blog.

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