Shirakumo Oboro My Hero Academia

Shirakumo Oboro My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia episode 19 ago. We have finally been shown the original of the Kurogiri, which is nothing that turns out. Shirakumo Oboro had previously been discussed together in the content of the episode he and a letter explaining a little about Who is Shirakumo, and how did he become a Kurogiri? This time I will discuss an explanation of Who is Shirakumo Oboro.

Shirakumo Oboro Kurogiri My Hero Academia

Finally, what is his life process, and many more? Who is Shirakumo Oboro? First of all, I want to tell you in advance that what we are going to discuss is. I focus more on personal figures as wanting to be extravagant and not too much discussion, an intervention that will relate to Kurogiri, because even though they are the same person but personality and or which he has enough compared to 180.

Shirakumo Oboro or let's call it. The ancient lion is a boy and student from the hero department. He also has a hero name, which is the sea or a hero with hard clouds. Shirakumo has looked like a normal human in general, but with a characteristic that is wavy hair that always expands Like clouds. Shirakumo has a friendly personality and very often jokes. In any circumstances. So often he jokes, even in his last moments, Shirakumo is still joking. Shirakumo is considered quite strong and capable of using his abilities as a candidate professional hero.

Shirakumo Oboro My Hero Academia

This is characterized by his very proficient use of a simple God but can be strengthened so that the family is quite great in large-scale rescue missions. Shirakumo is also a good person and really cares about the circumstances around him, even in one case, he is willing to go ar school rules only to save a cat personality. I want this positive one to even carry over until he has become another personal figure. I want also to be known to have a dream that ultimately foundered where he aspired to build a hero agency together with his two best friends, namely Aizawa and Yamada, But all of that ran aground because Shirakumo eventually died in an attack incident. Shirakumo, of course, as a student of Shirakumo heroes, is equipped with skin that is qualified in practice as a hero student, How strong from Shirakumo itself is Cloud.

Quirk Cloud is a Quirk that allows Shirakumo to create clouds of various shapes as needed, where, in addition to being able to create the created clouds, they can be compressed so that they can carry heavy loads or even hide Mother in the Clouds. Cloud can also be driven. The movement at will: how can Shirakumo move quickly maneuver and make the cloud that has been made into a vehicle but after Shirakumo died? This workload was then modified so that, as a result of strong supporting factors, a new skin was created which is warp gate. That is Quirk can function as a portal, somehow an explanation logic behind the changes in the curriculum to stall diet.

Shirakumo Oboro My Hero Academia

If you have an opinion to explain this by selecting the contents in the comment column in its own function, the leather sea has some very useful functions for the wearer, and others like it can be. A vehicle of anti-gravity can haul heavy loads outwit opponents by using a large portion of the cloud and can also be used to hide the mainstay moves so far. There are not too many mainstays moves that Shirakumo has shown in Advanced at My Hero Academia, except for one, namely Cloud cover. 

A is a technique where Shirakumo approaches his opponent first and then silences his opponent's face by using thick clouds so that Shirakumo can attack the opponent's body as long as the opponent is having trouble taking care of the clouds made by Lioness Mo. Maybe this move seems ordinary, but this move is very useful in blurring the opponent's view so that the opponent can easily be recorded.

To maximize the use of the courier, Shirakumo uses a pumpkin which serves to trick the opponent when it enters a cloud trap where, By tricking using the voice of the pumpkin, The rest of the Shirakumo is only in charge of paralyzing opponents, who are Already, having trouble finding the source of my lion's voice mo character reference.

Shirakumo Oboro My Hero Academia

I just want my character to be inspired by some references, such as the personality Shirakumo, who was inspired by a legal figure or we know more about Sun Go Kong in the legendary Chinese Novel, namely the journey to the west, which we know is the character. The main thing is Cassava itself. Besides its final personality and Shirakumo's weapon also does not escape Sun Go Kong's reference. How do we know that SonGoku is able to control the Kinton cloud as a vehicle and also has a magic wand as his weapon as well as Shirakumo? He is able to control clouds and make them like a vehicle and also has a stick weapon when acting as a hero.

Besides, Shirakumo is also the result of the original design of the chord body, namely a mangaka who took over the story of My Hero Academia, Vigilante, but even so, the creation of the original character is still handled by Hori. So, even though Shirakumo Oboro is the original character from Vigilante, Shirakumo is also included in the main story of the manga, namely My Hero Academia, the making of the Shirakumo story, is made to explain the backstory of Aizawa Sensei, so that for a long time. Finally, the character of Kurogiri is juxtaposed to become a Shirakumo Oboro, only units that we can discuss Who is the real Shirakumo Oboro? How is his skin and so on, for the story of his journey from being human to being?

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