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Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui was both one of the most popular characters in hero Akka and the Second youngest member of class 1a, but overall, one of the most mature students in the group likely due to her school and home life before her time at UA and her unchanging facial expression thanks her quirk.

All About Tsuyu Asui My Hero Academia

No matter the case. What'S really important is how she helps hold the class together, though, before we get too into that, we should discuss the meaning behind her name cos. We are a fun example of Horikoshi getting the most out of a normal-sounding name, starting first, of course, with her family name Tsu, which, when broken down, means either frog or toad and blowing or blow with the specific context for blowing meaning to create air. The current which, when combined back together with the Frog part of her name, basically gives you a simple description of a frog's ribbit and given that Cu and her whole family have a frog or toad motif to their designs.

Tsuyu Asui

And that's Tsuyu My Hero Academia most of her sentences with care do or ribbit. It would make sense why, along with this, her given named Tsuyu? U is based on the name for the Japanese rainy Neuman season, which also happens to be around the time of year. That frogs lay their eggs and bury them in jello or jelly-like substance that has a bitter and awful taste to it to deter predators along with acting as the first meal for their tadpoles when they finally have. This substance is likely.

The reason why Tsuyu Asui's favorite things are both rain and jello as they're two things that remind her of her youth and funny enough. We know that Tsuyu actually had to go through some tadpole-like stage in her life because when describing her younger self, we see a physical representation of her as a tadpole. Along with this, we see that her first name also inspired the title. The rainy season, hero frothy, would the propping half of her name being something that Tsuyu came up with in elementary school, and with that information in mind, it's easy to assume that frothy is a very simple combination of frog and happy, backed up by midnight. Even saying that a name like that would make her really approachable and it would be assumed, givenTsuyufrog, motifs, naming themes, and family that her quirk would have something to do with frogs as well.

Tsuyu Asui My Hero Academia

And let me say it's very direct. Her quirk is a mutation called a frog. What frog does is allow Tsuyu? U to do whatever a frog can no matter the species of frog as long as they are a frog, you can do it. These feats include things such as a Mensa leg, strength which allows her to jump great senses in a swim at top speeds.

Along with this, we've seen, and ability to cling to walls has a fully controllable tongue with elastic properties that is able to stretch up to 20 meters and even some minor camouflage, but not everything that fraud can do is pleasant to watch. And Tsuyu Asui can copy these less appealing, frog abilities as well, such as being able to inflate her stomach and spitting it up, along with being L, decreed a poisonous mucus from it.

We later see that this mucus can be secreted through her own skin and has pungent enough. That skin can throw off scent-based quirks along with this, her stomach when thrown up, can retrieve anything that she hasn't digested. Yet at will, but as she says, it's really not pleasant to watch, and due to this quirk being a mutation and part of using a natural being she's able to use all of these abilities limitlessly even being able to stack multiple abilities together at once without issue.

Tsuyu Asui Wallpaper

This means that she also has a limitless amount of super moves that she can make for herself or build up with others Horikoshi, even describing her as a supporting fighter over a normal frontline force, and we can see a combination super-move found within the meteor furrow, ski Or rain of animals, which is her and Akka, teaming up to use gravity to lift up and frog to bring them down so use cooperative abilities are actually one of the highest in all of you, a most likely due to her positive personality and Always active quirk, though, due to this always-on nature, that means that Tsuyu Boku No Hero can't just turn off or quirk.

If the setting doesn't suit her, which means all the weaknesses of a frog are her weaknesses as well, such as in low-temperature environments. Tsuyu will begin to feel herself growing, sleepier and sleepier until she begins to try to hibernate, and she has trouble expressing herself as her face doesn't show emotion very well, as it says, expressionless as a frog's face, and she also has to look out for large Bird snakes and lizards as they are her natural predator, though Tsuyu, has designed her hero costume to account for most of her weaknesses and playoff her strengths with her hands and feet being outfitted with gear designed to help her stick to walls better and her body. 

Tsuyu being designed with a high tech temperature control unit, one that has been overhauled for the winter seasons alongside a neck, brace which reads the outside temperature and adjusts her sue according to which is not only very helpful for the winter seasons. But it could also likely be justified as a response to intelligent ACK during the license exam now, Tsuyu quirk seems to have two specific points of origin, the first being spider-man, as not only does the description over quark does whatever a frog can match up with the Popular spider-man theme, song, lyric of does whatever a spider can but also Tsuyu displays a lot of Spider-man's basic abilities, like superhuman athletics, wall-crawling, and web-swinging with her tongue. But this vague description of her quirk also allows for Kochi to rationalize Tsue.

Tsuyu Asui Wallpapers

You gain new powers and super moves based on new discoveries of frogs. Later in the series, though, most importantly, her quirk is likely, based off of toad from the x-men series toad as a mutant whose mutation gave him the powers of a toad or a frog, which is exactly how sTsuyu quirk works even going so far to implement Parts of toads design into her own hero costume with her own, I protecting goggles that seemingly are based on toads own goggles. They are also both affected by this mutation and negative ways because of the toad's twisted appearance. Due to his mutation, he became an outcast to society which led him down the path of villainy. Where Asui had to deal with something similar but less severe because due to her natural neutral expression, thanks to her quirk, no one really knew how to approach her and she became somewhat of a social outcast being isolated, not because of who she is, but because Of what she looked like, and it made it hard for her to make friends Horikoshi even says in his bio for her.

Tsuyu Asui was originally both going to be male and was a lot sad early in her original sketches until he adopted a more neutral expression for her to keep her more appealing, though, once she reached UA and was able to open up more with the rest of The class she found herself overflowing with friendship. This could be likely due to her overtly friendly nature and motherly tendencies being one to check in on everyone and learning how to read. People and their intentions very well, even sometimes delivering good old-fashioned slaps to those who have it coming, and she probably developed these traits of her personality from two places: the first being her home life.

Since her parents worked all day and weren't able to properly take care of her younger siblings, leaving those responsibilities to Tsuyu and this overtime cost Asui to develop more motherly traits than big sisterly traits, but we also see that friendship is a huge deal to Tsuyu Asui as due to her home life and her ever approaching hero studies back before she actually made it to UA. Her social life took a heavy hit, not only because she didn't have time for friends at school, but no one ever knew how to approach her.

So to her the few she was able to make she got really attached to and wanted to protect them, no matter what this is likely. Why Tsuyu was very open when it comes to making new friends openly, referring to people and friendly suffixes and asking them to do so back at her. We also know that she's very intelligent to the point that she's actually able to maintain a streak of high-end grades and she's able to read people and pick up on others. Emotions were quite well likely due to having to learn how to read her own family's emotions.

Tsuyu Asui Wallpapers

She'S also so good at reading people that recovery girl describes her as a perfect pillar of emotional support and over the series. We see that attachment and emotional support goes both ways as after she tells everyone that going after the kidnapped Bakker go is a bad idea when they ignore her opinion. This devastates her causing Tsuyu to feel worthless and heartbroken, so much so that we see her seriously expressing emotion for the first time in the series, because to her, it takes her back to those moments where she was indeed friendless and alone.

Though speaking of sue use unpopularity, it's kind of funny how real life works, sometimes Tsuyu, while being unpopular for most of her life in the world of the hero. Almost the exact opposite response in reality, as she is one of, if not the most popular Non-main character from the series being able to top multiple popularity polls and never once dropping below tenth place. This popularity has awarded Tsuyu with a plethora of extra source material about her and her personal life, be it a short side, manga a whole OVA where she gets to share the leading character role with Deku and her own episode in the anime.

That extends on her own internship sue use popularity must be actually a huge relief for Horikoshi as well, since he said in her bio Tsuyu My Hero Academia is a concept that she's been wanting to execute for quite a while now ever since his early manga days and to see her blow up and become one of the most loved characters in the whole series. It'S kind of heartwarming and I can see that if Tsuyu maintains her popularity that she'll likely become more and more of the main player in the plot I mean she already played a semi-major role in the eight precepts arc and she's kind of become an icon For hero Akka itself.

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