Junko Konno - Calm and Talented (Zombieland Saga)

Junko Konno Zombieland Saga

Have we ever had a life that made us uncomfortable? Maybe it's because we don't know the situation we have to face. Maybe we feel that our era is over and finally, our era is bad. That often happens in our life. Especially the waifu this time who is different from the previous waifu, namely Ai Junko who is in a pretty good life. But this time, Junko is in the life of the Waifu this time.

Junko Konno Zombieland Saga

This is Junko Konno, a waifu from the Zombieland Saga anime and one of the women who is quite interesting. A member of the band from Franchouchou Idol. And the one that the Kotaro revived. What is interesting about the Junko Konno? What is the uniqueness of this Junko-chan?

Who is Junko Konno?

Junko Konno is one of the idols in Franchouchou and one of the zombies that Kotaro brings to life. Junko Konno herself is one of the legends in the Showa era and one of the girls who are so calm. Junko-chan himself has a great title, namely The Legendary Showa Idol (伝説の昭和アイドル, Densetsu no Shōwa aidoru). What's so interesting about this Junko Konno? What's a must-have and what's so great about this Junko?

Advantages of Junko Konno

Junko Konno Zombieland Saga
What are the advantages of the Junko-chan? What do we get from Junko-chan?

  • Really care about other people

One of the highlights of this Junko is the care that is built from each episode from which it is built with this uniqueness. This uniqueness itself is when she is asked to really become one who has a great influence. This concern is a unique thing because she used to stand alone, finally, this Junko can really care about others.

  • She is Very Quiet

One of the other interesting things is that she is so calm. One of the highlights of Junko is the serenity there. Because she has a calm demeanor is what makes this Junko so great. The serenity that is built from the Junko is quite interesting because Junko is an attractive girl. Because the serenity built here is a plus that Junko-chan builds.

  • Smart in the field of Solo Music

In the Showa Era, she was an extremely extraordinary legend. Where the Junko is one girl who is good at singing and solo music. This is a really great feature of the Junko. She's one of those girls who are very good at singing and a very great legend. In fact, you could even say that the legend of the Showa era who usually solo ended up in a duet with various people. That's great.

  • Starting from Solo Music to Duet

Maybe most of us think that solo music is rarely able to duet with various people. But finally, the uniqueness of Junko who used to be unable to duet is now a duet with the Franchouchou. In fact, this is the uniqueness of Junko's personality. Junko has a very great personality. From solo musicians to the ending. This is the uniqueness of Junko.

  • Have a Strong Leader's Determination

Even though she is a solo singer, she also has a very strong leader's determination. Even though she had to be abandoned by the Ai Mizuno. She began to be so determined to develop his friends. Even this determination as a strong leader is unique. Even the determination of this leadership should be appreciated.

Disadvantages of Junko Konno

Junko Konno Zombieland Saga
What are the shortcomings or weaknesses of Junko Konno?

  • Slightly Shy

One of the things that makes Junko less able to develop so fast is because Junko is not very active and is still a bit shy. Shy here because she is influenced by the existing environment. However, with the formation of the environment to the situation that exists in this environment. So it actually depends on itself in the environment. This is indeed unique but also this must be corrected so as not to experience embarrassment. Even because of the shy attitude

  • Sometimes Appear Alone and lack confidence

One that makes him embarrassed eventually leads to his lack of self-confidence. Even when the music industry has changed greatly. She doesn't understand and often shuts himself up in places she doesn't even dare to for weeks. She even had mold on his head. However, she doesn't hate when he acts with a group but is less confident and often appears alone. But in the end, she was able to collaborate with everyone.

  • She is a shy girl

One of her weaknesses is that she can blush and be embarrassed and can make harsh comments towards other people. In fact, he was very embarrassed to see other friends because of the uniqueness and relief that she brought.

Conclusion about Junko Konno's character

Junko Konno from the Zombieland Saga anime is a typical girl who is very calm and very talented. The talent that was built from Junko was calm and talented. Calm and talented itself is very attractive from the Junko because he has such an extraordinary attitude. The attitude built by the Junko is a girl who is quite great and strong. I think his calm demeanor and talent can be a unique characteristic of the Junko. Do you like this Junko who is so talented that she ended up being a great person? Do you want to be like this Junko? do you like this great Junko?

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