Kokushibo The Upper Rank One (Demon Slayer)

Kokushibo Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

On this occasion, we will discuss Kakushibo the strongest Demon character in the Upper Moon group Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba anime. Curious about something interesting about it?

Kokushibo Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kokushibo is a One or Upper Moon One of the Twelve Kizukis, the strongest demon army formed by Kibutsuji Muzan. He is the strongest among the 12 Kizuki, the manga Kimetsu No Yaiba chapter 174 explains Kokushibo has been the Upper Moon for over 400 years.

Kokushibo Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Personal Information Kokushibo Demon Slayer

  • Name: Kokushibo
  • Romaji Name : Kokushibō
  • Japanese Name: 黒死牟
  • Race: Demon
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: -
  • Age: 20-24
  • Height : 190 cm
  • Weight : 93 kg
  • Hair Color: Black to Red
  • Eye Color: Yellow with Red Sclera
  • Affiliation: Twelve Kizuki
  • Occupation: Demon Slayer

Here are some facts about Kokushibo Upper Moon 1 of 12 Kizuki in the Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba anime and manga.

1. Kokushibo is a former demon hunter in the Sengoku era

More than 400 years ago Kokushibo was a demon hunter, he was one of the first respiratory branch developers to teach Yoriichi Tsugikuni. While fighting with the Sanemi Shinazugawa Wind Pillar, He said he felt nostalgic to train with the Wind Pillar at that time. It is known that when the Sengoku era was the golden age of demon hunters, all pillars at that time had marks including Kokushibo itself. 

2. Kokushibo is the Ancestor of Muichiro Tokito's Pillar of Fog 

Kokushibo's name before it became Upper Moon 1 was Michikatsu Tsugikuni, he came from a prominent family at the time. He leaves behind his wife and son, Muichiro Tokito, the descendant of the son Kokushibo left behind 400 years ago. The Tsugikuni family no longer existed in the Tanjiro era and his descendants left only Tokito the genius. 

3. Kokushibo is a moon breathing user demon

Kokushibo demon Upper Moon 1 is a user of moon breathing which is one of the derivative branches of sun breathing. He was about 480 years old so the development of his breathing was terrible, there were a total of 16 movements from the moon breathing that Kokushibo mastered. 

4. Kokushibo is the Older Brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni solar breathing user

Kokushibo is the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni the first respiratory user, Yoriichi's older brother. Kokushibo since childhood is very envious of Yoriichi's talent who was born genius and special. They separated as children then reunited after decades when Kokushibo was attacked by demons and rescued by Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He joins an army of demon hunters afterward, in fact, Kokushibo just wants to be like his younger brother Yoriichi.

5. Kokushibo becomes the Upper Moon to avoid the curse of the Sign  

When Gyomei Himejima activates The Mark, Kokushibo explains that the Curse of Mark will make the user die before the age of 25. Kokushibo 400 years ago persuaded Kibutsuji Muzan's seduction to become Upper Moon, at that time Muzan just wanted to form 12 Kizuki. The exception for Yoriichi Tsugikuni who is over 25 years old, according to Kokushibo, happened because Yoriichi was born special. 

Those are some interesting facts about Kokushibo Upper Moon rank one of the 12 Kizuki in the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba anime. Pretty interesting isn't it? Look forward to talking about other Upper Moon characters.

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