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The Roger Pirates led by Gol D Roger is so extraordinary in the world of One Piece. They are the only pirates who can reach the last island, Laugh Tale, and find One Piece, the treasure that Joyboy left about 800 years ago.

However, the existence of the Roger Pirates is still very mysterious to this day. Little is known, including about the crew. There is Gol D Roger the captain, Silvers Rayleigh the vice-captain, to Scopper Gaban who is Roger's "left hand".

Another name that has emerged is Crocus, the doctor, who later lived in Reverse Mountain. Meanwhile, two other people who have appeared are Shanks who is now one of the Yonko, and Buggy the Clown who was once a Shichibukai.

In fact, based on SBS One Piece Volume 96, there are still several more crew names, which shows that the Roger Pirates recruited people from various elements in the One Piece world, including the fish-man race and the giant race.

Roger Pirate Crew Name List

Roger Pirates Crew Members
LeadershipGol D Roger (Captain)
Silvers Rayleigh (First Mate)
Other MembersScopper Gaban
Seagull Guns Nozdon
Millet Pine
CB Gallant
Mr. Momora
Moon Isaac Jr.
MAX Marks
Kozuki Oden
Kozuki Toki
Douglas Bullet

Roger Pirates Chronology

The Roger Pirates were formed more than 52 years ago when the young Gol D. Roger asked Silvers Rayleigh to sail with him on the ship that Rayleigh had stolen. Roger said their adventure would turn the world upside down.

  • 39 years ago, the Roger Pirates managed to reach the island of Lodestar, the last island that Log Pose could show. However, Roger knows, there is still one more island that makes his mission unfinished.
  • 38 years ago, Roger teamed up with Monkey D, Garp defeated the number one pirate at the time, Rocks D. Xebec who attacked the Tenryubito in Gods Valley.
  • 28 years ago, Roger realized that his illness was incurable. Therefore, he brought his crew across the Grand Line once again. He recruits Crocus, a doctor, to ensure he is still alive to the last island.
  • 26 years ago, the Roger Pirates fought the Whitebeard Pirates. From this incident, Roger invited Kozuki Oden who had been Whitebeard's crew temporarily into his pirates, so that Roger could read poneglyphs.
  • 25 years ago, the Roger Pirates finally arrived at the last island, Laugh Tale. There they laughed, after seeing One Piece. After this, Roger disbanded his pirates and went wandering alone.
  • 24 years ago, Roger surrendered to the Navy. He was executed in Loguetown. This happened after Roger found a life partner, Portgas D. Rouge, who later gave birth to Ace.

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