Mizuno Ai - The Legendary Heisei Idol

Ai Mizuno Zombieland Saga

Have you ever seen a girl who is full of hard work? Maybe this is very rare for us to know. Even in the work ethic of an idol group, it may be very difficult because you have to unite one person to another. But what happens if you meet a woman/waifu who is very active in work ethic to become an important icon in the idol group. But what happens if she is your waifu / favorite character?

Ai Mizuno Zombieland Saga

This is Ai Mizuno from the Zombieland Saga anime. Zombieland Saga itself is an anime from Mappa Studio and one of the original anime with the theme of music and idols. Ai Mizuno is a member of Kotaro's idol group Franchouchou. Ai Mizuno is one of the girls as well as an important person in this band. Including one of the zombies that are turned on. What is the specialty of this Ai-Chan?

Who is Ai Mizuno?

Ai Mizuno Zombieland Saga
Mizuno Ai is currently titled The Legendary Heisei Idol (伝説の平成アイドル, Densetsu no Heisei aidoru). Since the Mizuno himself is a legend in the Heisei era, what is unique about this Mizuno Ai? Why did she get this Heisei Idol title? Why is this Ai-chan very worthy of being a waifu who tells a story, is firm, and has a very high work ethic? Here's the description.

Mizuno's Ai Strengths

Ai Mizuno Zombieland Saga
What are the advantages of this Ai-Chan? Why did Sang become such an extraordinary person?

  • Talent Incredible work ethic

One of the highlights here is the work ethic built by Ai Mizuno. Ai Mizuno was one of the girls who had an excellent performance in the Franchouchou. She became a helper and printer of champions in his heyday. She is one of the most important women as well as great and strong in this Franchouchou and becomes a partner of Saki Nikaido, as well as Junko Konno.

  • Very Energetic Appearance

An idol must be very energetic and full of energy. The Mizuno Ai himself is one of the idols who have really great energy. It even surpasses others because of the energy it builds. Therefore, this girl is really great because she can be a very energetic and great person in it.

  • Very Firm and Responsible Personality

One of the peculiarities of Ai Mizuno's attitude is that she has a personality that is full of responsibility and stands firm. This uniqueness is what makes Ai Mizuno great in this character. Because she has a very high and firm responsibility in it.

  • Have Very Great Talent

One of the extraordinary things about the Mizuno AI is that she has many talents that exceed his peers. These include singing, dancing, and choreography, as well as having skills for musical arrangements. This is the great thing about Ai-chan because she is smart in idol talent and useful for those of us who want to learn this art.

Mizuno's Ai Weakness

Mizuno Ai Zombieland Saga
What do we see from Mizuno's Ai weakness? Why does she have a weakness of his own?

  • Sometimes Full of Selfishness

On the one hand, indeed she has a very great talent and so much. But on the other hand, she is full of selfishness that she goes through and even shows it in front of his friends. Because she was able to do anything, that was the attitude. Even his achievements so far. So this Ai Mizuno himself sometimes doesn't have friends. But fortunately, Franchouchou accepted him as a brother.

  • less stable

One of the drawbacks here is Ai Mizuno is that it has both hot and cold nature in it. Especially how she is less stable. All of this was influenced by the work ethic of the other girls. Especially the seduction of simple emotions like the classic tsundere, as well as the performance of the other girls. So she follows the mood and what's around how the input goes into this Ai-chan.

Conclusion about Mizuno Ai Zombieland Saga

One of the highlights of Ai Mizuno is that she is the type who tells stories, has determination, and has a high work ethic. Maybe some girls or women rarely have such a performance because of their personality. But according to the author, this very interesting personality is only found in Ai-chan as part of Franchouchou. Do you think this kind of waifu is really worth it for you guys?

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