Is Draken dead? Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230

On November 11, 2021, Ken Wakui himself finally answered directly and gave an update to all of us through his official Twitter account.  In the post, Ken Wakui shared an image from the 25th volume, on the front cover of one of the most beloved and also most liked characters by fans of the Tokyo Revengers manga. Who else if not Draken! Very interesting is not, of course, this latest info is good news for most fans.

Is Draken dead? Tokyo Revengers Volume 25

Is Draken dead Tokyo Revengers Volume 25
After a long wait, we can finally see the appearance of Tokyo Gang Vice President Manji! But don't be happy just yet.  Although Draken finally reappeared as the character who fills the cover of this 25th volume, "IT DOES NOT MEAN DRAKEN WILL COME BACK TO LIFE!" Maybe the appearance of the Draken is a sign, an upcoming chapter. Draken will appear in the manga while he's in the hospital, to get a serious handler.

Draken was critical of the bloody Halloween incident while fighting the Mobius gang. Draken also had heart failure, or his heart stopped working When the doctors in the ambulance panicked and thought Draken was dead.

But after getting serious treatment.  Finally, Draken's heartbeat again and after surgery by the doctors at the hospital, finally Draken's life was saved again. It is not impossible if the scenario will be repeated in this last arc.

Is Draken dead Tokyo Revengers Volume 25

Or worse, the appearance of Draken on the cover of Tokyo Revengers volume 25 is an indication that in the next few chapters we will be presented with a scene or moment of a funeral from Draken. Because after all the gunshot wounds suffered by Draken is actually quite severe, coupled with an ambulance that takes 4 weeks finally arrived and provide treatment to the Draken even though it is too late! But don't worry, as long as there is no official information regarding the fate of the twin dragons, there is still a possibility that Draken will be saved by plot armor in the end. Because there were actually many irregularities that occurred at the time of Draken's death. For example, the suspicious attitude of medical personnel where on one of the panels is seen one of them is holding a mobile phone and calling someone.


In the event, there is no Shuji Hanma on the eve of this Tanabata festival. Many hope that Draken can survive, from the tragedy that befell him on the eve of the festival. Although it's very unlikely that it will happen. For information about Draken dying or not, we will review it in the next post. What do you think? Don't hesitate to share your opinion in the comments.

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