Relationship Between Kakucho, Izana, and Mikey

Kakucho, Izana, and Mikey Tokyo Revengers

After discussing the Tokyo Revengers chapter 230 manga. It's time to talk about the relationship between Kakucho, Izana, and Mikey. Let's just say here's a little explanation about it.

Kakucho, Izana, and Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Kakucho himself actually strongly disagreed to join Rokuhara and only wanted to join because he was defeated by Terano in the previous battle. Even according to Ran Haitani, Kakucho never wanted to follow anyone's orders in his life except orders from Izana.

But if you have to choose between Terano and Mikey, it is clear Mikey will choose Kakucho to be the leader of all of them. Despite having no blood ties, Izana is someone who is considered a sibling by Sano Manjiro, Emma, and Shiniciro Sano. Moreover, in Bonten's future, Mikey himself takes or imitates the persona and personality of Izana Kurokawa. So it is certain that during Bonten's time It was Mikey who continued Kurokawa Izana's dream and hopes to become the number 1 bad boy and rule the entire gang world in Japan.

Izana's dream is to create a home or organization for children who have been abandoned or betrayed by their circumstances and environment. Or simply put, Izana wants to create an organization where outcasts and people who don't have people like her, kakucho, ran, rindou, Mochizuki kanji, and other children so that they can get together, have a place back, and can protect each other. The concept is the same as the concept of an orphanage where Izana stands as a protector for all its members from other delinquent threats throughout Japan. That's the reason why Kurokawa Izana wants to become the king and ruler of the entire world on the same level as Shinichiro Sano.

Isn't that the same goal as Mikey? Where does Mikey want to rule the entire world of delinquents and become the number 1 delinquent in Japan, in order to protect all his friends? When Mikey is at the top then he can control movements around the delinquent world as well as in the criminal underworld.

Mikey can also make sure no other bad boy dares to interfere with the normal lives of all his other friends. A very noble goal, but executed or executed the wrong way. That's the reason Kakucho challenges Mikey to a fight after finding out what Mikey Dan's true goal is after Terano Minami is defeated or even killed on the eve of this Tanabata festival.

Kakucho will next go with Mikey and together will realize Kurokawa Izana's dream. Don't forget, in the future, Kakucho will be the number 3 person as well as Mikey's most trusted person.

Kakucho even knows everything about Mikey that the rest of Bonten doesn't know. For example, an appointment to meet again after 12 years. Even in one of his moments, Kakucho comes to Mikey who is sitting alone in the moonlight, and asks Mikey why he didn't come and be reunited with former Tokyo member Manji as promised.


That's a bit of a story between Kakucho, Izana, and Mikey. Manji Draken in Tokyo is Mikey's Heart. So in Bonten Kakucho it's Mikey's heart. Despite all the chaos caused by Sanzu and the other Bonten members. Kakucho is the one who keeps trying to keep Mikey sane. And Mikey's goal is the same as the dream that Kurokawa Izana had hoped for.

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