Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233: Better Late Than Never

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233: Better Late Than Never

We will retell and explain all the events or incidents that occurred in the latest chapter of the manga Tokyo Revengers chapter 233. Mikey is raging, Kokonoi is trying to finish the fight on the night of this Tanabata festival, Kawaragi Senju is finally starting to move.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Full Review

Tokyo Revengers chapter 233 is entitled "Better late than never" The title really really represents the state or condition of Sano Manjirou in the battle that night. Where Mikey decides to make the last move among the other strong fighters.

The storyline of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233

At the beginning of the chapter, we are immediately shown how the end of the war between the 3 big gangs of the world's delinquents will be. Almost all members of the Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman, and Kanto Manji gangs are now unable to stand up and no one is able to fight anymore.

1. Mikey brutally beats South Terano

Right now all eyes are only on Sano Manjirou aka Mikey who is fighting Terano and brutally beating Terano Minami.

It could be concluded that the battle on the night of this festival was actually over. But Mikey doesn't seem to want to stop. He mercilessly continued to beat Terano's face with his very hard fists over and over again. Seeing this, Takemichi got up again and tried to run towards Terano while shouting Terano's name repeatedly.

"Terano Terano!!"

However, no matter how loud Takemichi shouted his name, Terano didn't move at all and didn't answer any calls from Hanagaki Takemichi. At this moment, Takemichi really gave up, he thought that this time Terano Minami had really died.

2. Battle Winner

Then Hajime Kokonoi who started moving and trying to attract everyone's attention on the battlefield, Koko said loudly.

“EVERYONE HEARD! SENJU of Brahman has been defeated by Terano of Rokuhara, and Terano of Rokuhara has been defeated By Mikey of Kanto manji! So IN Battle tonight It's the KANTO MANJI gang! That was the short victory speech that Hajime Kokonoi spoke loudly.

Actually, Kokonoi's goal of announcing the results of the bloody battle on the night of this Tanabata festival is quite simple, he wants everything to be over quickly and everyone can quickly leave this place. Hajime Kokonoi doesn't want anything else to make Mikey angrier and more out of control.

3. Battle Over

Hearing Hajime Kokonoi's words, everyone from the Brahman gang, Kanto Manji, as well as Rokuhara Tandai, finally started to get up and slowly started to leave this bloody battlefield.

Seen Ran Haitani came and tried to help Kakucho to stand after being hit and defeated by Mikey. When he was about to leave, Kakucho asked Terano's condition, Kakucho was very worried whether Terano could survive Mikey's wrath or not. But before Kakucho could finish his words, Ran already stopped him. Ran also said that right now their priority was to leave this place and save themselves first.

4. Mikey Lost Control

In Tokyo Revengers chapter 233, Akashi Takeomi stood up again and tried to approach Mikey. A careless move by Takeomi, even though Kokonoi had asked everyone to leave this battlefield. At that moment Takeomi said:


But Takeomi actually provokes emotions from Mikey. But without further ado, Mikey immediately kicked Takeomi's body very hard, causing Akashi Takeomi to bounce very far. With a sinister face full of emotion, Mikey said to Takeomi


5. Mikey Attacks Takemichi

Mikey walked towards Akashi Takeomi, this time with the intent to kill him. Seeing all this happening, of course, Takemichi couldn't stay still, once again he tried to get up and tried to run towards Mikey and stopped in front of him. Takemichi boldly said to Mikey


With an annoyed face, Mikey responded to all of Takemichi's words:

"HAH, you again!"

Without further ado, Mikey grabbed Takemichi by the collar and lifted him up. At this time, Takemichi suddenly recalled his memory of when he first met Sano Manjirou in this manga. Mikey used to joke that he wanted to hit Takemicih in the face but suddenly he stopped his punches and said if he was just kidding.

With full of sadness and tears that kept trickling down her cheeks. In addition to losing the Draken, now he must also lose Sano Manjiro who has fallen or been swallowed by the darkness within him. This time, Mikey ignored Takemichi's cries and words.

He quickly slammed his hard fist several times into Takemichi's face until Takemichi went limp and started kneeling helplessly in front of Mikey. But apparently, Mikey didn't let Takemichi fall at all, in this condition Mikey was still holding Takemichi's collar and relentlessly hitting Takemichi's face, again and again, causing Takemichi's body this time to be thrown and bounced very far.

6. Kokonoi Hajime is trying to stop Mikey

Seeing all the bad treatment that Sano Manjirou had done to his best friend, Hanagaki Takemichi, Hajime Kokonoi became very worried. He himself did not want any more victims on the night of the festival. Kokonoi takes the initiative to stop Mikey and asks him to leave the battlefield.

But before Kokonoi could finish his words, suddenly Mikey, who was raging, looked at Kokonoi with a sharp gaze, as if Mikey was signaling him to be quiet and not to interfere if he didn't want to be the next victim. As a result of that gaze, Kokonoi's body immediately stiffened and trembled. He was very surprised to see Mikey's condition like this. Mikey who is now in front of him is very different from the Mikey he has known so far.

7. Senju Kawaragi tries to stop Mikey

Mikey then returned to Takemichi saying:


But before Takemichi could answer, this time Mikey grabbed Takemichi by the collar and relentlessly beat him again and again, using his very hard fists. Takemichi's face looked bloody, every time his fist touched his face. Seeing all this, Senju realizes that if he continues, bad luck will soon befall Takemichi!

Senju Kawaragi who was previously silent and helpless after being hit by a mental attack from Mikey finally dared to stand up and ran towards Takemicih and Mikey. Senju loudly said.


8. Mikey wants to kill Takemichi

This time Mikey really doesn't care about everyone around him. His current goal was to kill Hanagaki Takemichi who was in front of him. Mikey is very upset that Takemichi has broken his promise not to look for him again, and not to traverse time or return to the past. As a result of Takemichi's actions, Draken finally became a victim in the tragedy on the night of this Tanabata festival. All of Mikey's emotions have finally reached their peak, and he intends to immediately kill Takemichi's life in the next blow.

However, it seems that Takemichi still hasn't fainted and doesn't want to give up. In a low voice, Takemichi once again said.


At the same time, Mikey directly hit Takemichi without waiting for him to finish his sentence. And the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 manga ended.


In the manga Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 we are shown about the anger Mikey. He almost killed everyone, even Takemichi's fate was at stake at that time. Then can Mikey be stopped? Let's wait for the information on the next Tokyo Revengers chapter 234.

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