The Final Season of Attack on Titan Episode 2

The final season of attack on titan episode 2

The episode starts with Hange holding Levi's brutally injured body. Floch states that “our biggest enemy is covered in his own blood”. One of floch followers wants to finish Levi off, but Hange declares Levi is dead.

The Final Season of Attack on Titan Episode 2 Release Date Info

Levi was caught in a thunder spear explosion at point-blank. Floch doesn’t trust change and demands her to let him see for himself. The titan begins to disappear and shocks everyone because titans don’t absorb steam when disappearing.

Zeke climbs out of the titans and Hange takes advantage of the confusion to escape. Floch askes Zeke what happened.

Zeke answers that a girl molded his body in an unknown place. He claims it was the path. Then floch asks what happened to the survey corps guarding zeke. Zeke reveals they’re gone and nobody can stand in their way now. A rumbling happens terrifying everyone, Armin claims Erin has begun to make his move.

Gabi questions why Pieck is helping her considering she betrayed them.

Pieck states she would never sell out her comrades and doesn’t believe in Marley. I believe in the comrades that we fought by side for years. Reiner and the Marley launch an attack on Eren. Pieck tells Porco to cut her hand off so the shackles will be removed from her.

Then she jumps off the roof in pain to transform into her titan form. Porco distracts Eren, which allows Pieck to rescue Gabi. Eren is shocked Marley launched such a desperate attack with such little information. Yelena pleads with Eren to escape using the Warhammer titan, but Eren ignores her request to fight Reiner. Reiner and Eren clash, only for Eren to body Reiner as usual.

Pieck brings Gabi back to commander Magath. Magath worried for Gabi's safety, scolds her for her foolish actions. Colt asks Gabi where Falco is. Gabi discloses that Folk is still imprisoned and ingested Zeke's spinal fluid. Pieck reveals that Falco is detained alongside 300 prisoners, and 500 soldiers are guarding them.

Magath asks what’s the possibility of using the Warhammer titan. Pieck believes Eren isn’t able to activate it yet.

Magath asks if there’s a condition to using the Warhammer titan ability. Gabi remembers Zeke stating that they have both the founding titan and a titan of royal blood. Magath and Colt believe Zeke could be a titan of royal blood because his parents were the leader of the restorationist.

Pieck states in order to stop the Warhammer titans' activation, they can’t let Eren and Zeke come into contact. Gabi is worried for Reiner, but Magath states that the world's shield AKA Reiner, isn’t so weak to fall that easily. Then declares that they’re going to eat the founding titan and put an end to the 2000 years of grudge.

Eren and Reiner clash, but Eren folds Reiner once again. Porco jumps Reiner but Eren easily folds both Reiner and Porco with the Warhammer spikes.

Erens scouts attempt to finish off Porco and Reiner, only for Magaths goons to snipe Eren. Marleyan soldiers then proceed to masquer Erens scouts. The Marleyan squad attempt to finish Eren off and Reiner even manages to pin him down. Onyankopon frees Erens former allies in a desperate attempt to save Eren. However, Connie angrily labels Onyango as a traitor and refuses to assist him, because of the pent-up frustration from multiple allies betraying him.

Armin tells Connie to let them hear him out. Onyankopon claims he didn’t know about Yelena's plans. Nicolo supports his claim, disclosing that Yelena told them not to say anything about the wine. Then stating he didn't want to help with the Eldia euthanasia plan, they just wanted to help develop paradise island so that we could defeat Marley together. Armin believes Onyankopon because he showed a stance that opposes Zeke's ideology a while ago.

Jean finally believes Onyankopon but is confused about how helping Eren is supposed to stop the euthanasia plan. Onyankopon responds by saying that they will impede their plan. Then states we must let the world witness the power of the rumbling at least once, so they can deter future invasions from foreign nations. Armin asks mikasa if she wants to help Mikasa. Though of course, the queen of simps declares that she wants to help Eren, not out of her own wishes but because of the will of Ackermans.

Armin attempts to persuade the crew that Eren would never support euthanasia. However, they don’t believe him because Eren is the one who commenced the plan in the first place.

Armin responds with “Eren is only using Yelena so he can protect the island with the rumbling”. He can’t oppose Yelena because she will attempt anything to get Eren on her side. The episode ends with carnage and mayhem from the result of war, and Eren screaming angrily.

That’s everything you need to know about AOT the final season part 2 episode 1! As for episode 2 release date, it will air every Sunday at 10:05 est on the high seas. Though on Crunchyroll it may air at 3:45 EST because they delay it for some reason.

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