Twelve Kizuki Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Twelve Kizuki Demon Slayer

The twelve kizuki or also known as the twelve moon demons is the strongest demon organization, which is under the direct control of the demon lord Kibutsuji Muzan. It was known that each member of the twelve moon demons had received most of the blood from Muzan to increase their strength, so these demons became troublesome enemies for the demon slayer squad as they were very difficult to defeat.

Full List of Twelve Kizuki Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

As proof, any member of the twelve moon demons can use their extremely dangerous demon blood art technique, as this technique possesses supernatural powers that only powerful demons can manifest. As the leader of this elite force, Kibutsuji Muzan purposely divided his men into two large groups, consisting of six lower moon rank devils, and six upper moon rank devils. Each ranking of the two groups indicates how strong the demon is, where number six is the weakest position, and number one is the strongest.

As for the difference between a lower moon demon and an upper moon demon, a lower moon demon only showed their rank number in one eye, while an upper moon demon would show their rank and position in both their eyes. In addition, compared to the lower moon demons that change members many times, the upper moon demons themselves have members that stay and last for hundreds of years when they are formed, so it can be said that the upper moon demons are Muzan's strongest subordinates. among other demons. The twelve moon demons themselves are known to have important missions and tasks given by Muzan, among which they must find the blue spider lily flower, then destroy the demon slayer army and serve Muzan by surrendering their souls and bodies. With all the horror and power at their disposal, hundreds of years of the moon demon's existence were said to be capable of taking a heavy toll on the demon slayer members, even for Hashira.

Now in this article, we will discuss all members of the moon demon which is the strongest demon organization that is directly controlled by Kibutsuji Muzan.

Complete List of Lower Ranks Demon Slayer Kimtesu no Yaiba

First, we will explain the members of the lower moon demon, or what is also known as the lower moon demon. Let's just start the discussion

1. Kyogai

kyogai Demon Slayer

Kyogai, also known as the drum demon or drum demon, is the main demon in the Tsuzumi Mansion arc. He is a former member of the sixth rank lower moon demon and was one of the first moon demons seen in the anime series. It is known that the Kyogai has the unique power to manipulate space, and he does this by using drums or drums on his body, and the drums can also be used to attack enemies.

When he became a human, Kyogai was someone he loved and had artistic talent, but unfortunately, the people around him always insulted his work, until one day, an angry Kyogai killed the person who insulted his work.

After he turned into a demon, Kyogai has a tall and muscular appearance with several drums or drums visible on his body, and his right eye has the kanji for the number six which later becomes the X symbol after being slashed by Muzan.

Muzan did this because he knew that the power of the Kyogai could not develop even if it had eaten a human, so Muzan took out the Kyogai of the lesser members of the moon demon. Desperate after Muzan took him down, Kyogai then began to hunt humans with rare marechi blood and planned to eat them, in order to make them stronger. However, all of these plans fail when Tanjiro manages to behead him in their fight, though at the time of his death, Kyogai is seen weeping with tears, having learned that Tanjiro values his art.

2. Rui

Rui Demon Slayer

While Tanjiro and company are on a mission on Mount Natagumo, they then come face to face with the fifth rank low moon demon, Rui.

Rui is a demonic figure who has the body of a 13-year-old child, and he has the power to manipulate threads from his body to become a weapon that troubles his opponents. When he was still a human, it was discovered that Rui was born with a weak and sickly body, so he could not even walk which caused him to just lie in bed, and was raised by his mother and father who loved him very much. But one-day Muzan met Rui and offered to heal him, and Muzan then gave his blood to Rui to make him healthy again.

Rui who returned to health was finally able to move freely and give happiness to his parents, but it didn't last long because it turned out that Rui himself had turned into a demon.

His parents who knew this then planned to kill Rui, but Rui realized it was forced to kill his father and mother. To suppress his sense of loss, Rui then creates his own version of the family by turning the victims into demons. During the fight against Tanjiro, it was discovered that Rui almost died from being hit by the Hinokami Kagura technique, but Rui cleverly managed to decapitate him before that happened. Knowing that the already weak Tanjiro was helpless, Rui quickly used his demon blood arts to kill Tanjiro, luckily Giyu was able to thwart the demon blood arts and immediately beheaded Rui before he knew it.

3. Kamanue

Kamanue Demon Slayer

Kamanue is a short young man with pale skin. Under his eyes, there is a green line, while the shape of his eyes is like a cat's eye. Kamanue's hair is dark brown and orange at the ends. He usually wears a white Haori and a white shirt and dark pants.

Kamanue has a personality that is always restless. He always wore a frightened expression, probably because he felt the weakest among the lower ranks.

4. Mukago

Mukago Demon Slayer

Mukago has the appearance of a sick coolie, is yellow in color, and has a dark red line on his cheek. He also has white horns on his forehead. His eyes are gray, while his hair is white. Mukago is seen always wearing a red kimono with a large purple ribbon.

Mukago has the most cowardly or cowardly personality among the lower rank demons. Even Muzan Kibutsuji had read his mind, and he knew that Mukago had no intention of fighting Hashira and the Demon Hunt Corps.

5. Wakuraba

Wakuraba Demon Slayer

Wakuraba is seen to have pale white skin, there are three cross-shaped scars on his face. His eyes are wide and sharp and there are kanji writing which means "three", which is a sign that he is a third lower rank demon. Wakuraba always wears a bamboo yukata with speckled and striped motifs. He also wears earrings and a pair of wooden sandals.

Wakuraba has a personality that is very loyal to Muzan Kibutsuji. Even so, in the end, Wakuraba was also killed by Muzan like other lower-ranking demon members.

6. Rokuro

Rokuro Demon Slayer

Unlike the other lower-ranking members, Rokuro had the figure of an older man. He has a stout body and pale skin. His hair is purple, his beard is jagged and his eyes are gold with the kanji for "two".

Rokuro has a personality that always respects and fears Muzan Kibutsuji. When another lower rank demon is killed by Muzan, Rokuro is frightened and asks him to give him more blood. Rokuro promises to become a stronger fighter and can level up with the Twelve Kizuki. But Muzan ended up killing him too.

7. Enmu

Enmu Demon Slayer

In the end, Rui's death made Muzan so angry, that Muzan immediately killed all the members of the Under Moon Demon, namely Kamanue and Mukago, then Wakuraba and Rokuro. Except for the lower rank one moon demon, Enmu, because Muzan gave him the chance to kill Tanjiro and the Hashiras, by giving Enmu more blood.

Enmu. As we all know that Enmu is a first-rank low moon demon, and he is a demon with supernatural powers capable of hypnotizing and manipulating his opponent's dreams. In the past, Enmu was a human who had a tendency to over-imaginative, where since childhood he had difficulty even distinguishing between the real world and the world of his imagination. When growing up, it turns out that Enmu has mastered the hypnosis that he uses to deceive his patients, and he does this repeatedly until it takes many victims.

One night when Muzan met Enmu, Muzan immediately attacked Enmu to eat him, but even though Muzan had ripped Enmu's stomach and ate his intestines, it turned out that Enmu didn't show the slightest pain. Seeing this, Muzan decided to turn Enmu into a demon, and soon after, Enmu managed to rise to the first rank of the Underworld Devils. In the Mugen train arc, Enmu became a demon who had hypnotized all the passengers on the train that numbered more than 200 people, and he even almost trapped Kyojuro and Tanjiro and the others using their dreamland. All of these efforts were finally thwarted after Tanjiro and Inosuke managed to find Enmu's real head that was fused with the train. and using the Hinokami Kagura technique, Tanjiro then decapitates Enmu so that the demon is finally killed.

8. Hairo

Hairo Demon Slayer

Hairo is the second-ranked low moon demon featured in the spinoff manga Renggoku Gaiden, and he is a demon who was the opposite of Kyojuro Renggoku and Mitsuri Kanroji, before they became Hashhira. There is not much information about Hairo's life when he became a human, but it is known that he was a samurai who was often bullied by snipers, thus making Hairo feel ashamed of his sword skills.

After turning into a demon, he was almost killed by the pillar of fire just then, Shinjuro Renggoku, but Hairo survived after escaping. Before long, Hairo became stronger and managed to become a rank two lower moon demon, and he began to adjust his abilities to become a demon with multiple firearms on his body.

Hairo then met and fought against Kyojuro who had not yet become Hashira, and in that fight, Hairo used his shooting and sword techniques to kill Kyojuro, but in the end, Kyojuro still managed to defeat him.

Demon Slayer Upper Ranks Complete List

Now we will go into the explanation of the members of the Demon of the upper moon or Upper moon.

1. Gyutaro and Daki

Gyutaro and Daki Demon Slayer

Gyutaro and Daki are rank 6 top moon demons who are the main antagonists in the entertainment district arc, where they are the only demons who rule the area.

The life of this brother and sister as humans is very dark, as they were born in a very poor family to a mother who was a lower-class comfort woman in the district, whose mother even tried to kill them both when they were young.

After their mother died due to illness, Gyutaro and Daki's life became increasingly miserable because they had no place to live, so they ended up living on the streets. But even so, Gyutaro and Daki love each other as brothers, and as time goes by because of Daki's beautiful face, their lives slowly improve. But unfortunately, it didn't last long after Daki had to die because his customer was burned alive by his customer, and Gyutaro himself had to be seriously injured while trying to save his sister. Desperately hoping for help from the locals who don't care about them, it turns out that the second upper moon demon, namely Doma, arrives, and offers to save them. Gyutaro then agrees to Doma's offer, and he asks Doma to turn himself and Daki into demons.

After that, Gyutaro and Daki became demons whose strength grew very rapidly, until they finally rose to become the 6th top moon demon. When Tengen Uzui and Tanjiro and friends go on a mission in the entertainment district, they must face off against Gyutaro and Daki who rule the place. The battle was fierce where Uzui and Tanjiro and friends were almost killed by Gyutaro and Daki, but in the end, the demon brothers were defeated after their heads were beheaded simultaneously.

2. Kaigaku

Kaigaku Demon Slayer

Kaigaku is a rank 6 top moon demon who takes the place of Gyutaro and Daki, and he is the second demon slayer after Kokushibu to choose betrayal and then merge into a demon.

During his life as a human, as a child, Kaigaku lived in a shrine with other orphans under the care of Gyomei Himejima. But in the end, Kaigaku had to be expelled from the temple for always stealing money from the existing charity box, and in his escape, Kaigaku instead met a demon who wanted to kill him. Realizing his life was in danger, Kaigaku instead asked the devil not to kill him by offering another, more sacrifice, then Kaigaku led the demon to the temple so that the children in the temple were killed by the devil.

After successfully carrying out the action, Kaigaku then returned to life on the streets, until one-day Jigoro Kuwajima met Kaigaku and made him a Zenitsu student. After practicing flash breathing techniques together with Zenitsu, Kaigaku quickly mastered 5 of the 6 forms of lightning breathing techniques, but due to his arrogant nature, Jigoro Kuwajima chose not to make it Hasira.

One day when Kaigaku was doing his job of hunting down demons, he actually met the first rank moon demon, Kokushibu. Kaigaku realized that Kokushibu had much greater power than himself, so Kaigaku then begged Kokushibo not to kill him, but instead of this request, Kokushibu then asked Kaigaku to turn into a demon by drinking his blood.

Since then Kaigaku has officially betrayed the demon slayer squad, and Jigoro is very disappointed to hear the news and then chooses to commit seppuku or commit suicide. Even though he has turned into a demon and then a member of the upper moon demon, Kaigaku is the upper moon demon with the shortest tenure in the series. During the infinity castle arc, Kaigaku is seen fighting his junior, Zenitsu, and in that fight, Zenitsu finally manages to kill Kaigaku by beheading him.

3. Gyokko

Gyokko Demon Slayer

Gyokko is a top 5 moon demon, and he is one of Muzan's favorite demons because his works are often sold by Muzan for a lot of money. In his human life, Gyokko is known to live on the outskirts of a fishing village, where he is disliked by the locals for his behavior of collecting fish carcasses and doing other strange things. One day Gyokko accidentally killed a small child and kept the child's body in an urn he made, but his actions were known by the residents there, so Gyokko was then tortured and allowed to die slowly.

Muzan who knows this then turns Gyokko into a demon, and because Gyokko is able to make beautiful jars that can be sold at high prices, Muzan then gives a lot of blood and raises him to become a moon demon in the 5th rank.

In the battle in the sword forging village, the Gyokko plays a role. to destroy the village using a mutant creature in the form of a large fish, but the lust of love, namely Mitsuri Kanroji is able to thwart his plans. Gyokko's real body had devoured some of the villagers and put them in his urn, and he then vomited it back up to show Muichiro his art. Gyokko then fights fiercely against Muichiro Tokito, although at first, he has the upper hand by trapping Muichiro in water prison, Muichiro manages to escape and awakens his demon slayer mark. After that Gyokko took out his true form to fight Muichiro, but Muichiro was quickly able to decapitate Gyokko before he knew it. And at the time of his death, Gyokko still couldn't believe he had to lose against a child.

4. Hantengu

Hantengu Demon Slayer

Hantengu was a rank 4 upper moon demon, and he was a unique demon figure in that he had a cloned body with different powers. While still a human, the ghost is known to have committed many heinous crimes such as stealing and killing many of his victims, but he also insists on his total innocence. In the end, Hantengu was arrested and tried by a judge in his district, although Hantengu still denied the heinous act he had committed, the judge then sentenced him to death by beheading.

While in prison awaiting execution, the ghost was approached by Kibutsuji Muzan who offered to help him, and from then on, the ghost turned into a demon. In the swordsmithing village arc, Hantengu and Gyokko are assigned by Muzan to destroy the village in order to weaken the power of the demon slayer squad.

Hantengu then engages in a fight against Muichiro Tokito and Tanjiro, and after being decapitated by Muichiro, Hantengu's body actually releases several clones of himself which immediately throws Muichiro out of it. In the end, Tanjiro along with Genya and Nezuko had to fight against the Hantengu clones, although they were overwhelmed, luckily Mitsuri then came and changed the battle situation. When Mitsuri fights against a combination of cloned ghosts named Zohakuten, Tanjiro continues to push the ghost's real body, until the ghost is defeated after being beheaded by Tanjiro.

5. Nakime

Nakime Demon Slayer

After Hantengu's death, Muzan then gave Nakime more blood and made Nakime the new fourth top moon demon. The story of Nakime's life when he became a human himself is not told in the manga, but you can find out through the official wiki page of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Nakime used to be an amateur biwa player in her area, and she had an unemployed husband who got drunk and caused a lot of trouble.

Once when Nakime was about to appear in a biwa show, her husband actually sold Nakime's clothes for gambling, so Nakime, tired of her husband's attitude, accidentally killed her husband by beating him with a hammer repeatedly.

After doing that, Nakime immediately went to where she was going to perform, and as she was about to play her biwa, Nakime's hands shook violently because she had just realized that she had killed her own husband. The fear and shock he experienced actually made Nakime's biwa game very beautiful and emotional, thus making everyone praise Nakime's game and made him even more famous.

From then on, Nakime started killing people before appearing in his biwa shows, until he met Kibutsuji Muzan who turned Nakime into a demon. After becoming the new rank 4 top moon demon, Nakime helps Muzan in the infinity castle arc, where he manages to separate all the Hasira in the castle. Nakime then fights against Obanai and Mitsuri, but these two Hasira are very difficult to reach, because of Nakime's power that can manipulate the infinity castle room.

But in the end, Yuishiro managed to stop the troublesome power of the Nakime by controlling his mind, so that the more cornered Muzan actually crushed Nakime's head, causing him to be killed.

6. Akaza

Akaza Demon Slayer

As we know, Akaza is the third rank moon demon who is Muzan's trusted pawn, and he is the demon responsible for the assassination of Kyojuro Renggoku. Akaza's life story itself is very tragic because he has to take care of his father who is sick and requires medical expenses, so Akaza who comes from a poor family is forced to commit heinous acts by becoming a thief. Despite being repeatedly arrested and tortured by judges in his area, Akaza doesn't give up and continues to do what he is doing.

Until the father who heard the news then decided to commit suicide because he did not want to burden his son's life. The death of his father made Akaza's heart very sad and broken because of it, Akaza who was not in the right direction began to cause problems by beating seven adults at once until a man named Keizo came and was able to defeat him.

After that, Akaza was appointed a student of Keizo's dojo and raised Keizo's daughter, Koyuki, until several years later, Akaza finally got the meaning of his life back. Keizo then betrothed Akaza to marry Koyuki, and even Keizo also gave his dojo to Akaza. Akaza who is very happy then goes to his father's grave to ask for his blessing, but after returning he is surprised to see Keizo and Koyuki who have died, after drinking well water poisoned by dojo members who are rivals of Keizo's dojo.

Akaza, who loved them both more than his life, became furious and brutally killed 67 members of the dojo leaving nothing behind. This news was later heard by Muzan, where Muzan himself was a little surprised because he mistakenly thought that all these heinous acts did not come from demons, but humans. Seeing Muzan blocking his path made Akaza immediately attack the demon lord, but Muzan quickly stabbed Akaza's head and pumped a lot of blood, so since then Akaza lost his memory and turned into a very powerful demon. During the battle against Tanjiro and Giyu in the infinity castle arc, Tanjiro managed to behead Akaza, but because of his strong will, Akaza managed to grow his head back. In that battle, Akaza's human memories slowly resurfaced, which made him remember his father as well as Keizo and Koyuki.

All of that made Akaza realize that he had turned into a very evil demon, so Akaza then decided to commit suicide using his strongest technique.

7. Doma

Doma Demon Slayer

In general, Doma is a demon with a unique character that somehow becomes an idol for the audience of this anime series, and he is a member of the top moon demon who ranks second.

Doma was born with the disorder of not being able to feel any emotions in his heart, and he has been an atheist since childhood because he doesn't believe in God and heaven and hell. Doma has silver hair and unique rainbow-colored eyes which makes him adored by his parents and members of their sect, but over time the sect is used by his father to have an affair with several women there.

His father's behavior made Doma's mother very angry until one-day Duoma had to see his parents who died because his mother killed his father by brutally stabbing him, then committed suicide by drinking poison. After that, Doma also led a sect that was left by his parents alone, until one-day Muzan came and turned him into a demon. After becoming a demon, Doma's power grew rapidly due to eating his sect members who were mostly women, so soon Doma became a top second-ranked moon demon. For hundreds of years of his life, Doma has taken many victims and also played a role in turning several humans into demons, one of which is Gyutaro and Daki, and Doma is also known as the figure responsible for the murder of Inosuke's mother.

When the infinity v castle arc takes place, Doma is faced with a pillar of insects, Shinobu Kocho, and they are involved in a very fierce battle. Unfortunately in the battle, the Shinobu had to be seriously injured, so Doma then killed the Shinobu and also ate his body. But all of that was the plan of a Shinobu who gave up his body to be eaten by Doma because it turned out that the Shinobu had planted a very deadly poison in his own body. With Shinobu poison, in the end, Kanao and Inosuke managed to defeat the moon demon in the second rank, because the effect of the poison was able to weaken Doma's body to make him helpless.

8. Kokushibo or Michikatsu Tsugikuni

Kokushibo Demon Slayer

Kokushibo is the holder of the strongest title among the 12 moon demons, as he is the first ranked top moon demon. Kibutsuji Muzan himself even considers Kokushibo, not as his subordinate, but Muzan recognizes Kokushibo's strength and considers him a partner. Kokushibo's human life is actually not as sad as other demons, because Kokushibo was born as twins from a noble family in his time. Ironically, Kokushibo is also the older brother of the strongest demon hunter, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Kokushibo has deep jealousy and jealousy towards his sister's powers, and after he joins as a demon slayer and is able to awaken his target, Kokushibo actually begins to fear death haunting him.

Muzan sees an opportunity to seduce Kokushibo by offering him immortality and great power, so Kokushibo accepts Muzan's offer and turns into a demon. As a result of Kokushibo's actions in favor of Muzan, his younger brother, Yoriichi, had to accept the punishment and had him expelled from the demon slayer squad. It is known that Kokushibo was the first swordsman to betray and choose to join Muzan, and he is also the strongest member whose rank has not been replaced by any demon for hundreds of years. But even so, Kokushibo almost died when reunited with an old Yoriichi, where Yoriichi was able to slash Kokushibo's neck though not completely cutting it. Kokushibo is also responsible for killing many Hashira during his time as a demon, at one point he managed to behead the leader of the demon slayers who was Kagaya's ancestor, and Kokushibo even brought his opponent's head in front of Muzan.

During the battle at infinity castle, Kokushbou had to fight against his own descendant, Muichiro Tokito, where he slashed Tokito's arm with great ease and nearly killed him along with Genya Shinazugawa before Sanemi came to their rescue.

Even though Sanemi had joined the battle, the situation remained unchanged because Kokushibo was very strong, and he even inflicted such serious injuries on Sanemi that the wind pillar nearly died from it. Luckily Gyomei Himejima then came to help, then Gyomei and Sanemi and Genya and Tokito kept trying to suppress Kokushibo until finally Kokushibo was defeated after his body and head were crushed.


So, that was the discussion about all the members of the 12 moon demons who are the strongest pawns of the demon king Kibutsuji Muzan in the Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Thank you for reading, see you in the next interesting discussion about Demon Slayer Anime and Manga.

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