Types of One Piece Devil Fruit

Types of One Piece Devil Fruit

In the One Piece anime and manga series, anyone who eats Akuma no Mi (Devil's Fruit), a devil fruit, will get power from the devil in the fruit.

Akuma no Mi One Piece

Even so, there are side effects for those devil fruit eaters, they will lose the ability to swim. Every devil fruit eater gets a curse of not being able to swim.

This fruit is very difficult to find and includes a very rare fruit. There are 100 more devil fruits in this world. Until now, devil fruit consists of 3 types, namely Paramecia, Zoan and Logia, following an explanation of each type of devil fruit that includes the name of the devil fruit, the person who uses the devil fruit, and what power the devil fruit user has.

Paramecia Type Devil Fruit

Paramecia: A type of devil fruit that allows users to have magical powers like rubber but still have the original shape

1. GOMU GOMU no Mi                                

GOMU means rubber
User: Monkey D. Luffy
Strength: The limbs become supple and the hands can be elongated, very strong, and bulletproof. His limbs can also grow up Having weakness with sharp objects 

2. BARA BARA no Mi

BARA means divided
User: Buggy
Strength: The body can be split so it is very difficult to beat him, he can also easily fly but his legs remain on the ground so there is a distance between him and his feet.

3. HANA HANA no Mi

HANA means flower
User: Nico Robin
Strength: can take out the hand wherever it is, even in the human body. even at this time, Robin can make himself two, or take out giant hands and feet.

4. YOMI YOMI no Mi

YOMI means to come back to life
User: Brook
Strength: there is no special ability of this fruit, it's just that it can make someone who eats it will be able to live again from the dead. He can also come out of his body in the form of a spirit.  But fortunately, Brook has the ability to be the sword.

5. SUBE SUBE no Mi

SUBE means slippery
User: Alvida
Strength: the body becomes slippery and the devil fruit eater can become slim

6. DORU DORU no Mi

DORU means candle
User: Mr. 3 Strength: can produce wax from his body. or make a human being who is affected by his move can become a candle. But for some reason, this move can make Luffy strong.

7. BOMU BOMU no Mi

BOMU means bomb
User: Mr. 5
Strength: the body can turn into a bomb, even strangely the noose can be a bomb.

8. MANE MANE no Mi

MANE means imitating
User: Mr. 2 Bon Clay
Strength: can imitate a person by touching one's face with his right hand, back again with his left hand.

9. SUPA SUPA no Mi

SUPA means sword
User: Mr. 1 (Daz Bones)
Strength: The limbs can turn into swords (specifically hands and feet). Hands and feet are really sharp like a sword 

10. KILO KILO no Mi

KILO means kilogram
User: Miss Valentine
Strengths: users can add weight

Zoan Type Devil Fruit

Zoan is a type of devil fruit that transforms a person into a deformed (usually turned into an animal).

1. HITO HITO no Mi

HITO means to be human
User: Tony Tony Chopper
Strength: The body can transform into a human or into a monster. He can also transform using a rumble ball.

2. HITO HITO no Mi model Daibutsu (Zoan Myhtical)

User: Sengoku
Strength: Can transform into a giant man like a buddha and can also issue wave attacks.

3. INU INU no Mi model Jackal

INU means dog
User: Chaka
Strength: Can turn into a Jackal (one type of dog resembles a black fox).

4. Uo Uo No Mi model Seiryu

User: Kaido
Power: A devil fruit that allows the user to transform into an oriental dragon.

5. Inu Inu No Mi Model Okuchi No Makami

User: Yamato
Strength: A Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a nine-tailed fox.

Logia type Devil Fruit

Logia is a type of devil fruit that changes its users can turn into something without a shape such as fire, smoke, lightning, and much more. It is indeed quite difficult to deal with logia-type devil fruit eaters. The only way is to use Haki (i.e. Busoshoku) or fight with fellow logia.

1. MOKU MOKU no Mi

MOKU means smoke
User: Smoker
Strength: Can turn into smoke or emit smoke moves. It has a weakness with fire (One Pece story 158).

2. SUNA SUNA no Mi

SUNA means sand
User: Crocodile
Strength: Can turn into sand or pull out sand moves. He can also absorb body water in a person until the person he smokes becomes dry. It has a weakness with water.

3. MERA MERA no Mi

MERA means burning
User: Portgas D. Ace
Strength: Can turn into fire or issue fire moves. Although fire is something very great, this power has its drawbacks with magma (Akainu, during the war in Marinford).

4. GORO GORO no Mi

GORO means lightning
User: God Enel
Strength: can turn into lightning or issue lightning moves. He can also make a golden ball. This fruit is among the strongest but has weaknesses with rubber.

5. Hie-Hie no Mi 

User: Kuzan (Aokiji)
Power: The user can be, create, and control ice.

6. Yami Yami no Mi (darkness)

User: Marshall D. Teach
Power: Allows its users to transform into elements of darkness.

7. Pika Pika no Mi (light)

User: Kizaru
Power: Allows its users to transform into light elements.

8. Magu Magu no Mi (magma)

User: Akainu
Strength: This allows its user to transform into a magma element.

9. Numa Numa no Mi (mud)

User: Caribou
Strength: This allows its users to turn into mud elements.

10. Gasu Gasu no Mi (gas)

User: Caesar Clown
Strength: This allows its users to transform into gaseous elements.

11. Yuki Yuki no Mi (snow)

User: Monet
Strength: This allows the user to become a snow element.

It's some kind of devil fruit (Akuma no Mi) in the Anime and Manga One Piece. There is still a lot of other Akuma no Mi, check out for updates on all about Akuma no Mi One Piece.

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