Monkey D Luffy

Monkey D Luffy

Luffy, known as "Straw Hat Luffy" is the founder and captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. His dream is to become a pirate king and find a treasure called "One Piece".

Monkey D Luffy One Piece

Luffy One Piece Personal Information

  • Name: Monkey D.Luffy
  • Japanese Name : モンキー・D・ルフィ
  • Romaji Name: Monkī Dī. Rufi
  • Nickname: "Straw Hat Luffy" (麦わらのルフィ Mugiwara no Rufi)
  • Another name: Luffy-taro, Luffy-no-Umi
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: May 5
  • Age: 19 (Chapter 598 - present)
  • Blood Type: F
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weights:-
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Bounties: estimated at 5 billion berry
  • Japanese Voice: Ayumi Tanaka, Urara Takano ( OVA )

Luffy started his adventure as a pirate when he was 17 years old. He always said he wanted to be the pirate king and find Gol D. Roger's treasure. His name became known after fighting the Yonko Big Mom pirates. After that Luffy was considered by the world as the fifth Yonko candidate.

Luffy is the son of revolutionary leader Monkey D.Dragon and his grandfather is Monkey D.Garp. He has 2 brothers since childhood named Portgas D.Ace (Fire Fist and Whitebeard's second division captain) and Sabo (Revolutionary Chief of Staff).

Luffy's Power

Luffy is a Mythical Zoan Hito Hito no Mi type devil fruit user Nika's model, starting from Shanks' negligence while in Foosha Village. Mythical Zoan is a Zoan-type devil fruit that allows the eater to turn into a mythological creature. This Mythical Zoan devil fruit is said to be the rarest of the logia-type devil fruits.

Luffy's Transformation:

    1. Luffy Gear 2

Luffy Gear 2

This technique is created when Luffy accelerates the blood flow in his body, it makes his movements faster. The side effect is to make Luffy hungry faster, but in time skip he is more able to minimize the effect. He can also combine Gear 2 with Busoshoku Haki instantly.

    2. Luffy Gear 3

Luffy Gear 3

Gear 3 changes increase Luffy's power to be very strong. He blew his bones to transform into like a giant. However, with the change in Gear 3, the speed is hampered.

After the time skip, Luffy can use Gear 3 more effectively and combine it with Busoshoku Haki to harm Logia users.

    3. Luffy Gear 4 Tankman

Luffy Gear 4 Tankman

Gear Four Tankman was only seen once when Luffy fought Cracker. This technique was obtained by Luffy when he was full from eating his enemy who turned into bread. Cracker's previous sword could hurt Luffy, even when Luffy was in Boundman form. But when Cracker tried to attack Tankman, he could actually be arrested and then thrown away until he lost.

    4. Luffy Gear 4 Snakeman

Luffy Gear 4 Snakeman

Luffy uses Gear Four Snakeman against Katakuri. His attacks in Snakeman mode can continue to accelerate the longer they are left alone. Although the enemy can dodge the first attack, the second attack can hit the enemy before it can be anticipated. Even Katakuri who has Kenbunshoku Haki is still hit by a follow-up attack after dodging the initial attack.

The consequence of using Snakeman Mode is that Luffy's defense is weaker than Boundman's. You see, physically not to be inflated like Boundman.

    5. Luffy Gear 4 Boundman

Luffy Gear 4 Boundman

Luffy used Gear Four to fight Doflamingo. The way to activate Gear four is to coat his arm with Haki and then blow it. Luffy is unable to stand while in Boundman mode, he is seen bouncing on the ground and flying using wind pressure.

Compared to Snakeman, Boundman itself is a balanced form. Luffy's strength increases, and his endurance is high. His Haki-coated body is still rubbery, so even enemy attacks can bounce off Luffy's body without hurting him.

    6. Luffy Gear 5

Luffy Gear 5

In One Piece 1044, it was revealed that Luffy's devil fruit is not the Gomu Gomu no Mi as we know it. However, the original name of this Mythical Zoan type of devil fruit is Hito Hito no Mi, Model Nika. This type of Zoan devil fruit can turn the eater into a mystical creature, even Luffy can turn into the sun god Nika.

Bounty Luffy

  • Starting from East Blue, Luffy gets a bounty of 30 million berry after defeating Buggy with 15 million berry, Kuro with 16 million berry, Don Krieg with 17 million berry, and Arlong with 20 million berry. After defeating Crocodile which was worth 81 million berry, Luffy's bounty increased to 100 million berry.
  • Then after defeating Moria, breaking in and out of Impel Down, and participating in the Marineford war, Luffy's bounty only increased to 400 million berry.
  • Then after defeating Moria, breaking in and out of Impel Down, and participating in the Marineford war, Luffy's bounty increased to 400 million berry.
  • After defeating Katakuri, Luffy finally got a bounty of 1.5 billion.
  • Most recently when Luffy defeated his Kaido bounty it was estimated at around 5 billion berry.


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