Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257, Sanzu A Time Leaper?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 257, Sanzu A Time Leaper

If you look carefully, there is something strange about the dialogue or conversation between Takemichi and Kakucho! Where in one of the panels, Kakucho said something like this. "I'm fine Takemichi! My wound is not too deep! Instead of thinking about my condition! We'd better focus on stopping Haruchiyo Sanzu!!"

At this moment Kakucho looks able to continue to defend and continue the fight against Sanzu! However, at this time no one knows how deep the slash wound Kakucho suffered.

Sanzu was very surprised to see that Kakucho could still get up and chase after him. Whereas before Sanzu was sure that Kakucho's wound was deep enough and if left unchecked, Kakucho would definitely die by itself! 

Haruchiyo Sanzu is the 2nd Time Leaper?

That's the question that is currently a hot topic of discussion throughout the Tokyo Revenge fandom. 

Sanzu realizes that from the beginning there is something strange about Takemichi. Starting from how Takemcihi knew the secret of his plan to kill everyone on the battlefield. Until then Takemichi can avoid his katana stab from a blind spot! 

Sanzu immediately said loudly to Takemichi "Huh.. Are you also a time leaper??".

Well, if we explain this sentence, it is very likely that Haruchiyo Sanzu is also a Time Leaper like Takemchi.

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