One Piece Chapter 1060

One Piece Chapter 1060

Quoting from Redon and Scotch Informer, it is very likely that One Piece Manga Chapter 1059 will be titled Luffy's Dream. Now this title will be directly related to the dream that Monkey D Luffy has had so far. Here we tell you some spoiler points from the One Piece Chapter 1060 Manga which will be released in the next few days.

1. Luffy's Dream

The leak in One Piece Manga Chapter 1060 begins with Luffy telling his dreams or aspirations to his crew. In the panel, it will also be shown how Luffy's crew reacted when they learned what their captain's dream was. Just a little information when he was a child, Luffy once told his dream to his two brothers, namely Ace and Sabo, but at that time Ace and Sabo even laughed at the dream that Luffy wanted. But when Yamato listened to Ace's Luffy's dream, Yamato himself never doubted that Luffy would make his dream come true.

2. Sabo in Lulucia

Let's move on to the second leak of The One Piece Manga Chapter 1060, it is informed that Sabo is in Lulucia and tells what he saw to Monkey D Dragon through a call. In Lulucia, Sabo tells Dragon that he sees someone sitting on an empty throne. This person is suspected to be IM Sama someone who is rumored to be the leader of the world government and is also the boss of the Gorosei. In Lulucia, the sky was seen being overwhelmed by black clouds, and from the direction of the sky came out several flashes of lightning light and other celestial bodies that fell and further destroyed the kingdom of Lulucia. It remains a mystery whether this is the power of Im Sama, or is it the power of the ancient weapon Uranus.

3. Luffy meets Bonney Jewelry

The leaked One Piece Chapter 1060 point 3 is the meeting of Luffy and the straw hat crew with a person named Jewelry Bonney who has a Bounty price of 320 million Bery. By meeting Luffy with Jewelry Bonney, rumors have arisen about whether Luffy will add his crew members, then who the right candidate will be Luffy's next crew.

So, those were some spoiler points from the One Piece Manga Chapter 1060 which will be released soon.

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