Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273

We will explain again and also tell about the latest spoilers or leaks of the Tokyo Revengers manga chapter 273. this leak is sourced directly from 6 Panels of the manga version of the physical magazine.

Tokyo Revengers 273

There are 2 important plot twists that happen in Tokyo Revengers chapter 273. Where in that chapter there are many questions as well as great mysteries that are finally answered.

First Spoilers

One of the biggest plot twists that will appear in next week's chapter.. will be very closely related to Episode 1 of the anime or chapter 1 of the Tokyo Revengers manga.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273

Second Spoiler

Next, we get to the second leak point in this chapter, Finally, Sanzu is reunited with Sano Shinichiro, in the second timeline. Or the timeline changed by Shinichiro to save Mikey. Now it's interesting. At this moment without thinking and without much ado. Shinichiro immediately said to Sanzu loudly.

"Haruchiyo.. I managed to time travel to be able to go back in time, and repeat all the bad things that happened in the past 4 years."

Hearing Shin's words, Sanzu was immediately taken aback and immediately asked what Shinichiro meant.

"Huh... Passed the time?" What is the meaning of all your words Shinichiro?" It was at this time that Shinichiro again said a very shocking sentence. To save him, I must kill someone"

At that time Shinichiro Sano firmly told Sanzu about everything that happened to him and also Sano Manjirou.Including timeleaping abilities and how to get them.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273

Third Spoiler

Next, we go to the third leak point. Where on this Panel it can be seen that the pixels of Haruchiyo Sanzu have reappeared but in a different place. Previously, Sanzu was seen talking to SHIN at the SS motorcycle repair shop. But this time, Sanzu is seen standing or hiding from the crowd in a very suspicious place. If we look at Sanzu's background, it is likely that Sanzu is currently outside Shinichiro's workshop, at the bus stop, at the train station... or even somewhere else we don't know yet. However because the Panel of this manga was disconnected, We cannot be sure what the context or meaning of this leaked piece of image is. I don't know where Sanzu is, what is clear in the picture is that Sanzu looks very upset and angry after hearing or seeing something that makes him uncomfortable.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 273

4th spoiler

Next, we go to the 4th leak point. Where this time LEAKER is back to share leaked text with all of us. By saying it this way TAKEMICHI IS BACK Unfortunately it is not clear what the leaker means at this point of the 4th leak. But in our opinion, there are only 3 things that may happen here:

  • The first mystery about who Finally pressed Takemichi on the original timeline will be answered.
  • The flashback of Shinichiro's past story ends and the battle between Mikey and Takemichi will continue.
  • Meeting between Shinichiro Sano and Hanagaki Takemichi for the first time.

5th spoiler

In the next moment, the interaction between Shinichiro Sano and also Sano MANJIROU Finally managed to survive. At this time, MIKEY quickly said to Shinichiro.

"Brother... Wedge had sacrificed his own life just to save or protect my beloved motorbike. But somehow I went on a rampage and kicked and damaged this bike because I didn't want to see Wedge hurt." Therefore, can you help me fix it??"

That's more or less how the brief dialogue going on in this panel.


It turns out that the TIMELINE in Tokyo Revengers chapter 273 is the same timeline as the one in episode 16. Where was it at that time? Mikey damaged his motorcycle while THEY were on a tour to the beach together, with the rest of the founding members of the toman gang.. such as Kazutora, Baji, Draken, Pahcin, and Mitusya. Question.. is Sanzu's fate still the same as we know all along? This means that Sanzu still chooses to have a solo career to become a delinquent and live on the streets alone. Away from his family. If so, what was Sanzu's motivation for choosing a solo career? Will chapter 273 Sanzu get a mission from Shinichiro Sano to save Mikey? Or there's something else that hasn't been conveyed to all of us.

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