Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Hakkai Shiba, Deputy Captain of the Toman Second Division. Hakkai Shiba is a shy yet outgoing individual, who was first introduced to us after the Valhalla Arc. Takemichi returns to the present, where he sees Hakkai, a former Black Dragon who is now Toman's admin.

Fact About Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi returns to the present, where he sees Hakkai, a former Black Dragon who is now Toman's admin.

Personal Information Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Revengers

  • Name: Hakkai Shiba
  • Romaji Name : Shiba Hakkai
  • Japanese Name: 柴 八戒
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: September 4, 1991
  • Age: Past:17 and Present: 28
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 183/183 cm
  • Weight 78 kg
  • Hair Color: Royal blue
  • Eye Color: Indigo
  • Relatives: Yuzuha Shiba (older sister), Taiju Shiba (older brother)
  • Position: Second Division Vice-Captain
  • Former position: Black Dragon 10th Generation member, Black Dragon 11th Generation Leader
  • Japanese Voice : Tasuku Hatanaka
  • English Voice: Landon McDonald

All About Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Hakkai seemed to betray and kill the previous leader of the Black Dragon in order to become the leader of the 11th generation. Takemichi, determined to prevent this timeline, goes back in time. 

Hakkai Joins Toman

Hakkai is the youngest of three children who lost their mother to illness at a young age, leaving Taiju with the responsibility of raising them. As a result, Taiju Shiba begins to physically torture Yuzuha and Hakkai. Taiju believes he is teaching them discipline.

He instilled Hakkai with the belief that love hurts. Tells Hakkai that he cares about her more than anyone else. Influenced by his violent household, Hakkai ends up fighting other children on his own.

However, while fighting in the park, he is interrupted by Mitsuya, who tells him to use force to protect himself. Mitsuya then invites Hakkai to his place, where there are only he and his two younger sisters.

Seeing Mitsuya's responsibility, Hakkai asked if it was difficult to deal with. But Mitsuya tells him that he shouldn't hate the situation where he was born. Eventually, Hakkai became the Deputy Captain of the Toman Second Division, thanks to his friendship with Mitsuya, who controlled the division. 

Meeting With Takemichi

Hakkai Shiba Tokyo Revengers

Then while bowling with Yuzuha, Hakkai meets Takemichi who has just returned from the present. After scoring two punches simultaneously, Hakkai introduces himself to Takemichi, forms a bond, and invites Takemichi to his place.

On the way back, Hakkai is asked about his relationship with Mitsuya, and Hakkai says that Mitsuya is like a big brother to him. But more importantly, Hakkai's mobile phone has Mitsuya's background. Now approaching Hakkai's house, they were intercepted by the 10th-generation Black Dragon. They target Takemichi, after realizing he is part of Toman. Hakkai told them to retreat from his friends, but the Black Dragon didn't listen.

Forced to get involved, Hakkai begins the fight by defeating the Black Dragon and apologizes for involving Takemichi. Hakkai's elder brother is the current leader of the Black Dragon. Inupi then threatens Hakkai, but Yuzuha immediately sends him flying with a kick. Next, Yuzuha tells Takemichi to go with Hina, but he is attacked by Taiju, the 10th-generation leader. 

Upon arrival, Hakkai acted differently, as if he was frightened. Taiju believes his family's ties to Hakkai are more important than his peers. Yuzuha defends Hakkai, but he is hit for interfering. 

Hakkai Joins Black Dragon

Hakkai Tokyo Revengers

Taiju then attacks Takemichi uncontrollably, but before he is seriously injured, Hakkai offers to quit Toman and join the Black Dragon in exchange for Takemichi's safety. Hakkai had decided this even before the conflict. Two days later, a meeting was held with the Toman admin.

In the meeting, Hakkai took full responsibility for his actions and even asked for permission to leave Toman. But Mitsuya objected, planning to talk to Taiju. Mitsuya then meets up with Taiju, and offers Hakkai to the Black Dragon, but only if Taiju frees Yuzuha. Mitsuya says Hakkai left Toman to protect Yuzuha. Eventually, Taiju agrees to never hit Yuzuha again.

Fight between Hakkai, Taiju, and Yuzuha

Hakkai Tokyo Revengers

After the meeting, Hakkai searches for Takemichi and explains his history. From a young age, Hakkai vowed to protect his family. Since then, he has received Yuzuha's punches for him until Taiju breaks his promise. Hakkai knew Taiju's deal with Mitsuya didn't mean anything. The reason Hakkai left Toman was to prevent him from giving the gang a bad name.

His goal is to kill Taiju to protect his family. Hakkai plans to attack Taiju on Christmas Eve, while he is alone in the church. Takemichi and Chifuyu team up with Kisaki and Hanma to stop Hakkai from killing Taiju. The plan is for Takemichi to face Hakkai, while the other three control Taiju outside the church. On that fateful day, Hakkai prepares to get everything done.

Inside the church, Takemichi enters to see a shocked Hakkai. Takemichi tries to confer with Hakkai, telling him that murder will not protect anyone. Hakkai angrily explains what Shiba's household is like, if he doesn't wake up before Taiju then he will be abused. If Hakkai even saw Taiju, he would be punished. Hakkai tells Takemichi to stay away from his family business.

Suddenly, Taiju enters, and Takemichi wonders if Kisaki betrayed them. Subsequently, Hakkai attacked Taiju with a knife but was captured by Taiju instead. Kisaki had betrayed Takemichi by tying Chifuyu. Kisaki never intended to help them in the first place, he enjoyed the thrill of betrayal. Hakkai is seduced by Taiju but he is too scared to move, leaving Takemichi to fight alone.

As Taiju fights, Yuzuha suddenly appears and stabs Taiju before he can reveal Hakkai's secret. Hakkai accuses Takemichi of telling Yuzuha his plan, but it was actually Kisaki who told him. It was not Hakkai who killed Taiju in the original timeline, but Yuzuha. Fortunately, Taiju is saved thanks to Takemichi's screams, giving him time to move. Yuzuha then confronts Taiju about his manipulation, but he is attacked in response.

Taiju began to cry, asking God why he had to kill his sister. Takemichi states that he will defeat Taiju to prevent Hakkai from being damaged when Mitsuya suddenly appears. Chifuyu called Mitsuya in advance in case Kisaki tried something. Hakkai watched on a whim as Mitsuya fought for him. Until Inupi arrives and hits Mitsuya from his blind spot.

Mitsuya gets back on his feet despite being seriously injured and tells Hakkai to help him fight Taiju. When it comes down to it, Hakkai freezes.

Hakkai is still fixated on killing Taiju, but he is stopped by Takemichi again, which shows him what it means to fight. After exchanging punches with Taiju, Hakkai yells at Takemich telling him to give up. But Takemichi says that he will take the opportunity to change the future.

Takemichi tells Hakkai that fighting is painless, and loneliness is painful. Takemichi contacts Hakkai, and Hakkai begs for help. Hakkai then reveals the truth about himself and Yuzuha. Hakkai vows to protect his family, but he doesn't have the guts to fight Taiju. Instead, it was Yuzuha who protected Hakkai.

Yuzuha accepts Hakkai's abuse of her all these years. Hakkai lies about protecting Yuzuha because he was intimidated by Taiju. Hakkai cried as his native family stood beside him despite his lying. Thanks to them, Hakkai finds the courage to protect Yuzuha and assists Takemichi in fighting Taiju. Hakkai eventually became the last one standing, as the others were injured before.

Hakkai was sure he heard something, but it was actually Mikey's bicycle. After Mikey and Draken appeared and defeated Taiju, the event ended without a single victim. The Black Dragon loses and Hakkai's corruption is prevented.

Hakkai tells Taiju that he will never let him control their lives again. As long as Taiju uses violence against his family, Hakkai will continue to fight.


Later, Hakkai attends the festival with everyone, and Yuzuha tells him about Taiju's last words. Taiju wants to raise Hakkai to be strong. He can't change Hakkai, but Takemichi manages to do it. Taiju accepts that violence is not the answer to everything before going away on its own. In the end, Hakkai apologized to Toman for his actions and retained his position as Deputy Captain of the Toman Second Division.

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