Sasuke the Best Free Characters? Anime Dimensions Roblox

Today we are testing Sasuke new character in anime dimensions. Now, this character just dropped about a couple of hours ago in the update - ...

Administrator 17 Jul, 2021

New Code and New Character Sukuna in Anime Dimensions?

We're gonna go through all the other stuff in the new update and also test also Sukuna in anime dimensions. So I'm gonna give you my...

Administrator 17 Jul, 2021

The Latest Anime Dimensions Codes

Are you looking for the latest codes for anime dimensions? You are in the right place, here will be shared all codes for anime dimensions la...

Administrator 16 Jul, 2021

The Best Characters In Anime Dimensions

Coming in at Luffy tier, we have Luffy. This is the worst character in the game. Completely: rework him. He is supposed to be the king of th...

Administrator 16 Jul, 2021