My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Asui My Hero Academia

Tsuyu Asui was both one of the most popular characters in hero Akka and the Second youngest member of class 1a, but overall, one of the most...

Administrator 3 Sep, 2021

Uraraka in My Hero Academia Chapter 324

My Hero Academia chapter 324 has finally been released, Uraraka took his oration. Now the oration is bearing fruit, which is a very signific...

Administrator 3 Sep, 2021

Shirakumo Oboro My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia episode 19 ago. We have finally been shown the original of the Kurogiri, which is nothing that turns out. Shirakumo Oboro h...

Administrator 3 Sep, 2021

Touya Todoroki Boku no Hero Academia

Touya Todoroki is Dabi? That indicates that Dabi is the son of Endeavour. Despite having previously done theories about Dabi's childhood...

Administrator 25 Jul, 2021

My Hero Academia Season 2 Review

My Hero Academia Season 2 - HEROES AIN'T DEAD Based on the way these programs are made into animations and comics, Which has a specific ...

Administrator 8 May, 2021

My Hero Academia Season 1 Review

My Hero Academia Season 1 Deku Quirk So where we left off, we had Deku a quirk-less wannabe hero in a world of super-powered individuals, we...

Administrator 8 May, 2021