One Piece

All About Uta One Piece

In the One Piece Red movie trailer, we show a beautiful woman named Uta. Then who is Uta in the film? What's that got to do with Shanks...

Administrator 17 Apr, 2022

One Piece 1044 Hito Hito no Mi Nika

After the release of Chapter One Piece 1044, it is now revealed how the power has never been shown in previous episodes. In the previous ep...

Administrator 26 Mar, 2022

Types of One Piece Devil Fruit

In the One Piece anime and manga series, anyone who eats Akuma no Mi (Devil's Fruit), a devil fruit, will get power from the devil in t...

Administrator 26 Mar, 2022

One Piece Episode 1014 – Marco Vs Queen and King

This time we will discuss the One Piece anime episode 1014. In this episode, it will be very exciting because we will see Marco who will fi...

Administrator 12 Mar, 2022

One Piece Film Red, Relese Date and Facts

Rumors are circulating that there will be a One Piece movie with the title "One Piece Film: Red". The film is directed by Taniguc...

Administrator 20 Nov, 2021

One Piece Filler List and Release Date 2022

One Piece manga is an ongoing anime series that began in 2017. One Piece anime first aired on October 20, 1999. One Piece manga was publishe...

Administrator 9 Nov, 2021