Kaigaku Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kaigaku Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

Still infinity in the anime and manga series: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a member of the sixth rank, top moon demon who replaced Gyutaro and climb's position after their death during his life. As a human-like, I have a strong-looking appearance with a muscular body and sharp eyes, and he is also a very talented swordsman. I am also a former demon hunter who became a disciple of the result of lightning.

Life Story Kaigaku Demon Slayer - Senior From Zenitsu 

Kaigaku Demon Slaye

The former is Jigoro Kuwajima and he is also the senior of Zenitsu Agatsuma, but with all these advantages, Kaigaku actually has the character, The cunning coward, who only cares about his own destiny, And he even care about the fate of the teacher who chooses suicide due to His behavior during the final battle practice arena is known when I accidentally met mother's focus and was immediately frightened when seeing his strength aware of his life in danger. Kaigaku actually gave up on before the focus of the mother, who then offered to spare her life. If, like a fork wants to turn into a Demon Slayer, I will accept the offer and not long after that. He was then made a member of the devil month top-ranked sixth during the Kimetsu, no Yaiba series ongoing Kaigaku known to be the second demon hunter. After the focus of the mother, who chose betrayed by being Muzan's men, so in this review, we will discuss the sixth rank upper moon demon, who used to be a devil hunters are like me.

Personal Information Kaigaku Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba

  • Name: Kaigaku
  • Romaji Name: Kaigaku
  • Japanese Name: 獪岳
  • Alias: Kaigaku Inadama
  • Race: Demon
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: -
  • Age: -
  • Height : 167 cm
  • Weight : 64 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Turquoise
  • Affiliation: Twelve Kizuki
  • Japanese VA: Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • English VA: Alejandro Saab

The story of when I started when he was still a human where, like me, was born as an orphan, because both of his parents died when He was a child living alone because I don't have parents like me, I was forced to become a thief and eat dan leftover food to survive. One day in his quest to steal, Himejima biome found him and then offered Keiko to stay at the shrine, along with the other orphans. Kaigaku also accepted the offer, and Since then he has lived in the temple with the foster children of Gyu. But sadly, Kaigaku is not grateful for this new state and he actually did his old habit by often making trouble then secretly stealing money in the temple. It then got him arrested by the child, take care of others, so that when I am then kicked out of there at night, when I have the heart, I was going to leave his place where he met a demon who intends to kill him knowing he was In danger, Kaigaku instead asked the demon to spare his life, and instead, he told that demon to prey on the number of children living inside.

Kaigaku vs Zenitsu

The shrine of this event then got seven foster children from geometry, wash killed by demons and geometry of self should be imprisoned. For being accused of being the culprit, but for like myself, the incident actually made him have confidence that he will justify any means in order to survive, no matter if it has to cost someone else's life Hi a few days after he came back alive on the Streets of Jigoro and found Kaigaku and took him to be his disciple along with zenitsu jigoro, then started teaching him lightning. Breathing technique and, like me, it turns out, has a high talent in swordsmanship, so that it is different from Zenitsu. Kaigaku is actually fast in absorbing the lightning breathing technique that technique taught by jigoro the obligation. Unfortunately, when, when I asked jigoro to lift it into a new lightning result, Jigoro Kuwajima actually refused the request, because, according to him, zenitsu also has a talent for being a hasira jigoro's words clearly made him angry with zenitsu.

Until one day, he threw a zenitsu with peach and insulted him, because zenitsu is a very weak student and doesn't deserve to learn. The lightning breathing technique, long story short as zenitsu struggles to eradicate demons with tanjiro and one Kaigaku accidentally meets busy Koko, which then makes him very scared to see the power of the upper moon demon Kaigaku ago begging, mom's focus to spare her life so I'll Be busy then told my ribs to turn into a demon after becoming a demon, Kaigaku started, killing and eating a lot of humans, which made him stronger and after the death of Gyutaro and daki Muzan then raised him to be a moon demon on the new six. Unfortunately, news about, when I chose to join being a devil, has been heard by jigoro's grandfather, so this makes jigoro felt so ashamed of the demon hunter squad that ended up making jigoro Kuwajima commits Cousin or commits suicide to atone for his mistakes when Arka still Infinity in Progress Kaigaku Then meet and fight against zenitsu, who is his own junior? That fight, in the end, got Keiko killed after her head was cut off the new breathing technique, invented by zenitsu, Hey personality, although in general, when I have a stout physical shape and a fierce face, but actually like. I have a cowardly nature as well.

Keigaku Vs Zenitsu

Selfish and hypocrite lived on the streets from childhood and survived by stealing and committing other crimes makes you have the heart to have a view of life that only selfish and doesn't care if his actions will be sacrificing others. This is seen when he willingly gives up his friends inside the temple to be killed by the devil, so he can be saved his own life too, when he immediately gave up and decided to be a devil in front of me busy where he doesn't care, How the Fate of his teacher jigoro's grandfather, Besides that, the reason why jigoro Kuwajima doesn't make it as a result, lightning is because, during practice, it turns out keigo never showed his desire to kill demons or even protect human life when he is with an opponent stronger than him, then, when I tend to give up quickly and don't try to fight, but if faced with a weak opponent, Kaigaku will behave as if he was a strong person like when he underestimated zenitsu. By calling him cowardly trash of ability. After his transformation being a demon, Kaigaku has a stronger power where his speed and his attack reflexes are able to outperform and almost get Zenitsu killed in Kaigaku battle is also capable of using demon blood arts To manipulated his lightning breathing technique so that it made an Effect, his attacks are getting more and more dangerous, and also because of that demon, blood art Kaigaku has a lightning attack that is pitch black in color different from the color of lightning in general. Besides that, I have also mastered five of the six forms, lightning, breathing technique, and what's more interesting, is that it's not like zenitsu Kaigaku , actually didn't master the first form of the technique.

Keigaku Vs Zenitsu

This lightning breathing happens because, logically, thirdly, I can't do the first breathing stance Cause. He is always seen. Laying the scabbard on the back makes it difficult to move. Meanwhile, Zenitsu is seen always putting his scabbard on his sword waist, and this allows him to do the first form of Lightning breathing technique. After deciding to merge into a demon makes it seem like I'm.

The second demon hunter after mother's known focus chooses to betray and become Muzan's man. So that's the discussion about The sixth upper moon demon, who is a user of the lightning breathing technique, namely Keigo.

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