New Code and New Character Sukuna in Anime Dimensions?

New Code and New Character Sukuna in Anime Dimensions

We're gonna go through all the other stuff in the new update and also test also Sukuna in anime dimensions. So I'm gonna give you my honest opinion here. So it's the first q dismantle this one is a pretty quick skill. There'S really no animation to it. Yup, you see, there's really no animation to it.

How to Get Accessories in Anime Dimensions Roblox?

It'S just a very quick skill. I think it's auto-aim, I'm not sure, but I think they do have a range on it. Though let me see: okay, just in front of you, that's basically it! So it's basically like a circle aoe. Let me see if we can find another character to show an example of it.

New Character Sukuna Anime Dimensions is Good?

I think it would be a pretty good one. So, basically, his range is all his aoe is probably just something like this. You see this circle in front of him. I think this is basically my this is his aoe in range, so let's switch out to Sukuna right now all right here, then we've got fire arrow. This one does burn damage which is very good to shoot at the arrow they have burnt damage after.

Just the sunburn damage and that's a pretty short cooldown. This is going to be a very good skill for dealing with projectile enemies, so they can like get burned where they stay still merely enemies. They'Ll run to you, so I think they'll just run out of fire pretty quickly and the next one is burning sun. Now, this is the skill that I really do not like, because first of all the aoe moves around. So if the enemy moves out of like just moves right, how they say, if the I mean the enemy can just stay still right here and aoe can just go so, go like someone else and won't touch the enemy again like.

I can just touch it. One time but I'll never attach it again, so this one's basically how they say more rng based, in my opinion, right all right. I have it okay, so what I mean inside okay, let's start from the middle here, as you can see, he's not touching this one. Like you can see, the fireplace knew it, but it's not touching it. I would prefer something more like a giant circle aoe and we have a fire pillow instead, but I guess it is what it is and the last one is Sukuna's in anime dimensions domain expansion some shrine.

I can't pronounce it all right, so, four and, I guess installment expansion, very good aoe around your aoe and that's his skills and the fourth skill. Pretty good does have 40 seconds. Cooldown I mean like most of the ultimate does have that long cooldown, so I don't care and I'm gonna go and show you guys how to get assist, characters, and stuff now. So let's just go there now, all right.

So the assist now I'm gonna explain the assist real, quick. First, you go to the back, go to your characters and you see this is the assist here. First, we have okay, so you see the characters on the use, so choose a character to use to see what skill you'll use for assist, click on it and you can see at the bottom here. The excuse here under the fourth skill here assists the shrine to pull down 60 seconds. I think all the assist characters.

Basically, you do more damage to the mob's time plate, just basically how much time you spent playing this game upgrade critical damage. Basically, when you do your critical damage, you do a bit more and that's basically what it does. Then we have time to challenge this. One is just basically how many mobs you can kill in a time challenge like 450 mobs, you get like a buff and stuff, so boss, damage plus 1.5 percent, basically do more damage, while fighting the boss and there are all the buffs and a new thing.

New Code and New Character Sukuna in Anime Dimensions

There then we've got new skins, go to the shop costume, we got gone or gone, we got Itachi or Ichi, and then we have where's the last one. Okay, Rimuru in his demon form. This is after he became our always spoiler. This is after we became a demon, lord, so, that's basically all the stuff. Here the new code is updated.

One, I mean no, not update one. What I'm saying is update three, so you type in here don't have to be capped. You just type in update three bro update three right here. Then click go and you see you'll get a code, you get a 20 30 minute. Small drop, double drop, so that's pretty good extra drop whatever I want to call it so, It'S anything else. I don't think there's anything else in this update. Am I right?

New Code and New Character Sukuna in Anime Dimensions

New Code Anime Dimensions: UPDATE3

See also the code in the previous post The Latest Anime Dimensions Codes.

Oh, there's, one more, that's normal! So you have you: okay, go back wait! You should not hear okay, no right here, accessories this one, I'm not sure why it does yet because I don't have an accessory just yet, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna give you more buffs similar to your cards. So that's a pretty cool new feature. They'Re gonna give you more damage now and to get accessories.

You must go click. You must go to the night map so far cuz I mentioned the accessory. Is a domain expansion type Sukuna domain expansion? I'm not sure how you're supposed to wear that. But okay, then hot!

No, you cannot get it from easy or hot. You can only get it from a nightmare only from the nightmare modes. Then we have to wait. Let me just click, create again a demon. We have an infinity train.Okay, it's a one percent chance, which is quite rare. I think this one. This doesn't have a lower chance. It'S 0.7.

This is even rarer. Then we've got titan dimension. We have the colossal how wait what okay this is accessory, but how is this weather? Okay, I'm confused about that one, but all right,! That'S pretty much!

There's only one character for this update, which is Sukuna anime dimensions. You can get him from the nightmare. Wait from the nightmare here nightmare dimension for the first dimension, then we also can get it from the shop for 800 gems right here, pretty cheap.

Skill will have a 60-second cooldown, for example, for akasa. He will not use his compost is buff you'll use his third skill crush. So you got to see what kind of skill they're using let's check out their aoe and stuff to make a perfect loadout. For me, I'm gonna use sakura because of its hue. This is definitely probably needed for harder stages like right now, then our system, I will use.

I don't think I use the same character. Actually, let's see, you can see it's very equipped. You can't use it for your assist. I think I'll use Sukuna. We use this as our second assist, so my first assist is a heal.

My second assist is damage, that's pretty much it and you can use your assist. While how do you say, while using your fourth skill or any of your skills, you guys can use your assist for using it? So that's pretty good, then our step bonuses - this is something new here. You'Ve got new bonuses here. You guys can click this to switch.

Your collection bonus - and this is your upgrade bonus here, so we have a stage. Bonus is a critical chance. We all know what this does give you a higher chance of doing critical damage. Then the damage is more than this. One is how much damage you dealt in total, the total damage dealt in all the Anime dimensions and stuff so mob damage plus one percent.

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