Yamato, Black Maria and Kaido One Piece

Yamato, Black Maria and Kaido One Piece

Now, this time, you are really going to about Yamato and Black Maria One Piece, as well as the relationship between them, which is kept secret.

Yamato, Black Maria and Kaido Relationship

In a few chapters One Piece anime, we see that Black Maria just relaxes while playing a musical instrument where everyone is at war but she is the most Welsh character So far, and like he doesn't think about what the latest chapter is starting to show his movements, he lures Sanji. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs catches him, but maybe Sanji is weak towards girls. Even though he is weak to girls, he doesn't think he's that stupid. he is slow he can lose to Black Maria or l To be more precise, he couldn't attack Black Maria and was finally helped by Nami.

It's not so exciting if Sanji loses again against Black Maria, but he does have instincts that Black Maria's is not like other bitspirits and that might also support the storyline. This theory is about Black Maria, so the essence of this theory is that Black Maria and Yamato seem to have the same race. Well, if we pay close attention, from the shape of the Pirate Paradis' horns, there are some people who don't seem to have horns but because of horns.Is a characteristic of B drag they only stick to their horns, but there are also some people who do have real horns.

Yamato, Black Maria and Kaido One Piece

The question is whether those horns come from the power of the devil fruit or have real horns. The answer is that both of them grow their own horns because of the power of the fruit. devil Zoan but there are also those who have horns that come from their own race, maybe the Ulti and Page One have horns that come from their Zoan powers. Likewise with kaido's horns maybe for the case of stinging Kaido can confirm for sure but try to pay attention to the kaido's horns when he is in his form the dragon's horns are similar and identical when he is in human form too.

The Origin of Yamato and Black Maria

So it's possible that kaido's horns are the horns of his Zoan power. Well, so we're going to Yamato and Black Maria. let's talk about the horns of the two of them first it looks like Black Maria and Yamato have very similar horns not a type of horn. Which like in a One Piece cover has a red color at the end while Black Maria. Also seems to have the same horn color as Yamato the shape of their horns is very similar. Assume that Yamato and Black Maria are of the same race and their horns are a feature typical of I their own race is not from the power of the new Zoan. which is more important to catch a hidden or hidden relationship between the two of them Yamato and Black Maria. Feel that they have a very close relationship, and it could be that it is the relationship.

Yamato, Black Maria and Kaido One Piece

Between mother and daughter in a few chapters ago when they debuted In the appearance of Black Maria, we see that Black Maria is very close and spoiled to Kaido. And she is Kaido's concubine or rather she is the head of the Onigashima entertainer. So it is possible that Kaido has had a steady relationship with Black Maria and Yamato as their child but maybe there is.

Friends who ask this, Why is Black Maria's relaxed or yes, she is an entertainer, so even if there are children, she just relaxes and it's possible that. She also mandates Black Maria to maintain their relationship and keep secrets about Yamato being an illegitimate child or if abroad often called Buster between kaidou and Black Maria. So if Yamato is really Black Maria's son then there is a possibility that Yamato's race is the same race as Maria's literate. Because of their genealogy of race flames.

We're referring to Japanese mythology, actually Japan has a lot of violence and it could be a reference for this Wano Arc. Maybe you can describe that dirtying it is Momonosuke whose friend is Luffy or a monkey in history then. Inuarashi of the dog and Marco as the tension bird. Although there are other possibilities such as the main we are not discussing it now so in the legend it turns against the devil. If Black Maria and Yamato are Uni or yokai or demons in Japanese tradition but instead of Momotaro will defeat Oni and are more suitable for that attitude to life does not rule out the possibility.

The origin of Yamato and Black Maria.

Before I said the wood has horns from the Zoan but another possibility the horns are horns that come from their race, which is Oni race Kaido Black Maria and yes I want are the same race. It's not strange, Race buses usually have a strong and resilient body so that Kaido and Yamato's body resistance has been tested a few chapters ago. One Piece wasn't a race with body strength, it didn't rule out that it was Oni race. 

Why are Kaido and Black Maria's horns different, if their race is the same as Oni. They have many types, so it's possible that Kaido and Black Maria have a race one with a different type. Black Maria's attack and Yamato want to have the Oni race of the same type. It's roughly the same as Black Maria's type. Maybe it could be a type of yokai named Yamauba or another name is Onibaba.

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